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  1. David Dickison. Conversation over.
  2. LOL. I watched a movie the other night, complicated story, but a Frenchwoman encountering a toilet that played Mozart and squirted her in the face as she was getting too curious was priceless.
  3. We self drove through Austria (in September after Lausanne Worlds in 2006) and we hit seriously long stretches of roadworks with 60km/hr speed limits on the Autobahnen. Both into and out of Salzburg took way longer than it would normally. Depends on the season.
  4. In sort of chronological order NZ, then many returns later for work Malaysia Singapore London (*2, still do do the rest of the UK) France (*6, have covered more than most French people, still more to see and I want to live there) USA (4 trips, covered about 20 states so far, no plans to return anytime real soon) Switzerland Austria Leichtenstein Slovenia Italy Monaco Germany Czech Republic Spain (Catalunya) Belgium UAE Thailand China (multiple work visits, one tour with the school band) Hong Kon
  5. It’s a long haul from anywhere to Salzburg, especially in September when they are pushing to finish roadworks before first snow. Plenty to do in Wien for three days. I could spend all of them in the Kunsthistorischesmuseum. But I would try for a side trip to Melk.
  6. My Pop was a stretcher bearer. We knew he’d been injured in the Somme by a shell that exploded at his feet, blew outwards, peppered him but killed the other three bearers and the injured patient. That was all and I always doubted the four dead. A month ago I pulled up his online records, discovered the date and linked it back to day 1 of the second battle of Bullecourt. Plus confirmed that there WERE always four stretcher beaters from photographic records and found names of two 7th Field Ambulance men killed that day. The most touching of his photos was him in hospital in England on a s
  7. The volcano was nowhere near as bad as NY everything bagel which was truly evil. Richmond on Thu AM for me. Quite flat which means no nice downhill bits to stand on the pedals and get some relief on the derrière.
  8. Like somewhere you can drink the tap water and eat food bought from anywhere. Japan.
  9. I'm back on Zwift after a seriously long break. Moved into L12 and the TDZ stages are pushing me through it quickly. Tri Femme. Pushing an embarrassing 1-1.5W/kg, but at least I'm pushing.
  10. Maybe men are less aware???
  11. Stage 3 done. Was going great guns (well, relatively) until that last 5 km. Roasted, again. And re NY everything babe, it's stupid evil. Crazy gradients, deeply uninterested in ever doing it again.
  12. Did you go to sleep during Stage 1? That’s close to my time. I anticipate 1:40++ for tomorrow morning’s NY cave of pain. Its not the legs that are getting me, it’s the lack of time in the saddle.
  13. Oh dear. I’m on tomorrow 0700. Unfit, St1 nearly did me in.
  14. I did TDZ St1 this afternoon. The B group because the women’s group had three laps, too long for this duck. I’m cooked. But not lanterne rouge. Yet.
  15. Re jetlag, we did Sydney-Iceland which is about at big a time zone shift as possible. Flew direct to Vancouver landed at 0700 and had two full and a half day, spent mostly outdoors. Then on a mid-afternoon flight to Toronto, direct transfer to 6 hour overnight flight to Reykjavik. Don't fly Air Canada Rouge EVER. Landed at 0900 and hit the road but took the first day a bit easy, not too much driving and the afternoon in a hot spa. We're old and we surfaced OK, despite travelling in the worse of the two directions for jet lag. Parkside's hit list is at least a week.
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