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  1. They are similar but different. The geometry is different. A gravel bike's geometry is slightly relaxed compared with a CX bike. A CX bike is designed to handle tight twisting turns and will be quick to turn. A gravel bike will have a lower BB for stability with slacker angles and a taller head tube for comfort. A good cross bike will be designed to be comfortable when being carried while running. The top tube should be designed to be comfortable when resting on your shoulder. In the older times that meant routing the cables on top of the top tube and some had specifically shaped to make
  2. As I said, all gleaned from the ads. Yeah I get the idea of watching something stupid, for me it's the 3 Stooges and some pretty comical martial arts characters, like Monkey.
  3. I knew it, to sell new merch!
  4. you realise this show will make you more stupider if you watch it I laugh whenever I see the ads, the premise is farcical! Even watching them is bad enough Is this the same show that had some long blonde haired tattooed Englishman a couple of months ago and there was a furor when it was found out he'd been married before or something? Or was that love island or something? I think I can basically tell you all the plot lines and keep up with these shows by purely watching the ads.
  5. Would have been tough for the Bundeena residents the road through Audley is currently closed because a new bridge is being built and the only way in is through Waterfall and the Princes Highway was shut Saturday afternoon. Driving to Garie Beach yesterday morning I could still see flames beside the highway still. I have to question the logic of the RFS going ahead with a burn when the winds are strong and it's not like they weren't forecast. At the very least do it in very small increments, like 100m at a time. From the look of it the fire was lit down a gully and it roared straight
  6. Never mind the dumb arses, they are just small people on the bottom of the scrap heap looking for someone lower and they think cyclists are it. Besides I don't particularly care for the "I pay my taxes' argument. The law says we can ride on the road and that's that. I don't pay fees/duties/taxes to ride on the road because my bike causes no damage unlike pedestrians that have dedicated infrastructure and also pay none.
  7. Sorry I get busy with work sometimes... You have to read into the reported statistics very carefully. The majority are released on parole before their full sentence is served. The problem here with the statistics, is that there is no distinction between being released on parole straight after the non-parole (minimum) period is served and those that are released before full sentence expires but after the non-parole period. Month by month the figure for those that are released on parole is something like 80-85%. This needs to be compared with the rate of recidivism which is around 23%
  8. Another fundamental error, oversimplification, the minimum is an option you need to earn it with good behaviour and averages are made up of wide ranges of numbers that are supposed to match the wide ranging circumstances - take manslaughter in an traffic accident as opposed to a violent criminal.
  9. I believe you are misquoting the average minimum sentence, the average aggregate for manslaughter is 7 years, see https://www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/Pages/bocsar_media_releases/2012/bocsar_mr_bb76.aspx Further, a fancy (defence) lawyer does not have to prove you innocent. It is the job of the crown to prove you guilty. In any case fancy lawyers cannot manufacture exculpatory evidence, it exists or it doesn't. Though of course the good ones will look for such evidence during discovery - a process where the prosecution makes available the brief of evidence they have to the defence. These a
  10. Slowman

    Shark attack

    I think bull sharks can be brownish too... they are related to bronze whalers and the colours vary https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/content/fisheries/recreational/saltwater/sw-species/bronze-whaler
  11. That's funny, it's the same legal system we've had for far more than 40 years In any event you are conflating the actions of the police with the legal system (our courts and our laws). The police have to protect their jobs but rightly vigilante action is to be discouraged. If police with all their training can make mistakes just imagine how much worse it will be if we encourage enthusiastic gun nuts to think they are some kind of legitimate citizen law enforcement body.
  12. Agreed. The fact that this video exists probably means that will or has happened. Yes, I think it goes beyond mere negligent driving. Good to see cyclists, amongst others, identified as vulnerable users. I believe I experienced the worst animosity from motorists there than of anywhere. This was going back a few years probably 10 at least and it seemed the motorists were infuriated that I was not using the cycling paths, even though there was buggerall traffic early in the morning. I've since ridden on the road there without incident but then I was on a mountain bike heading
  13. Well, every time one of those videos or incidents gets media attention, every cyclist hating troll comes out of the woodwork. In reality most motorists are ambivalent to accepting of cyclists, they just want to get from A to B.
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