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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. Peter

    TV Shows

    Kaleb is 21 going on 60. Amazing guy.
  2. Peter


    I don’t have to do anything you say.
  3. Peter

    Next Big Thing in IM

    I saw that today
  4. Peter

    TV Shows

    6 episodes in. I still have no idea what Gerald is saying.
  5. Peter


    Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton friends? You need new friends
  6. Immunisation panel recommends raising the age for AstraZeneca By Rachel Clun Australia’s expert immunisation panel is recommending AstraZeneca should now be given to people over the age of 60. The update is a change from the current advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, which recommended the vaccine for people aged over 50.
  7. Peter

    TV Shows

    The sheep one was great. Lambs everywhere. He really is impressive and knows how to deliver.
  8. Peter


    I’m not sure if I am impressed or disappointed impressed you e found a loop hole or disappointed its taken You 12 months to get into the scam of becoming a pro triathlete to travel.
  9. It seems they are using old Australian selectors and picking mates rather than the in form athletes. zaferes hubby works for USAT. Katie is probably in the worst form of her life the clowns at Twits will be going off id guess. this selection make no sense at all.
  10. Peter


    Yep. That’s the thing. He is honestly going, eat shit Victoria. Look at me and the mrs on a pub crawl. And next stop France and some photos in front of the tower etc…. Sure do it. Just don’t get photos bragging.
  11. Peter


    The optics of scomo going on a pub crawl looks bad.
  12. I doubt jimbo is an anti vax. he just thinks even if its around He will be fine. heaps of people like this. in Melb a lot Changed their mind fast once an outbreak happened. wouldn’t hurt of 300 cases a day in Sydney and Brisbane and some small towns hit between for people to get the vaccine @BarryBevan
  13. She just called the hotline and went to the Showgrounds here. Simple and fast. since they stopped walk-in there is no one going hence why I think they will start them again soon. hers a photo of the waiting area after you get it from yesterday
  14. Peter


    Interesting in the current Vic conference they asked about the covid app data here in victoria. They said the data is encrypted and expires after 28 days. They also said the Vic government have never asked for this data.
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