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  1. And it gets better. She just cancelled our booking saying she had not heard from us (we received her email when we got up this morning! So she had not heard from us for 3 hrs) and for non-payment (we only booked it yesterday for Boxing Day in 11 mths time !!!). Obviously trying to wiggle out of her stuff-up. Sounds a bit loopy.
  2. Interesting Booking.com situation going on. Whole thing is a big PITA as it needs to be pet friendly for our nieces dog. That severely limits the options. Y'day, my wife finally found a place at a reasonable price & booked it for next Xmas on South Coast for 8 people. Owner comes back and says that price is only for 2 people & it will cost us another $1,000 than on the website. Wife says no, our booking confirmation shows the price we booked at is for 8 people. It actually states '8 people' in the confirmation email. Owner then comes back with a huge whinge abou
  3. Yes, the reason I diverted off the path from a career in academia (was headed down the Phd path) was because of something I could not quite put my finger on at the time. But now realise it was analysis paralysis. You can analyse things to the Nth degree, but at some point, you have to act if you want to make something happen. Thankfully, my current job allows that. Still, I learned some great research skills while at the Uni. But for most, your real-life/street smart skills will be severely diminished in academia. Me too. Gobsmacked. As other's have said, we close borders, won't
  4. Yes, we had an investment property that was strata title. Body Corporate etc. fees and issues were a bit of a PITA. The biggest problem was the place was at the coast & I think the wooden decks were made from pasta. Rotted at a crazy rate, always needed work. Not sure if we'd ever go strata again?
  5. Pond scum. Should have reported him to the Ombudsman or Fair Trading or something. This is why I love messing with them.
  6. 24km TT with the Mrs on the P3s to help her get used to the new bike. I managed to stick with her this time.....just. We were trundling along a false flat at about 34kmh & I was thinking if I had to go 1/2% harder to stay with her, I can't.
  7. We were complete Numptys for our first 3 house purchases and got screwed to varying degrees as as result (NSW). The biggest mistake we made was not realising how flexible the entire process actually is. Until you have signed on the dotted line, nothing is set in concrete. Real Estate agents did their best to make us believe it was all a very rigid and set process and very hard to back out of - which is complete BS. And not knowing how to play the agents. If there was ever a profession you should fcuk with, it is real estate agents because they will fcuk with you till the cows come
  8. And if you want to get something approaching some real empirical, vetted, considered evidence on this whole Covid saga - https://cepr.org/content/covid-economics-vetted-and-real-time-papers-0 A few interesting snippets from selected abstracts: "We find that while lockdown measures lead to reductions in disease transmission rates as captured by the reproduction number, R_t, gathering bans appear to be more effective than workplace and school closures, both of which are associated with large declines in gross domestic product" "We identify the effects of social
  9. Thanks Turts. You are exactly right, mine had switched to off on my Samsung.
  10. In NSW the Hunter, Narrabri. I wouldn't call those 'remote'. Neither does the govt.
  11. The People Smuggler by Robin de Crespigny's. About a family trying to escape the Saddam regime in Iraq. "When Ali Al Jenabi flees Saddam Hussein's torture chambers, he is forced to leave his family behind in Iraq. What follows is an incredible international odyssey through the shadowy world of fake passports, crowded camps and illegal border crossings, living every day with excruciating uncertainty about what the next will bring. Through betrayal, triumph, misfortune – even romance and heartbreak – Ali is sustained by his fierce love of freedom and family. Continually pushed to the l
  12. Deleted the app off my phone a few months ago. My phone used to be able to scan the QR codes, but now won't - maybe because I deleted the app? Maybe I need to install the Service NSW app? Anyway, when we travel my wife always scans the QR code & lists me. Interesting in the Hunter Valley wineries last week. We always scanned in with the QR, but some operators were also asking for our suburb, postcode & one even asked to see our drivers licences. Mine was back in the motel, so that wasn't happening.
  13. Watching the video of the woman trying to climb through the broken glass window and being shot, can't help thinking it was a suicide mission. A martyr for Trump job? Not a good advertisement for US military training either - sitting duck. Seems to me the security detail behind the barricade had no choice. She looked like getting through and could have been packing a weapon/IED. Their job is to protect the pollies & staff.
  14. Are you a bit special if you come from Avalon? Just back from Polkolbin, stories from two venues there about people visiting this week from Avalon "because they just had to get away and escape all the stuff going down there".
  15. Currently watching this. Very good indeed. Currently building a David Tennant 10th Doctor Tardis model display for our eldest who has been a huge Dr Who fan since about the age of about 6. LEDs in this one. LEDs Operating.mp4
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