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  1. Enjoy tomorrow. One of my favourite events since I rented a wetsuit for the race from Fred Falzon. FM
  2. No worries about asking. Copy of email below....
  3. Just got home and checked my emails. I have a confirmation email dated back to 9 April this year confirming my acceptance to 2021. Guess I may have to start training soon. FM
  4. Thanks kv3ski. I am just out of town ATM and cannot get into my emails. Will be home tomorrow night to check. FM
  5. Did Anyone transfer their 70.3 Port this year to next year when the offer was first made ? Do you know if you are automatically entered or have to reconfirm? Ta FM
  6. Flanman


    I have a 6 metre 115hp driven boat and I don’t go one and a half kms offshore. He went in a kayak. FM
  7. Increase in boogie board covers sales. FM
  8. No laughing please. 200 metre swim between playing with the grandson down in Sussex Inlet. First swim since March Time for a sleep now. FM
  9. Flanman


    I am down in Sussex Inlet ATM. From today, the clubs are now turning away anyone from the Camden area (Our home base however, we have been in Sussex long enough so we have got an exemption). I hope our northern NSW trip in November is ok. FM
  10. On Foxtel at the moment - “The Big Wave Project “. Absolutely INSANE. FM
  11. Enjoy Gaz. I’ll be fishing instead. It been a long time since I’ve missed it. FM
  12. “You are a hairy bean bag and softc*ck Pete”. FM
  13. Just watched it. I grew up watching and remember vividly the Aunty Jack Show. Then, seeing Rory doing triathlons in the show, I remember seeing him at many races - I just didn’t put two and two together. RUOK - we need to talk and reach out to each other. FM
  14. I’m already in for Port 70.3. see you there..... FM
  15. What do you do when you feel like you are never satisfied ? What happens when you feel what you do is not enough ? When you feel like you ticked something off then have to move onto the next thing ? What happens when you feel that the last thing is not enough but still have to move on ? Is it a lack of passion for anything specific or just ticking or stuff and wondering ? Asking for a friend FM
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