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  1. I'll be there racing C grade. Should be a nice cool morning at West Head.
  2. Looking forward to racing in a great location. Training coming along nicely. #336 Ratdog #750 Smiffy #986 Team tortoise #328 Gordo #92 GregB #820 Noosanerd #186 Clarkevitch # TBC tritragic #312 Rooster
  3. Thanks Trev. Absolutely shocked and stoked with my time. Did not look at my time or Garmin till I got to the top of Blood Hill and was absolutely spent. Started expecting a huge blowup but hung in there for a 1hr 10min 20sec. A huge PB. Yes, have been spending quite a bit more time on the bike since I have injured my calf. Looking forward to next months hitout. Glad you also had a good ride.
  4. Looking forward to another great TT. Hope to see heaps of you guys out there. Will be doing the 43K TT again
  5. Am having trouble buying this book locally. Seems to be out of print. Anybody finished reading their copy and interested in selling to me.
  6. Still get cold shiver thinking about that finish. One of the best.
  7. Too true Al. Great trip and race. Hope your doing well.
  8. Can vouch for AP's cooking and company. Top notch when when we shared accomodation at IMWA a couple of years ago.
  9. Well done guys. Was a great morning for a TT even though bitterly cold. I also started and finished the 43k TTbut also got lost as I was so focussed that I was actually looking for some kind of traffic cone or marker as a turn around. Ended up going up the Somersby exit and then right but then followed the road left. Turned around after not seeing anybody or markers at 24.5k. Ended up riding 48.7k in total. Will be back next month for a PB
  10. Regarding Wiggles price increase for Asics, change the destination to Great Britain but keep in Aus dollars and you will see the price as it used to be. Looks as though the middle man has turned the screws on Asics and we can no longer get the great prices for Asics shoes from Wiggle. Was a matter of time before this happened. Shame as I will now use another brand rather than be ripped off.
  11. These shoes are still For Sale Price drop to $100 with postage included
  12. Thanks for the link Bubble. They look great and would come in handy when racing on those typical hot days in Summer. I always get sunburnt even if I lather myself in suncream so this could be the answer to preventing it.
  13. Hi Pam, I will not be there this year. Have a great time up there and enjoy the finish line. I am sure you will do an awesome job catching those delirious athletes. I was a Port 2 weeks ago and visited "The Green Machine" rock and saw the graffiti on it.It will not take much to tidy it up. Stay safe and will catch up soon. Carm
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