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  1. And again! Just got out of jail against the Cowboys. The new high tackle rule/sin binning consistency is a shocker. The Roosters lost to the Panthers entirely due to the sin-binning of a player for a high hit on Cleary. Yet Cleary slipped just as the Roosters player was committed to the tackle . If he'd not slipped, contact would have been on or below the shoulder, not on the side of his face. It was all downhill for the Roosters from that point.
  2. And nearly all of us cycle on the road - by my rough calcs a 1 in 90,909 chance of being killed (44 on av. killed each year between 1989 & 2018, 4M Aussies cycle regularly). Probably a higher chance than that, because some of the 4M who cycle regularly would be off-road doing MTB & BMX.
  3. We're going AZ again for the 2nd jab. ABC radio this morning said risk of death from AZ is 1 in 1.3M, and from General Anaesthetic is 1 in 200,000. I'm up to 18 General Anaesthetics starting age 10 with appendix.
  4. Yes, I was wondering the same about degenerative brain disorder. Sometimes I wonder if I'm headed down that path too - 4 serious concussions from footy starting at age 15. My personality has def changed over the past decade.....but it could just be Grumpy Old Man syndrome 🤔
  5. Gallen. 10 rounds with a busted rib against a bloke 17yrs younger who is going to the Olys. Fair dinkum, if Huni comes up against anyone with half the hitting power of Tyson, he is toast.
  6. Our youngest is Tokyo bound soon and has had both her jabs. However, it turns out going to Adelaide to cover the swimming might be more dangerous. Nearly broke her thumb in the hire car door y'day 😆
  7. Just finished building this one for a Star Wars fan friend. I've not watched all the movies, must do so at some point. 614286543_StarWarsBuildVideo.mp4
  8. Once again, did our very best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A very wobbly field gold saved our arses. Why is our 1st half so good, and our 2nd half deplorable?
  9. We had our first A-Z two weeks ago at 2.30pm. I woke up at midnight with chills, aches & pains, headache. Felt crap till about 4pm. My wife had similar but much milder. On Sunday I swam my fastest swim set in about 8mths, took 15secs off my 400m time and held all my 100s at fast times. Have told our daughter at the AOC to get the team on the A-Z train ASAP as it is performance enhancing.
  10. Never done an IM, but AP would give me a 2-3hr ride followed by 8-14 1km run repeats where I had to hit a certain time for each 1km. Usually only about 10-30 sec rests between repeats. IMO this was the most important session I ever did. Brilliant for mental strength & run off the bike speed. Still do a smaller version for sprints when I can run consistently. The Mrs hates 1km repeats with a vengeance, but always asks me how to get her run faster. And I tell her 1km repeats. And she cracks the shits 😆
  11. Well, we rang our GP and are both up for our first AstraZeneca next Wed ! Thought it would take much longer to get vaccinated out here in the 'bush'. Our youngest is up for her first Pfizer today as part of the Oly team & staff program.
  12. Mine used to 'flutter' regularly (felt like heart had stopped momentarily and a big air bubble was passing through) when I did IM type training (i.e. large volumes). It mainly did that at rest, but sometimes when training. Now I do at least 50% less volume, this has largely disappeared. At the time it was diagnosed as 'athletes heart' (enlargement of heart = interferes with electrical signals). But my HR never spiked. Low 160's is pretty much my max in training these days, and I only hit that on the MTB. My wife's spikes a lot into the 170-180s, but not at rest. At rest she also fe
  13. Yeah, wife and I said we'd never want to live there. Not our scene.
  14. Thought I'd see more of this on the day! Very nearly did same on 1st lap, went wide at roundabout & there is a line of pavers/cobble stones in the middle of the road which I did not realise had a significant lip back up onto the bitumen. Front wheel slid sideways along the lip as I tried to come back to the left. MTB experience saved the day 😁
  15. Yes, they let a grey Corolla on just in front of me at the turn-around which I thought was strange. The car stayed in the shoulder & was driving about 10kmh so was easy to get around, but I thought it was odd. Also saw another car on the course and one they had to let cross the bikes at the roundabout near the CBD. Be amazed if they run this again.
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