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  1. How long is the unsealed section ? If wet from an overnight storm could be fun. NOT. I wonder if detour an option
  2. Chasing black and white Zipp 808 (dimpled) Decals. cheers
  3. I went perfpro studio . $100 one off no subs and always getting updated. Hundreds of workouts to use
  4. Want to upload a course to Fenix 2 to navigate with under tracks/course . GPX file is on my desktop (ex google maps) Tries base camp but no luck. If I can get the file on Gamin connect I know I can get it over to the unit Any help would be appreciated
  5. Anyone used these wheels ? Can't find any decent reviews on the web .... cal
  6. I just noticed I am missing a Bolt that connects Rear Suspension to Top of rear Stay . I run the standard Maestro suspension that comes with the bike.There is one on left and one on right. I ma missing the right one . It must have worked itself loose an dropped off Does anyone have one spare saying around ? I will also check LBS
  7. Anyone going next Month to MTB festival. I have the opportunity to go just wondering if worth it. I have cheap accom on mountain if anyone is keen . Heaps of events
  8. Mine has broken and will no longer attach to enable charging . Its old technology but shame to not to use watch has anyone got a cord no longer using that would offload. cheers
  9. I have one I would like to offload Link to Bicycle Market in FB https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204271715606356&set=gm.1023251884369806&type=1&theater WTS:-Fuji Team Comp frame size 52cm,Full Carbon . Have seat post also if wanted. Location Sunshine Coast. $450 Pick up only. Usual marks from use but very sound frame . Great all round ride
  10. Anyone own the yellow Joe Blow track Pump. i have had one for a couple of month without issue now valve is releasing air when pumping presta valves. Have read something' on line about it being a common issue . Any experiences. have tried a few obvious things but seems to be faulty
  11. Need to replace my Laser 02 helmet inserts . Has anyone had any luck doing same . My search thus far has come up empty thanks in advance
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