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  1. This point is really interesting for me. As a details person, I deal with this sh*t every day - people can't absorb the details. e.g. Zoom work conference the other day, told them all the project was $7.5M. Not 60 secs later, get asked me how much is the project worth? 😬 Same project, told them the client does not want info to be distributed outside the core group - told them verbally and by email. A week later the draft report gets sent to our entire Board!! Have to scramble to ensure they don't distribute it 🤦‍♂️ Social media & info overload seems to have dulled pe
  2. Sprint races cop a bit of ridicule on here from the long distance set, but fair dinkum, if I go hard, I find they hurt way more than an HIM. Especially with our hills & the wind today. Went a minute faster than last race, but still comparatively shit (8th out of 12, 2nd out of 3 in the over 50 males). On the plus side, I swam as well as the winner who apparently got 5th in his AG in the Kona 70.3 Champs. But he rode the 20kms 5 mins faster than me and ran the 4.2kms 4mins faster 🙈 I've lost the competitive thing now - happy to do a little training to go around the short stuff,
  3. Exactly, it's like trying to hold back the tide with a bucket. I can understand right back at the start, authorities did not really know what they were dealing with, how deadly it is (or isn't in most cases), how fast it can spread etc. etc. so many went for extreme measures (population wide lockdowns)....though we still let massively infected cruise ships in and brainless security guards run quarantine! But now we know a lot more & it is becoming very obvious that until we have a vaccine (and maybe not even then?), zero cases and zero community transmissions is fantasy. The vi
  4. I feel like I've got my life back a bit due to Covid 🤔 Working from home, not having to go to the office, have had a few odd moments/sensations/memories of feeling like a kid again which is brilliant. Can fit chores & training & hobbies around work far more easily, start doing my work at 6am while eating breakfast and get on top of it much earlier. Do a few (a lot 😁) non-work things in between bursts of work. I think the strict demarcation between office = work and home = leisure is bad for me.
  5. Actually, they have replied quite promptly, but just don't seem to understand what I'm telling them, despite explaining it very clearly. This is the first time our club has gone online & I suspect they have NFI about the Active history.
  6. I think many pollies around the world have viewed Corona as a magic opportunity to have their 'Churchill moment', to be seen to lead their country out of the wilderness against insurmountable odds for their own gratification and advancement. I've been amazed at the damage they've been willing to do to achieve this.
  7. Oh Christ, our local club has just started using these clowns. I registered for our first race today, and they seem to give you a 30 day trial membership of Active (unless you opt out - which I think I did, but the process is not clear?) and after the 30 days is up start charging you an annual membership fee. I'm now emailing them to confirm I did opt out & therefore not to charge me, but their customer service don't seem to understand what I'm talking about. Our Club indicated there would only be limited cash entries on the day (hence I registered online) but not again, I'l
  8. 3:30 on the trainer. I'd lose the will to live. Due to evil magpies I've been doing most of my sessions on the trainer (55mins max), but today I can't face it. Will try hill repeats up the bypass with the hope that there are no nasty maggies on that 2-3km section 😬
  9. It's the gulf between the politically driven policies (e.g. Qld border closure threshold of no community transmission in NSW for 28 days) and reality which sticks out to me like a huge set of dogs nuts. Just back from Sydney, Qantas regional flights, plane chock a block, most people wearing masks (but not compulsory), then they put you on a bus to the terminal and all jammed in like sardines. Impossible to maintain 1.5m separation. Then once in the terminals, all good, everyone spaced out as per the signage. Unless you make EVERYBODY stay home for 28 days, how do you hit such a tar
  10. 1500m Siri Lindley session in Lane Cove pool. Damn that is a nice pool. The change rooms are flasher than most motel rooms I've stayed in. Big change from the circa 1940s Armidale pool change rooms.
  11. That sort of rocky stuff scares me. Too old now to fall onto rocks 🙈 Went around some of the Wayne Richards MTB park in Port last weekend. They need to upgrade their directional signage, I had no idea if I was going the right way for most of it. Plus kids have built their own tracks linking bits of the real track which is confusing.
  12. Ummm, this article says Greg is no longer with us? Unless there is another one? https://www.trizone.com.au/20180607/dr-andrew-graham-fulfilling-an-ironman-promise-for-a-mate-in-cairns/
  13. Recall when I first got my licence, driving around Narooma with this blasting.
  14. Good ole Elite Energy. They've added a 2nd Sprint Race on the Saturday to the Huski Tri Festival, as the Sunday one sold out. I was too slow to register for the 1st one, so went on a wait list as we are going anyway for the girls to do the run events. They must have had enough on the wait list to organise a 2nd sprint on Saturday 👍
  15. Chalk & cheese in terms of how hard it is. Covid Tests Popln % tested Capital pop State area (M km2) Population density (p/km2) NSW 2,757,899 8,158,000 34% 4,925,987 0.8 10.2 Qld 1,138,080 5,160,023 22% 2,406,000 1.853 2.8
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