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  1. The $50k figure is correct, bike shops are not worth big dollars. Also, I have priced it to sell as opposed to just being on the market. Price includes stock, tooling and fit out - basically everything that is in the shop right now. None of the stock is consignment.
  2. Sold. Simone and I are (semi) retiring and heading north to live in Coffs Harbour (insert smiley face). So, Cyclespeed is for sale. Based in Gardenvale (Melbourne) the business has a strong workshop/bike fitting focus and also sells lots of tri bikes as well as quite a few road/mountain and cyclocross bikes. The shop has an enthusiastic and loyal customer base as well as solid suppliers who we have worked with over the past 11 years. The business turns a modest profit (even after my many "just cause" bike purchases) with an annual turnover of around $1M. Shop comes complete with a
  3. I did a review of the Epic trail (article in Tri Multi Sport this issue) - being serious for a moment... Buller and specifically the Epic Trail is completely ridable on a good hardball if you have strong skills. Its rocky, technical and the price of failure can be high because most of the trail is on the edge of a cliff. I have crap skills and am a great big scary cat hence the body armour call. Resume normal transmission, 1000 ways to Die on the Epic, coming soon...
  4. Shiv customer entry - sold. Shop entry... It was the mechanic's turn this year. Two weeks ago - "My ankle hurts, Waaaaa,Waaaaa" etc, etc. So, I did a 10k jog last night, everything seemed to go well and now Im on taper. On the up side Im not as fat as I usually am so who knows, as long as its not too hot/cold/windy etc, anything is possible.
  5. I just found out Im doing it. Im going to train for two weeks and see how it goes...
  6. I run my seat 1cm lower and 1cm back. Mainly because I hate going over the handlebars.
  7. Got to be able to track stand - both feet clipped in (of course I can't do this).
  8. Get the Epic. Full travel trumps a hard tail every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I've come to the conclusion that I don't bother servicing shocks. I just ride em hard for about two years and then replace. Bearings are bearings (pivots) you can get them anywhere, there is no such thing as a magic un-obtainable bearing.
  9. Be careful. Buller is technical and lots have come to grief. If you have good skills go nuts. Personally I wouldn't go back without 160mm of travel, full face helmet and body armour, just saying.
  10. I eat quarter pounders and am considered a "high flyer" (one who eats quarter pounders in ones G5). Triathlon is a mid tier, mid price sport. Americas Cup racing and Track Porsche are expensive, jogging is cheap. It's all relative.
  11. Spec have asked all riders to stop riding their bikes until they issue a fix - this is only if you are riding the Specialized alloy or carbon aerobar. If you have an aftermarket (non specialized) aerobar you are not affected. I'll be contacting my customers on Monday (tomorrow) to let them know. I'm told the fix will be delivered quickly. In case of delay I've also done a bulk order of 3T bars which I'm happy to fit straight away at no cost if you bought the bike from me and are in a peak training phase for IM Melbourne etc. if you are affected or have any questions drop me an email or
  12. Salsa El Mariarchi Ti, Roval carbon wheels, Formula R1 brakes, Fox 120 32 CTD, currently has XT which shifts like a One wood in a bag of marbles, XO1 on its way, Renegade 2.3's bald near slicks, Thompson Elite post/stem and carbon bar (who knew Thompson made carbon bars?). Mmmmmm, Ti...
  13. A well fitted tri position will make a big difference. A new bike might make things better or worse (it's all about the geo and the fit). You could build the bike out of bamboo as long as it was the right fit you would still have a great race. Remember, it's not a bike, it's a delivery mechanism for a marathon.
  14. I have a spare set of the Maguras, that being said I thought I'd try the Shimano option just to see how the go.
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