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  1. I'm looking for two new items, and thought I'd come to the source of all triathlon truth's to get some advice: Sunglasses Looking for some light running glasses. I currently have Rudy Projects, but they're more designed for cycling. It probably sounds silly, but I want something light, and that look a little less like cycling glasses! New Watch I've always worn the Timex brand watches - but I've looked online, and can't find any I like! I want a sports watch for lap timing, but I'd like something a little less sporty and a little more professional.............if that even exists
  2. We had a bit of a heart/blood scare last week - sluggo had to pull out of Cairns Challenge coz he had some serious pain in his chest/lungs! We both thought it was asthma related!! After 20+ years of tri's - it was one of the most difficult things he's ever had to do, coz he was so fit and healthy for the race! Turns out it was the best decision he'd ever made! Last Wed he started getting a sore calf, which kept getting worse. We thought it was just a tear in the calf, so he went to a sports dr on Friday. Sports dr is concerned, as there is no bruising around the area, and it's so incr
  3. It wasn't difficult to watch as Tom ripped off his shirt! come on guys..............lets be honest.............you all were subjected to it last night, as your wives/girlfriend's oogled over the telly for hours...............and now u r all envious as hell of that beautiful specimen of an Aussie bloke - Tom! Why else would you all be so defensive??? grrrrrrr!
  4. Oh Tommmmmmm!!!! *sigh* When he took that shirt off I almost fainted!!!! fluro2au shame on your for not taping it for your girlfriend!!!
  5. Hey Selby - we've both even grown mullets just to fit in up here!!!! (well King Sluggo has attempted too!) We are just too Cool!!! Hitman/dingo - I LURVE my trackie dacks! And my ugh boots...............I fit right in up here! Guys - what's this Grafton ride? Where can we find some info on it???? And can anyone do it?
  6. Oh Jab's did you have to bring back that memory? Now I'll have to go back into therapy to put it way back into the recesses of my mind where it belongs!!!!
  7. Dolphy

    Chris Cook

    Congratulations Chris! Are you going to give us a race report? Or at least a brief outline????
  8. Bourne - most of the people riding with Cycleogical are triathletes! But yes, you don't ride on your aerobars if in the middle of a pack, it's just too dangerous! There is no harm in keeping them on your bike, plus they do have a 4-5km sprint, so using aerobars then is not a problem (if you are on your own like we were!!!!)
  9. Dolphy

    Orca wetsuits

    I thought the same too Bungle - but I struggle when I swim in my pFlex! I feel like I can't move properly and I get really tired after about 100m! I think it also has something do do with not training frequently in it! When we lived in Sydney I used to jump in at Cronulla beach at least once a week in summer in my wetty so I'd get used to it! I didn't do any open water swimming before Forster this year! So that could be why I felt like whenever I did wear it, I was really restricted! Steely - as for the sizing - just go into an Orca shop and they'll be able to tell u what size!
  10. Hey Plazbot - aero bars are fine - just one problem though ........................ they might ask all people with aerobars to sit on the front on the way back to slice through the headwind!!! I'll be there this Sunday - as long as it's not raining! ha ha ha! No way am I riding in the rain when I don't HAVE to train! Cya
  11. Hey all, I just thought I'd pass on some info for those who are keen to keep cycle fit over winter. Sunday's Cycleogical ride from their shop at Westend out too Redcliffe (approx 90km round trip). I had convinced King Sluggo and Louise (who is a frequent reader of this site) that this was an easy, comfortable ride never getting over 30km/hour. I kinda got it a bit wrong - I think they didn't get over 40km/hr during the ride, especially when KS was on the front pushing 39km/hour and Lousie and I were behind just hanging on for dear life! I struggled big time throughout the entire ride,
  12. Dolphy

    Orca wetsuits

    Steely - I have a P Flex, which I find fantastic for the short races, but there is no way I could swim 3.8km in it! It's too restrictive in the arms! The furtherest I have swam in it is a half! I would recommend you look at getting a sleevless, because unless u r swimming in NZ waters, I don't think you will ever need a full length wetty. It's too hot up here for wetsuits anyway!!! BTW - Orca wetsuits ROCK!!!!
  13. Congratulations Tudjmeister! IMHO there is no one I know who deserves this lottery spot more than Tudj! He has put so much into this sport and it's just awesome to see him get the ultimate reward back! Way to go Tudj - now the hard work starts! U might have to come and stay in QLD for a while to get used to the humidity of Kona!!! I am sooooooooooo happy for you mate!
  14. Chlorine kills urine so quickly - you wouldn't even know if someone had pee'd in the pool! Funny story - I used to be a pool attendant in New Zealand (Onehunga Aquasports Nige!). And the kids used to poo in the baby pool at least once a day! And I tell you - kids poo mixed with chlorine absolutely stinks ! So one day I am scooping out some kids poo with the pooper scooper and this little boy is swimming around, underneath following the pooper scooper. He stands up and asks me "What are you doing miss". I didn't have the heart to tell him - although I don't know how he didn't real
  15. Hey there Hellman, Haven't seen u around in TriChat land for a while! It will be good to catch up at Mooloolaba with the whole gang again! Do you know if Gumby and Zipper are racing??? Cya Fleur
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