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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. Oh dear. That just screams NEVER AGAIN. shame TA isn’t involved to get it on. other than at the Penrith rowing centre, does “Sydney” still have any races?
  2. Why? I was going to be there for it. lack of interest?
  3. Peter


    Well if we get a choice, I’ll be avoiding the AstraZeneca one from Oxford University thanks of the big 3, they have the WORST OF THEM ALL https://www.corp-research.org/astrazeneca
  4. Peter


    And now the federal choice for vaccine seems to be a bad one.
  5. Peter


    I was super critical of the Vic state government but when you read this, its the Federal and privately run aged care homes that are disgraceful. maybe I was wrong about dan Andrews.
  6. Couldn’t he (Trump) just stand down as president with a few days to go. Get pence signed in as president and get him to grant him a pardon or whatever of any future criminal prosecution?
  7. Twitter have already said once he is no longer president he will fall under rules the average person has to follow. Basically he will be permanently banned
  8. Yep agree. If she was one of the bad boys of swimming or another sport and not a pretty young girls it would still be 4 years. I doubt we will ever see her swim and any future Olympics anyway. she might try ironman.
  9. Peter


    The club house leader is Taiwan. Surprised we are talking of a bubble with NZ and Singapore. But not one mention of Taiwan.
  10. I did a similar race there but my first time in tris was 1994. But the diesel was disgusting. Weirdest swim for me was Pier One Tri where I swam into about 4 wharf rats. There was Maitland where you swam past a dead cow. Surprised it wasn't used as a turning buoy. The old shep swim was always weird. Could never see you hand once it went under. Goggle were pointless.
  11. Good response. guessing he has paid the price 30k usd. And also missed a year of racing n
  12. Peter


    But not the west australian
  13. Yeah but a TUE should be approved faster than weeks. 3 days is enough for someone to check the paperwork. and Ironman are pricks to him because he has spoken out I. The past about things like, not getting prize money for over 12 months after the race its been Won at. that alone is shit
  14. I just started a new thread on it. Best to read what happened before anyone jumps to conclusions
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