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  1. Tracker has been stuck for the past hour or so. At at 12:15 there are about 15 teams into Olinda (CP4 and 44.7km)
  2. Rohan better slow down. He's in the lead after CP3 http://my.oxfam.org.au/trailwalker/eventresults
  3. I was the bike just ahead of you Evil Guru and saw the guy fly down towards the left-right (and though, ooh he's going in a bit fast), then heard the sounds of scraping bike and flesh. Slowed all the bikes coming downhill and another guy let the TOs know of the crash. Hope you recover ok.
  4. Magnus, I think you set a new PB for getting into a wetsuit...
  5. On order with Highly Tuned Athletes in Melbourne. They are awaiting stock but have had some in so far.
  6. Don't think you'd get all the way to Eastlink up that creek though. You could head into Patterson Lakes and walk. But there are worse IM courses than IMM. Canada comes to mind - one loop swim, one loop bike (need a car), and one loop run with car access limited (you run on the road that you'd have to drive on). At least at IMM you have some options, though the weather will probably be similar (either really cold or really hot, or both probably).
  7. The solution is pretty obvious: Rent a boat from Frankston Boat hire, send the family out to watch you on the swim (catch some schnapper while you're out there), motor up Kananook Ck to Eastlink and watch your loved one whizz past, then motor on up to St Kilda (dodge the ferries and dolphins) to watch the finish. You could probably get a job with WTC helping marshall the swim leg to offset costs.
  8. Still got the (now rather ratty) cap, plus all the memories of the good old days when OzChat always went off air for a few weeks after ImOz.
  9. Maroondah 30, then Six Foot. But first I need to get the Geelong half IM sorted
  10. Just hanging out. Still involved in tris (like Geelong HIM). Will you be there?
  11. A penalty unit in Victoria is actually $116.82 in the 2009-1010 financial year. It was originally set at $100, but is indexed annually for CPI. So Rohan, I presume that you had 2 penalty units = $233.64 1.5 penalty units = $175.23 Pasty
  12. pastyboy

    Geelong pics

    Hey Rohan, Yep, that was me. I had finished my bike duties and was listening into my race radio while I wandered around and watched people finish the run leg. You looked like you were running ok at the time... And I make no apologies for Pete - he's like that all the time, even at 5am in the morning. Sheesh...
  13. Hey Pete, Your biggest asset is your enthusiasm - don't forget that. That's what we like about you. Pasty
  14. It's a very sad loss, and I wish Sue's family condolences. However, it is not a typical week in the mountains. Nor is it only inexperienced climbers who get killed in the mountains in NZ. Nor is it climbing too fast (both were descending, both were acclimatised enough to summit and had previous 8000m summits). These were accidents, sad though that is.
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