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  1. Just swapped texts with Foz. He is now in a rehab hospital and has his schedule set for lots of work. He sounds really positive. He said he will try and log onto Trannies soon. The long haul has commenced. Great to hear. FM
  2. The missus and I had ours a few weeks ago and getting #2 in August. We didn't feel it and not one symptom - not even a sore "flu shot" arm. We couldn't get in to our local doctors (limited supply and bookings) so we rang up the medical centre in Camden. They put us in the next day. They have two nurses working and are completing approx 80 per day, just at this medical centre. BTW, flu shot in a week or two. FM
  3. The last 18 months and further 18 months I was supposed to be spending time in Canada, Alaska, the United Kingdom, the US, Bali and the surrounding Pacific Islands. As for the actual reality of Covid, I would have now chosen (even with the clampdown), Oz for the last 18 months and honestly, the same place for the next 18 months. FM PS: I know what you mean Rimmer, I absolutely loved Mt Titlis in Switzerland a few years ago. One of my favorite memories of Europe.
  4. I had an issue back in 2000- 2001. I got referred by my physio to a podiatrist. They found a small issue with my right foot (slightly "duck out" pointing). I had orthotics prescribed for this and a slight flat foot. He said that as I got older, the issue gradually affected my running. I got a couple of pairs made (running shoes, golf, work shoes etc) I have never had an issue since. FM
  5. Take it in time Ian. I have always said that getting to the start line of an endurance event is always the tough bit. I know that a Dnf can feel worse. Have a look at Carl Read on YouTube. FM
  6. Flanman

    Tour de Cure

    If you got nothing to do at lunchtime, tune to Channel 7 at 1.30 pm today for this year’s Tour de Cure ride. Mrs Shuffla is one of the riders. FM
  7. I use both. Just grew up doing it. FM
  8. He had had a number of test, holter monitor and reviews by two cardiologist. FM
  9. When I said an inside and outside back, I meant positional play. They didn’t play a left side and right side centre. FM
  10. I must admit that I love watching Penrith play. They seem to have so much fun, enjoyment as a team and are bloody fit. They absolutely shone during the State of Origin. FM PS: I am soooo glad that they played the game with an inside AND outside centre together. Great old school.
  11. Flanman


    Business Bullshit Bingo FM
  12. Pete/Steno, the thing is he doesn't have an electrical problem. Steno, best of luck with your ablation. FM
  13. Pretty bad headwinds on the way home for BOTPers. A mate felt devastated after the ride and almost pulled out after only 8 kms on the run. Toughed it out and got through - just. How did others find the winds ? FM
  14. Best of luck Ian. Enjoy the day. FM
  15. Nick, clean you PM list then let me know. FM
  16. Very slow but done and dusted. Ran into Paul Every who was over from WA for a wedding and thought, why not run the Nosh. A number of ascents between 22% - 30%. Lots of rock climbing and rock sliding. My son and I loved it. A few photos my son took (he had time because he was faster than me). FM
  17. Flanman

    IM Cairns 2021

    A monumental effort there Prince. FM
  18. Flanman

    IM Cairns 2021

    It's not always about the want of it, it's more about the internal enjoyment of it. The 3, 4, 6, 12 months of training is the test - not necessarily the race. The mental investment of training is where the love comes from. Give it a few days, weeks. Look back on where you came from when you entered to what you were just before the gun went off on the day. Be proud of your efforts. Be a hard arse and get your money's worth next time. FM
  19. I did the Nosh on the weekend and had to have two days off. Geez, what a softc#ck I am. FM
  20. For those that have missed out, Foz has been up and down for the last month. The good news is he is starting to get better. Mr Flower has been liaising with Di and he seems to be on the mend. Foz is now working hard on physio and the hospital gym. Heading in the right direction. Great news Andrew. FM
  21. Flanman

    Thanks Dave

    Legend. FM
  22. I was talking to a friend after Port Stephens Tri. He experienced a heart rate issue after the race. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the below. He raced HR and sat on approx 150bpm for the entire race. No spikes or anything. He finished the race, sore but ok. Rested and watched the other races for about an hour. From there he went back to his car. he left his monitor on. After he got to his car, he noticed his HR started to spike up, between 170 to 180 this lasted for about 20 minutes staying high. Not dizzy, pain or feeling sick but could feel a bit of flutter. He sat al
  23. Not mine but a friends go to is back to back days of 150 kn bike then 10 km run off the bike. So that’s 300 kms on bike and 20 km running over two days. A lot easier on the body than the really long run plus aerobic for around 14 hours in total. FM
  24. Finished- just. I am in the hurt locker at the moment and I was soooo slow. A great day though with so many newbies. There were approx 1400 people racing. A reasonably tough course. Perfect weather. Just got back from the presentation. It reminded me of IMOZ at Forster. They drew 2 lucky door tickets that gave you a free entry to every Elite Energy race in the 2021/2022 season. My number was called but when I went up there were two tickets with the same number. Winner was a black ticket- I have a blue ticket. Bummer. At least my mate had the other ticket- the winning ticket.
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