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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. Again when you understand the sport get back to us. a better comment would be, Vettel is the poor performer. Top 6 car and can’t finish top 6
  2. A few years on. But I couldn’t see you here @Bored@work i have to say I watched the 100 upside down handstands and thought, yeah that would be tough. then the 200 pistol squats Just dumb tuned out
  3. Peter


    This is EXACTLY the case. Our Health Department track and trace isnt up to the job. Its why the second the border opens to SA or NSW people will Leave on Mass knowing that Victoria health will f@ck up the tracing in future and we will have a second wave. I'm claiming we have only had one wave here.
  4. Peter

    All things NRL

    Another grand final win for superleague.
  5. Peter

    All things NRL

    Phil Gould is almost fair in his commentary tonight.
  6. Peter

    Nepean Triathlon

    Perfect day for a Victorian.
  7. Peter

    Jai Hindley

    I didn’t think so. Happy to be proven wrong. its what lance seems to rant about a lot that they should.
  8. Peter

    Jai Hindley

    Meanwhile in the giro Giro d'italia race director Mauro Vegni has hit out at the event's riders saying there will be "consequences" for their protests on stage 19. Source: SBS Cycling Central 2 HOURS AGO Riders sat out more than half of Friday's planned 258km race from Morbegno to Asti after concerns were raised over racing in heavy rain. Giro organisers agreed with the Professional Cyclist's Association to start the days racing 124km from the finish. Czech rider
  9. Its on 7 Flix tonight at 9:30.
  10. Peter


    America is worse. There’s a video floating around with cops at a families house with way too many people there. They are Jewish and breaking about 20 Covid laws. Claiming they don’t need to comply with any laws and that the policeman is as bad as hitler. Now that’s farked up. Cop trying to save lives by asking people to go home and hitter killed people. Pic data for today.
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