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  1. Bryan, this will be my 32 year. I started with a few mates and continued from there. It’s always good to find a club to align, even if you don’t always train/compete with them. You learn so much, gain confidence and have coaches that help. I am not sure if you have family but the clubs really focus on this. apart from this, pick a small race and train up to the distance. Sprint or enticer. Having a friend or two going eases you a little (well, maybe). Enjoy the journey. FM
  2. The only open water swimming I do is in races. How many people do OWS and how often? For those in Sydney/the Gong, where to you do them and how recent ? For those around Penrith, how often is the regatta centre open for swimming ? Ta FM
  3. You just can’t buy quality.... FM
  4. I again had a trail run today with the runners from Camden way. We ran a track for 10 kms at the Oaks. Great to get off the road and I am really enjoying it. Whilst not burning up the ground, the travel there was great. I passed 2 deer not 200 metres from my place, watched 2 hot air balloons land just off the road near the start point then had a number of wallabies and kangaroos run across the track. This added to a cracker of a morning gives training a fantastic backdrop FM
  5. I averaged 5 hours when working plus an occasional Sunday 1 hour nanny nap. Now it’s 6 or 7 hours. It is still interrupted but a lot better than workdays. As for nanny naps - maybe once a week after swimming and golf. FM
  6. Got off my arse last Friday and shuffled around a new area with my son. 7.2 kms with 185mts of elevation gain. Ouch. He found a new small trail running group near home so ventured out again Sunday (5 kms and 130 mts elev). . A small group but growing called “Trails and Training” based Camden way. It could be the thing to get me going. They always do hilly runs - from 5kms right up to 30kms). FM
  7. Flanman


    I thought you were talking about Al. FM
  8. After only my second ride in a few months, I decided to lash out with the cooking. Slow cooked pork, baked/broiled veggies and cauliflower rice. Noice. FM
  9. I’ve got the same one as Pete shows above. No need to adjust toe ball, just pull/push and done. It can take three bikes but I find two is the limit. I bought mine from a 4WD place. Can’t remember it’s name but will check. The only negative is that the bike shakes a bit. As such, I use a little bit of plastic wire to support. Small issue though. FM PS: I got mine at ARB (www.arb.com.au)
  10. Yep, me too. Aurora at 7:30pm on Fox. FM
  11. Great to hear. Halo photos would be awesome to see. Stay safe and well. FM
  12. When I say this year, I mean 2021. FM
  13. Flanman

    2020 totals

    A Reefman special. FM
  14. I’ve trained every day this year - have not missed a session. FM
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