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  1. GSP, another option would be to run down Bondi Rd, then run the city to surf route in reverse, but drop down into Watsons Bay (follow the running/walking track that hugs the coast line) then climb back out back onto the C2S route and follow that till you hit Ocean St which will take you up to Centennial Park - you can do a loop of that before heading home if you're still short on kms. Very honest run. As others have said, hard to beat the coastal run from Bondi to Coogee/Maroubra if you can avoid the crowds and don't mind a bit of stair work. Enjoy.
  2. Hoffy, sort yourself out mate, you're confusing everyone. Please also add that it's been dropped every Thursday morning in Centennial Park during each IM/HIM prep, sometimes twice in the same interval.
  3. One of my favourite stretches of road to ride on - enjoy.
  4. I thought it was a pretty clean ride too. Couple of cheats out there like any race but on the whole I thought it was pretty good.
  5. I'm in too. First time back to Busso since 2004. Looking forward to it. 274 Jarrod Draper - tri_hard / goal sub 10 363 M30-34 John Phillips - JohnP 369 M30-34 Aidan Rich - Aidan 502 M35-39 Travis Bentley - Stikman 743 F40-44 Simone Roach - Katz 747 Humdrum 1057 40-44 F Katie Greenfield - KTJ 1105 45-49M Grant Berthold - Kanga - 12:37 Outlaw 2010 / Sub 14 1151 45-49M Andrew Foster -IronmanFoz 1227 M45-49 Con O'Kelly - Lantau 1415 50-54 Mike Parrotte - Ironnerd 682 M35-39 Sean Tully - Silent R
  6. Congrats Niseko! Great effort. Very happy to see you achieve your Kona dream. Enjoy.
  7. I did the marathon today - last 12km were tough! Was very impressed with the organisation of the event - great job. Well done to all who raced.
  8. I rode a 4.49 at Texas in 2012 on that training which was 4th fastest age group bike split of the day.
  9. 3 quality sessions a week: 1 x trainer: 2x20mins with 5 mins recovery - HARD 1 x trainer: 5x5 mins with 5 mins recovery - REALLY HARD 1 x long ride: 4 hours with approx 2hrs MEDIUM/HARD Repeat as often as you can.
  10. Not going to challenge you on Thunderstruck TC (!) but they didn't allow family and friends into the finish area at Hawaii last year. Definitely a lot more space which i agree was good but I think I preferred it when they allowed a limited number on family/friends in. The highlight of my day in 2010 was watching my daughter splashing around in the shallows at the little beach in the finish area with nothing on but a smile from ear to ear.
  11. Fair enough - 20 plus is a lot. 12hrs a week was all I could get in for my last IM with family and work commitments. And getting to that was tough!!
  12. I think you may need to re-read some of the earlier posts from trek and rebel then. Happy that you don't care about or question my/others priorities but extending that to everyone else is not accurate.
  13. No doubt there are some (most is a stretch) who take triathlon too seriously and get their priorities out of whack. However there are also others (I like to think myself included) who keep things in perspective, put family, friends and work ahead of triathlon AND go alright in the later (including ironman). I don't pass judgement on those who say its not possible for them to balance it all (fair enough, I'm not in your shoes) but it does annoy the sh*t out of me when people say or infer that because it's not possible form them, anyone who is doing it is selfish, taking it too seriously, je
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