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  1. Did a half in Ulverstone in 2005 and I think only 2 pros completed the actual swim course. Everyone else got washed off course, missed the second buoy and got washed up onto the beach about 400m from the swim exit. I remember being unable to see any land at the time and only knew which way to go when a lifesaver pointed me towards land. I think my swim time was around 55 mins compared to around 32 mins I was doing for other half’s at the time. Swimming in the lake at the Phillip Island Grand Prix track was just a dirty pond similar to Lilydale. I reckon I did at least 6 of those c
  2. Yeah, I thought they looked untidy, a bit like lost property someone has just hung on a fence post.
  3. There’s a few of them hanging up like that on fences along the Lilydale-Warburton rail trail.
  4. 5th day in a row riding out and up Mt Dandenong although since it's a holiday I went down the other side to Monbulk and around the back to Lilydale. It was incredibly quiet on the roads early this morning 102kms 1,567m of climbing. Only problem was getting a pop rivet straight through my back tyre after about 70kms.
  5. Back in semi-freedom, I’ve had 4 days in a row of my commute back up through Mt Dandenong. Reminds me how much I miss just riding in the semi-rural hills, no traffic or traffic lights and fresh air. Cycling can be just fun and mentally refreshing. Around 1200m climb and 80kms each day but it’s just enjoying cycling again.
  6. After 82 days in Dictator Dan’s COVID prison, we finally got parole and I was able to get out and do my 80km faux commute loop up Mt Dandenong.
  7. No training today. I live in communist Victoria under Chairman dan. We are all in prison and aren't allowed to train. Chariman Dan and Hitler would be good mates from what I can tell. Both power hungry dictators.
  8. POT

    Melbourne pools open

    I figure it’s the same as shops, if there isn’t a pool within 5kms I can book into the nearest one which for me is around 10kms. Still can’t get a slot in the next 8 days.
  9. Just a reminder that those of us in communist Melbourne under the Adolf Andrews lockdown have until midnight tonight to defer to next years race or get credit for another IM in Australia over the next 3 years. Otherwise you just lose your entry.
  10. There are roos and stray deer on Husseys Lane at that time of day. I've had them run in front of me in the dark on early mornings going down it.
  11. Yes, it was. I decided to go out and do a few repeat loops up a local 1.45km cliimb. Managed to grab myself the local legend status in Strava in the process and did my 5,6,7 and 8th fastest climbs up Hussey's Lane out of 154 recorded efforts. Got home 10mins before it started raining.
  12. My last race was IMNZ 2020 as well. How did you work that out ? Is Taupo the only completed Ironman this year ? What time did you do ?
  13. For the first time in 28 years since I started to compete in tris, this bullshit around 1 hour of training has removed my motivation to train. IM Cairns is run by a delusional bunch of people that refuse to face reality. Thee is no chance it will happen
  14. 30kms+ from my place so I might get shot if I travel that far. i could swim in the Yarra at pound bend
  15. Swimming in Melbourne is so 2019.
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