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  1. Credit where credit is due yoyo came close up Macca's tail
  2. Participated in the mara today. Did it as a marafun to try and limit my rum consumption and weight gain. Knew it was going to kick my ass pretty good but was pleasantly surprised. Took it just as a run and just jogged, the slowdown happened later than expected at 34km with the lack of km causing the quads to pack it in and roll the dad body in for 3:08. Energy wise good now but got sore legs!
  3. Do partners of convicted dopers get more random tests than the average pro?
  4. Another short challenge course?
  5. How good was the two seperate days racing for the men and women. I loved having solid coverage of both.
  6. It can hit that in the morning in March too. I think you'd struggle to run a good race there outside of late Nov through to mid march. It was cold racing there even when I came from living in Victoria. Minus the weather its a pretty awesome spot for a race.
  7. Facebook stream through Chromecast is good. Can't find a working leaderboard which is shitty
  8. Hopefully the vegan stuff goes better for Lionel than PJ
  9. Most whinging spend too much time whinging to make decent enough coin to pay their way
  10. Was just having a think about races in Australia and those that are iconic and long running and that I couldn't think of any real long running iconic 70.3 races any more, apart from maybe Busselton. The kind of race you know what weekend it is on every year, has 20 years history, you look at the past winners and go wow or oh yeah I remember them. What 70 3's do we have running now that have been run around about the same date on the calendar for a long run time of day a decade or more, have historically got good fields etc? It's probably too much to expect a Noosa tri level of these
  11. If it deepens the field sometimes it adds spectacle to the race but When you only have 6 pros racing it looks like the diligaf cup. As far as presentations go I used to hate when people didn't hang around for presentations when they'd podiumed overall as it just looks bad. however after certain races where you hung around for image maintenance only and they dragged the presentations on so that they started hours after you finished and then held the overall one last it was really shit. Bribie for example $150 often 3 hours after crossing the line was really pointless and I can see why peop
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