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  1. Dave T

    Couch to Kona

    Pity we didn't know each other back in the day. We would have had a Chris Legh vs Peter Reid finish.😆 My stand alone marathon PB was also 3:29, bike 5:20, swim 57:00.( Not all in the same year). The year I did the 5:20 bike, I thought, great all I have to do is run a 3:40 marathon and I'm off to Kona. Ran 4:15😂😂😂 Spent all my pennies on the bike.
  2. Dave T

    Couch to Kona

    This discussion has been going on since TriChat in the early 2000's days. We've had the same argument with the coaches ( AP and Jimmy C), and the " gifted athletes" saying," anybody can do it", " I'm nothing special, and if I can do it, you can too if you just want it enough". Triatx has summed it up perfectly. No matter what AG you are, if you don't have a natural ability to swim 4k in an hour, cruise 180km easy and still be in the top 10% of your AG, and then be a NATURAL runner that can just tick over km after km without slowing down at the top end of your aerobic capacity, s
  3. You are right in that you will need to remove the cassette from your current wheel ( unless you run 11-speed already, as the trainer will come with an 11-speed pre-installed). BUT!!!!! You will have to " connect " the smart trainer to some other form of technology. By itself, it just free spins with no resistance. The cheapest option is to use the free Wahoo app connected via Bluetooth on your phone or a tablet. If you want to sit in front of a big screen TV, then connecting the Wahoo via Bluetooth to an Apple TV unit ( $200), which is plugged in to the TV via an HDMI cabl
  4. At this stage I think they are probably still waiting for a decision from the NSW State Govt as to whether they can hold an event for >3000 people, rather than whether the course has been too damaged by the floods.
  5. Across 3 races on the current course I have 1311m , 1317m and 1334m. ( I also have a 1963m one which is probably an outlier )
  6. Echoing that sentiment, IF Port goes ahead this year , we will be coming through Sydney at the end of April and would like to see Andrew. The bond of the 2012 Kona Legacy folk is a strong one, and any support we can provide to Andrew would be an honour. Dianne, we cannot fathom how much this must be affecting your family, and what the future holds must be incredibly scary. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep the Transitions community in the loop. We are all feeling for you. Added on: A long time ago, before IM became a brand, when you finished your f
  7. No need for headlamps, but goggles in Special Needs looks like a must.
  8. And he's " souvenir" ing the plastic 30yr Anniversary glasses. ( Pinched some myself.😄😄😄) Gotta get your moneys worth from WTC.
  9. Good to see the proof readers doing their job well again. God only knows what the T-shirt will say this year.
  10. Are you sure your friend didn't "finish" at 8:55am? Just had a look at my Strava from 2019 and it said 8:27am . I swam 1:02 and would have started at the end of the 1st group. There certainly weren't people waiting to get into the water as I was running up the Swim Exit shute.
  11. Hey mate. If you do make the decision to come to Melbourne for treatment, you're welcome to stay with Catcam and me. We have a spare "wing" to the house now that the girls have moved out. Being in the ex-IM capital of Oz(Frankston 😁), you may get a better offer closer to the CBD. All depends on where the treatment is occurring. There are radiation oncologists everywhere. Give me a PM if you'd like to talk about it.
  12. If you think the Chest Zip suits are hard to get into, don't try the Zipper-free ones. With pretty much no source to let cold water in, my 2mm ZF suit is almost as warm as my 4:3mm. But OMG I'm sure it's entertaining watching me try to get out of the thing after a session. Houdini I ain't.
  13. Dave T


    Tennis "stars"? 1st round LOSER prize money $A100,000 !!!! I'd spend two weeks in a hotel room so I could spend an hour playing tennis, lose, and still walk away with $100k
  14. Probably a bit more than the rubbish you are currently showing .
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