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    Did you see the crowds at the USA Crits championships? Not a mask to be scene and massive crowds. and the big crashes.
  2. Peter

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    I was just screen shooting it all for those paywalled awesome article.
  3. I can only imagine the complaining on here from people when the government starts handing out incentives to get the vaccine. get the popcorn ready.
  4. What saying the truth? Okay then. Sure.
  5. So let me get this right. If you don’t like what someone saying and you comment against it, that’s trolling? And if you mention the persons name when you have a different opinion, that’s personally insulting? Asking for a friend
  6. Peter

    TV Shows

    Just saw how much or little he made. Wow. I expected a loss. seems legit. Mind you, the amount that farm made the previous year was probably lose as well given he was paying a guy to run it
  7. Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment two young children were trampled by a man as he tried to escape from a shooter who fired nearly a dozen bullets in the middle of a Bronx street and pointed his gun at the terrified kids. The NYPD released the video on Friday afternoon and asked for the public's help in identifying the gunman in the latest of nearly 150 shootings across the city this month. The video opens with a boy and girl - believed to be around the ages of five and 10 - walking on a sidewalk before people scatter when a gunman chases a man in a red sweater.
  8. Obviously that’s the goal, but at the end of the day, people are 100% allowed to pick what goes into their bodies. its why a lot of people don’t travel to certain countries, as its required To have certain vaccines. And its why, the feds should pick a date and say, if you aren’t vaccinated by xx date, its your Decision as we will open and if you get Covid, that’s your problem, but the rule is now, you can only enter australia if you’ve had the vaccine. so if you go overseas, we won’t let you back in.
  9. Peter


    Sell them and donate the money to the community
  10. The lost point is, people like Zed and a few others arent going to get the vaccine yet. And I honestly don't have an issue with them. It's a personal decision. But people that make excuses before getting it because its too far to travel or that its just too hard to get it or even worse, get it and then complain, are dicks. In this case, if AJ really didnt want to get it. So go the ZED route, and just say, I'm in QLD and I don't feel I need to get it yet. I'll leave my dose for someone that really wants it. When it's time, Ill most likely get it. I don't like the Troll comment
  11. wow lol. The truth hurts. I was 50 by a month when i go it. Youve done nothing but make excuses
  12. Peter


    What’s going on in America? they are taking a vaccine not approved there? Obviously because its British And not yank made. But how did the people get it ?
  13. Okay if AJ gets a blood clot, then he’s right and should have waited. if he doesn’t then he’s a selfish arsehole to younger people that need Pfizer.
  14. Have you got a blood clot? If not, getting AZ was a better idea as it leaves 2 doses of Pfizer for someone younger. unless you are a selfish arse.
  15. Peter


    Because it seems people can’t click on links Its 99.9% man made and came out of the China lab. now if the world would just ban trade with China for 50yrs, it might be a lesson to never do this again.
  16. Ash can only podium if she’s in a break. if its a Pack off the bike, there are some seriously fast runners in the women’s.
  17. Jan has some power to be able to shut down freeways for 2 guys riding a bike
  18. Peter

    TV Shows

    Still 2 to go but he couldnt have made money from actually farming. The sheep was a loss maker The farming had to be due to all of the equipment he purchased. Then he would have to pay Charlie a heap as his advice was always critical for the farm to operate. Then pay Kaleb and the others money Fencing, all the other costs. As I said, havent watch the last 2 yet but couldnt have made money from the farm. But probably sold the serice for a few million that would cover losses
  19. Peter

    TV Shows

    Correct. 1 more episode to go. Then thats all there ever is
  20. Potter wasnt selected for their team. So she will find it extremely hard to win.
  21. Brownlee is 8 years younger than Jan. Like other greats, it might take him 3-4 attempts to win kona.
  22. Peter

    TV Shows

    This episode finally explains EVERYTHING. her mum. Who Raymond is. Who killed who. Who her dad was. What the blacklist is.
  23. Most of the teams are now selected. I think this race will be heaps better than the men's. My early prediction is Gold - Alberte Kjær DEN Silver - Taylor knibb USA Bronze - A UK athlete. I need to look into it more. I'll do the men's thread later as I have no idea who will silver or bronze
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