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  1. Rooster

    WOW......A dad!

    Congrats Horse, Reading your post it nearly brought a tear to my eyes thinking about my feelings when our girls were born. I am glad you were there for the moment. It will live with you forever. On a little side note I use my wifes labor pains as motivation when I am hurting while training or racing. If my wife could come through all that pain I can do anything. Enjoy it mate. Its truely a special time.
  2. Sat - 150K on bike + 10K run Sun - 2hr run Slowman - You are putting in a huge effort mate. I am sure you are going to blitz IMWA. I can't wait to get over there!.
  3. Personally I'd like a pie shop similar to "Pie in the Sky". Couple of chairs to enjoy the view of traffic and smell the car fumes. Perfect!
  4. Good to hear that you are OK HM. Take note that if you landed on your helment you might have got some kind of whiplash. I crashed my bike over a year ago and had a sore neck/back after a couple of days. I went to the Chiro and 2x visits and I was AOK. Was told that I had whiplash from the fall and me trying to land on my side to protect myself. Get back on and just take it easy mate.
  5. Happy Birthday Craig. Have a great day mate!!!
  6. Count me in. I am planning a long slow day on the M2. Planning to do 6hours plus a 6-7 run afterwards. Hope to meet some of you guys before starting. I will also be parking in street before freeway. I will park in the reserve carpark on the right. Still trying to build the calas on my arse for that long ride in WA.
  7. Rooster

    Weekend Training

    Sat - 2hrs Wind trainer Sun - 6 hr hilly ride followed by 5 k run Mon - 2hr run
  8. Rooster


    Rooster is in. Looking forward to meeting plenty of trannies.
  9. Nige, Happy and strong positive thoughts for you and your loved ones. Be there for your friend and her little man. I am sure the test results will be good but otherwise stay strong. All problems can be overcome. My wife and I had one of twin daughters diagnosed with a hole in her heart. It was bad enough to have open heart surgery at 4months. We kept each other strong at all times. I don't often pray but I will throw one in tonite.
  10. Yes coverage was great. I would love to do this race one day. Felt sorry for Craig Walton.
  11. Rooster

    DOG Attack!!!

    Thank you all for your best wishes. I am feeling a lot better but I tell ya it really takes it out of you both mentally and physically. It also makes you think how quickly things can change in your life. It takes absolutely nothing so enjoy every moment. I got a visit from the local police last nite and they wanted me to make another statement and sign it. Council wants me to send back an afidavit signed by a JP so that they can send to there solicitor. The police informed me that the dog will either be put down or declared a danger and MUST be muzzled in public. Better than nothing I sup
  12. Rooster

    DOG Attack!!!

    Hi Guys, Just letting you all know of an incredible incident that happened to me this morning. While running along Deep Creek (off Wakehurst Parkway in Sydney) I was approaching a ute that was parked. The owner was in the back with 2 HUGE german shepards running around the ute. As I approached I thought of how I would escape if I was attacked. Before I had time to look at the dogs again the larger of the two was charging at me with full teeth showing. SSSHHIIITTT. I yelled out "help me, help me" a few times. The (&)^)&^ nutter of an owner looked a me and then proceeded to put his
  13. Rooster

    Roll Call

    I am doing the half M. Planning on doing anything between 95 - 100 minutes. Will be wearing a Coolrunners Cap (Yellow/Blue) with my name written on back, White NBalance singlet, black/white shorts. Please say gidday to me as you pass.
  14. Rooster

    Weekend Training

    Saturday - 125K Ride including repeats of Bobbin Head, felt like I was cycling a semi trailer Sunday AM- 90 minute run along Narrabeen lake - Felt better Sunday PM - Tonnes of pasta in a beautiful napoli sauce for fathers day
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