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  1. Pretty boy! We had one just like him: Tommy Tucker and we had a cat too, unfortunate name really!
  2. I have 2 sets of children and if we can't get together on Christmas Day itself we usually have the big dinner on Christmas Eve, which half the world do anyway. It's usually turkey plus maybe a ham or a roast leg of pork with crackling. This year I am tempted to go with a leg of lamb! The meal itself I guess is not really that important it's the people. I am fairly fortunate when I look around at others in my situation that have divorced that we were always focused on our children and what was best for them and put our differences aside (most of the time!). I know it doesn't always work ou
  3. We bought a BC during lockdown like thousands of others I guess. He's 7 months old now we've had him since 9 weeks. He has the most beautiful temperament barely barks and is very affectionate - he rubs up against you like a cat but will obey commands too!
  4. It wasn't lockdown boredom... it was just Melbourne Agreed interesting story
  5. sounds a bit like urban downhill... exciting and grass roots developed
  6. Or why not go 1x14?? Remember the old Rohloff hub? They're still going and this gives a good spread of gear ratios from 24x34 to 44x11 using the standard config of a 40T chainring with a 16T sprocket. I am interested in revisiting this. All the gears are internal and apparently there is a hub out there that has been going for 326,000kms and still going strong. https://www.rohloff-au.com/speedhub?lightbox=dataItem-j13a5l3e2
  7. I'm sure you can buy a Chinese copy and get Cervelo stickers on it
  8. In that case you're good. Just out of curiosity what was the rear hub?
  9. Me I'm just going to buy boxes of Jack Vale pooters for those cheap but thoughtful Xmas gifts. My ex has my older children (30s ) on Xmas day so we'll have the family bash on Christmas Eve. Hopefully with some nice weather we'll have a BBQed turkey!
  10. full suspension fully sick bro She's one lucky 13y/o actually to have parents that "understand" the need to spend a decent amount to get something decent
  11. For road bikes, going from 10spd to 11spd means a new rear hub too. However, some hubs seem to have enough room to take an 11spd hub. I have a set of Dura Ace C24 wheels and the 11spd cassette goes on fine and leaves plenty of space between the smallest cog and the dropout. I suspect you may need to have an 11spd specific rear hub too. Though you can probably take it to a machine shop and get them to machine off 1mm on the inside of the freehub giving just enough room. Do your homework here. This is is the only area I'm not sure about. I don't feel the need to go to 11spd or 12spd on
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