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  1. In my experience, these are the keys to your first race. I'll be at Kingscliff, but only doing the swim for my wife in a team.
  2. Or maybe I've fixed the problem and she won't pull that shit again? It looks like she refunded it yesterday, which is BEFORE I put the review up today. Looks like it was our persistence on Booking.com messenger that got us across the line - she worked out I wasn't going away.
  3. Update - she reimbursed the credit card fees. Ya gotta go hard on these @#$%s to get justice. I removed the negative Google review. Still hope she gets chucked off the Booking.com system.
  4. Done. I'm a bit like Jabbs - long memory & an extremely low tolerance for people who try to screw us. Not done with this yet.
  5. How did you contact them? There seem to be live chat or phone options available? Apparently they do have an office in Oz?
  6. Yeah, the same thing crossed my mind re possible dog damage claims. Recall once we stayed at a place in SW Rocks for the triathlon (no dog involved) and they tried to claim costs for stains on a couch. Luckily we had booked that through the local real estate agent and were able to tell them we did nothing to the couch & they sorted it for us. The $'s piss me off less than having to deal with lying unhinged people. I hate dishonesty. She is now saying CC fees are our cost and part of a normal CC transaction. While the 2nd part is true, I've never got a refund from a shop o
  7. Could not find her on Trip Advisor, but Booking.com reviews were all favourable. The good news is she refunded most of our $'s, but less $94 in credit card fees ($47 for the original payment and another $47 for the refund!!!). She is also saying the first payment attempt failed & a 2nd attempt was successful???? And we will be getting a refund in 2 parts (so far, we have only been charged once, and refunded once????). It's bizarre. We never paid anything - she had our CC details (as you have to provide them when booking) and initiated a payment of 50% of the total price - a pri
  8. You are correct FP. She is now saying she is charging us a credit card fee that the banks charge, and moreover that we paid twice hence there are 2 credit card fees. So she is trying to say the beef is between us and the bank! We did not even pay once - but you have to put in our card No. when you book with Booking.com - and you are right, she had no right to charge the card in the first place if she was going to come back and argue with us over the price. It all seems highly dodgy. She seems a bit unhinged. We've told her what she has done is illegal & unethical and that we
  9. Oh, but the confirmation also says this: Your payment will be handled by Paradise Bungalow Waterfront. The 'Payment' section below has more details. And the Booking.com site says 'any cancellation fees are determined by the property'. And 'generally the property is responsible for charging your card'. But the Booking.com site also says 'if you have a free cancellation booking you won't pay a cancellation fee'....and we were within the free cancellation period.....by 10 months! So she is trying to screw us.
  10. Hopefully you are right. That's the way we thought it would work too. But on our credit card, the charge comes up as the name of her accommodation, not Booking.com? But this is what she said via Booking.com message: Hi R********* I will reimburse you immediately- can take 5 business days by the banks though. As I don't charge card fees and payment fees, which I pay when a guest books and then as I am charged these fees again when a refund is given, I subtract these fees from the refund. See below for you
  11. We'll wait till we get at least some money back before stirring the pot. My wife has told her she wants ALL the money back (i.e. no credit card fees deducted) as it was her who cancelled the booking without even saying she was going to, not us who cancelled. She told Booking.com it was due to non-payment when she had charged our card! The silence is deafening so far. I guess if you do enough stuff online, you'll eventually get screwed. Dropping almost $1900 would be ugly though.
  12. Yeah, the bike racing thing is just not me either. I just can't cope with the frequent changes of pace, surging etc. Get into the red zone and I'm stuffed. The steadier more measured effort of triathlon/TT type riding is what I prefer. But regarding bike handling, both myself & my wife have had some miraculous escapes riding with 'proper cyclists'. I'll never forget when my wife first got a new bike, first ride on it, we were riding with a bunch when the girl on her inside just inexplicably veered right and smacked my wifes front wheel. I thought she was going down for sure but s
  13. Well this just gets better and better (not). She has now contacted my wife saying she will refund our deposit (which was half the total price) less two lots of credit card fees which Booking.com charge her ($94)! You are farkin kidding. We booked it online in good faith, the price online was for 8 people, she charges our credit card, we get no receipt to say it has even been charged, then she decides that is not enough, then when my wife has not replied to her gripe within 3 hrs of getting her message (because she sent it overnight), she cancels the booking and charges us the credi
  14. Agree. She is trying to play their system. Done. But we'll now have to find another place. Xmas at home is looking good!
  15. And it gets better. She just cancelled our booking saying she had not heard from us (we received her email when we got up this morning! So she had not heard from us for 3 hrs) and for non-payment (we only booked it yesterday for Boxing Day in 11 mths time !!!). Obviously trying to wiggle out of her stuff-up. Sounds a bit loopy.
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