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  1. themot

    Castlemaine ITT

    Hi folks Anyone ridden the ITT at Castlemaine (Vic) or know the course? http://www.cyclingprofiles.com.au/HTM/CV2013/CV_CastlemaineTT.htm I have not been out there and need a read on road vs TT rig. Cheers
  2. As it happens my Scicon Aero Comfort arrived last week after I picked it up off wiggle... Has a solid metal frame to attach bike to as a base then integrated padded wheel bags in each side. Hub area protected by rubber type external covers on each side. Comes supplied with padding for aero bars and dérailleur. Soft nylon type outer describes it well. Looks like it will wear ok. I will be using to take the bike to Adelaide for the TDU. Will know how it handles after that. Perhaps others might be able to address the long term perspective. http://sciconbags.com/en/bike-bags/aerocomfor
  3. FOR THE LOVE OF MACCA DO NOT BUY AN ENVIROBOX! Doesn't fit in normal cars and doesn't flex like a cardboard box making it an absolute pain to transport. Buckles broke on first trip and handlebars punched through on second. Suspect rubbish baggage handlers but still... I went through this last year and thought I could get around buying a decent bag but all that happened was that I bkew 99 bucks plus postage on something I now can't give away! Went with a Scicon Aero Tri - very happy and worth every cent. IMO - either go with the free cardboard box from the LBS or put away th
  4. Re: TDU and the race, shifting the race one weekend earlier would clash. TDU people's ride is on the Friday, Queen stage @ Willunga on Sat and street circuit finale on Sunday. Cadel's is on the Sunday following. Shifting it to the weekend before the TDU would then clash with Aus champs @ Ballarat. From what I hear the idea was to provide 2/3 straight weeks of solid early season cycling. It will be interesting to see how the Cadel race fares after this year.
  5. Seems like a good challenge Turtle - like those blokes who did one of the English TDF stages on a Boris bike.
  6. That was easy. Cheers. Better check out the refund policy...
  7. Hi folks Scheduling issues have left me in a situation where I need to consider riding the 'People's Ride' on the Saturday on the TT bike rather than the roadie. It is a long story... I don't know the course that well and have never taken the TT out in the hills. Anyone know the course/area well enough to tell me that it is doable/stupid?
  8. I headed over today to check out the vibe - I must say that there really didn't seem to be a whole lot of good atmosphere going on. Once you walked 10m away from the chute you wouldn't have known much was going on at all. I would be interested to hear comparisons from others.
  9. RIP Shep. My first HIM. I spent many hours over the last 2 years while working in Cairo thinking of having another go at it. This bites. Fair reasons though. A great race doesn't happen without big work.
  10. Don't go envirobox - nice people to deal with but the product isn't well made enough to warrant a spend when it is a slightly more robust cardboard box. Save your $$$ for renting or for purchasing a hard case.
  11. Silly me. I should have waited longer for the trannie advice. The blue enviro box arrived in Adelaide with two broken straps and loss of structural integrity. To be fair, I suspect it got dropped by baggage handlers but still. Too good to be true I guess.
  12. My first career was singing opera with various companies around the country.
  13. Right... Will see how it goes. Unwieldy I can handle - as long as it protects. I found the Cardboard versions pretty awkward as is and I don't have the $$$ for a proper hard case.
  14. Thanks for the offer mate - giving these guys a go. http://envirobikebox.com.au/ Let's see how it holds up. Awesome service. Email one day with COD the next.
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