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  1. Quality training, quality recovery....then again, after further contemplation (& the type of year I have had) .... adequate recovery, quality training. Cheers....& Happy NY to all
  2. Just finished the new Lance Armstong book, Every Second Counts. Very interesting.....makes a good followup after the last one, interesting to read about his tour problems & how the team works. Probably be a good triathlete stocking filler!!
  3. Great read Rhona and a great result for our age group. Good on you.... Happy r & r
  4. Peter, Thanks for your brilliant race report...it's great to read it from a competitors point of view.... I have been to watch once & that was .......maybe too awesome....enough to "blow my socks off". So it was great to read a report from the floor (so to speak). ... Great work esp after having injury worries & the lack of confidence that that can bring!! Rest & recharge well.
  5. Great result for Jason and for oz triathletes, not a mediameglomania just a worker & realist. I think we should all feel stoked (for him & us). Luke Bell also ahd a fantastic race & looked terrific in the run (when I managed & glimpse), hopefully he has started on a great career.
  6. murt


    He might not have gone anywhere near as well as he would have liked but, he's started the learning curve. It seems as though your dues have to be paid no matter how much previous other great stuff you may have to your credit. Good on him for finishing!!
  7. murt


    If you can't be bothered reading this see the end of this thread. Having had a few injuries and having found that ART has worked well for many of them, yes I am a convert, or should I say that I use it as a regular tool for helping to remedy an injury problem. It is generally not the only thing I use, it seems to be that all injury treatment/prevention comes down to using a range of treatments...there are often many things that need to be taken into account, I don't see ART as fixing the problem rather providing some relief and acting as a preventative measure. Other factors need to be
  8. murt


    Have had ART done on all of my worst (chronic) training problems. I think that it isa fantastic therapy tool & not really to be used as a last resort as most will not deal with inflammation. It really helps to get rid of scar tissue & reduce the risk of reoccurence/blowups!! Try to make it part of your preventative therapy for problem areas....have had alot of sucess with my probs ( calf niggles, ITB, osteitispubis). Have had treatment fom a few people, never really pain involved more a feeling of relief. Have seen a great guy in Canberra (also Chiro + Chinese med & accupunctu
  9. murt


    From experience it would seem to be that the thinner the (coolmax) sox the better, esp. for ruunning with orthiotics. Wigwam Ultimax (Ironman) sox are great if you can get them. Last summer I was also experiencing alot of burning feet problems on the bike until I changed to riding in thin sox. AM
  10. murt

    Women Only

    I wish I knew 12 months ago what I know now...yes missing your cycle is great , but for me it is now a indicator of overtraining. Had 2 years where I only had about 6 cycles, was great at the time (not that I really knew what was happening) and training was online all the time.... since then things have changed, before Forster had a real injury scare witha potential stress fracture of the femur, had the whole bone density scan etc and was a big wake up as far as hormones & uptake of calcium go. Am now taking it easy after falling into a huge hole (overtraining) and the 'girl cycle' has c
  11. murt

    Women Only

    Stuff up, see real post below
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