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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. I miss yoyo more questioning AP about his Kona performances agains the Germans.
  2. Yeah I’m that old.
  3. Ye yep. Budgies. All the go. Wish I still had that flat stomach.
  4. Great piss take Aussie tennis player Ellen Perez takes down whingeing stars
  5. Both of these guys nailed it. Its about fun. You can't get serious about the sport until year 5 I wish I had a photo of that ambo in Malaysia years later
  6. Can close this topic. Ended up buying a commodore.
  7. Peter


    Prince said everyone would be vaccinated by October. Wouldnt take my bet when I called him out on it. And I fully suspect you are correct also @truck
  8. Just ban rather than close. Seems okay currently
  9. Wow. Biden didn’t even last 1 day.
  10. Exactly Very true. I used to love calling him out but I’d had a few chats in real life in busso and port and whilst weird, he was kind and open. I even got a coaching program from him for an Ironman but sadly worked out it was a generic program he was giving others down to the mistake names at the top. I was disappointed as it was always sold that it was crafted for me only. Which was a lie at the time. pretty much why I changed my mind and think if you have a coach and don’t see them weekly, you are wasting your money.
  11. 100% agree. They obviously thought the rules would change and they wouldn’t need to quarantine.
  12. It would be an everyday bike too. But I want to ride crits. and you can’t take money with you when you die.
  13. https://www.focus-bikes.com/au_en/1030522-izalco-max-disc-9-6 If you own one, what’s it like for comfort? And racing?
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