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  1. Hi humdrum. I have been searching for those longer Vision screws for ages. I have the 25m spacer but cant fit them.

    Mike Del does not take them, I would love them for my Vision tribars.

    FYI - Vision does not stock them because they say they had a few failures with the 25mm spacers and the longer bolts ( - but i am prepared to risk it. 

  2. This is an idea- which not exactly your ironman distances you are thinking of - it may have a potental market niche. As many on this site have made us aware there is a real shortage of races in sydney over the sprint distances. SuperSprint may want to consider filling this niche rather than being just another long course in the race calendar which competitors have to travel to. A very tough course around the OD would certainly attract numbers and being in sydney would also have a large appeal. I would suggest reserecting what was the Royal National Park triathlon on an amended cou
  3. And if the rumors I have heard are true - it is also a bit short
  4. OLT I havent looked into this but I would have thought that creamed corn is full of simple sugars that would spike the insulin (high GI) Further, isn't maltodextrin a very high GI food (higher than both glucose and surcose) and therefore would spike the insulin. I understand that maltodextrin is fine for when you are exercising as you need the energy, but is not a relevily low GI food suitable for a breakfast >2hours before a race. I am thinking about trying rolled oats before my next race (no milk). However, maybe 1000 calories of tasteless glug may be a bit hard to take.
  5. Try this site Rides around Sydney
  6. rcs


    I think have Cannibal higher minmum number of item/minimum $ spend critea before they accept your business. On 2 occasions when looking for Corporate cycling/tri gear, I asked Cannibal to quote however they didnt want our business. However, I found other operators very willing to assit. In the first instance we went with Netti the second time we went with Eyeline. Both were great to deal with and would recommened.
  7. OLT- A few questions re the There is the Time Trial at Calga What licenses do you need if any to ride in these events? Will TriNSW membership cover it? Do you know the entry fees? Thanks rcs
  8. rcs

    Aus Idol

    Is it misleading and deceptive conduct? If Channel 10 and/or Telsta knew of the withdrawal of Cosima but still encouraged the public to vote with words such as 'if you don't vote for your favourite they would go through to the final'. They may have broken the law in relation to misleading and meceptive Conduct. With approximately $10 million spent on pointless and redundant voting (smh online 4/11/03) this may be an issue worthy of the an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigation. If you feel strongly about this write a complaint to the ACCC today (complaint form
  9. rcs

    GIANT Bikes

    On a weekend trainning ride, I found myself caught up in the middle of the pack in Sydney to the Gong between Sutherland and Waterfall. Dispite the danger of having no choice but to pass folk riding 5 deep by moving out into the middle of the highway I had a chance to see what they where riding. About 1/2 where on mountain bikes- of which i saw a large number of Learsports (OnlineTriathlon will be happy). Of the road bikes (which made up the other 1/2 of the field)- 1/2 where old rusty cluckers that looked like they would fall apart on the decsent of Waterfall hill and the other 1/2 wh
  10. If its above the neck, train light until it goes. If its below the neck, stop all training until its gone. This looks like a good rule, but what about if it is in the neck/thoat? A laryngitis suffering rcs
  11. Anything to support this site. I am in for bottles, stickers, caps, the lot.
  12. rcs

    Hawaii competitors

    Does anyone know what time will the IronmanLive coverage will start and finish (Sydney time) including the broadband content. I need to make sure that I am near a computer during that time- hopefully one with broadband.
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