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  1. Abby

    Laptop Time

    I just picked up a Dell for my father-in-law from their Outlet Sale: https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/shop/laptops-tablets Some really good deals in there on refurbished laptops with some great specs. Definitely worth a look...
  2. QLD Police have just announced that all QLD border checkpoints will be dismantled on/by 1st December - so depending on your timing may not be an issue... 🙂
  3. I'm running a 10sp Ultegra rear derailleur, and on my climbing wheels I'm using a 12-30 cassette... No issues.
  4. Abby

    Chain lube

    I use squirt, but both Smoove & Squirt get very similar reviews for the wax-based lubes. Chain is always clean, never get any gumby tattoos on your calf, and chain is quiet as... Only downside is you have to clean your chain REALLY WELL the first time you start with them, or its not as effective. But that's a once-off thing. Been very, very tempted to go down the full wax immersion rabbithole tho. Maybe do a few chains at once, and then just rotate through them. Just to see if I feel/see a big difference from Squirt...
  5. RideWIthGPS is excellent for route creation. Its the primary tool we use for our Audax club to map long-distance routes...
  6. Normally I would agree that we give sports way too much lattitude/special consideration. That said, I'm thinking that sports & other events have become a bit of a lifeline for people in these current times. Not for me as a QLDer - I mean, life for me is currently very normal. Biggest impost really is I can't always get in to myfavourite places as I haven't booked in advance for a seat. But I have friends & family down in Melbourne who are really going stir crazy. They're all very supportive of the current restrictions, but they're also really struggling mentally with it all
  7. Abby

    Froome GONE

    Rumours are Israel Start-Up Nation are throwing bucketloads of Euros at Richie Porte to come across & finish his career as a super-domestique for Froome... Porte's contract with Trek-Segafredo finishes up this year too, so could be tempting if he can't land a leader's position anywhere...
  8. Abby

    105 or Ultegra

    Personally would take the 105 & bank the $1000 difference - and then use that towards a really nice set of wheels (either now or down the track, depending on what you want to spend)... 🙂
  9. For those thinking of making the leap - Pushy's currently have some (not all) of their absoluteBLACK chainrings on clearance sale: https://www.pushys.com.au/on-sale/june-sale/we-needed-to-point-these-out/absolute-black-clearance.html#pagetop Plus they have a site-wide sale ending midnight tonight - use code SITE12 for a further 12% off (including clearance). You're welcome... 🙂
  10. Abby


    If there's gonna be a spike, I reckon we'll see it before then. Last few weekends, all the parks and rec areas I've seen have been absolutely packed. Sandgate, Shorncliffe & Redcliffe have been chock-a-block with people (looks like Mothers/Fathers Day level crowds) both days of every weekend. And shopping centres have been almost at capacity. So if we haven't already got a spike from that, I'll be stunned if there's a spike from the protest events in two weeks time...
  11. Then that should be the focus - not giving the Police a free pass when they consistently over-reach.
  12. This is the whole issue tho, isn't it? He may very well have deserved it - but its not the Police's job (and never has been) to decide what people deserve and then give it to them. If Police stopped doing that and left it to the people who's actual job is that, there would be zero issues.
  13. I'm just kinda surprised that someone earning $130,000 - $175,000 per year is classified as a low-to-middle income earner... 😵
  14. Really? Are we watching the same Twitter video? Cop 1 punches into the camera man. The camera man is standing still with a large camera, the reporter is turning her back. So completely non-aggressive. Cop 2 (the only non-attacker) then steps in, blocks Cop 1, and waves them on to move along - WHICH THEY IMMEDIATELY COMPLY WITH. Cop 3 almost climbs over Cop 2 and strikes them repeatedly with his baton while they are running away, even tho they are clearly complying.
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