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  1. Thanks Flathead for agreeing with me & your advice. They are all scammers out there. But we newbies don't realize it until too late. I don't know where I can find an honest dating site in Aus. They all seem to be based off shore & then no way of recovering lost debts. I am re-scamming back verbaly to see what happens. Give them some of their own medicine while my time runs out. Cancelled credit Card so nil recurring charges. Might as well enjoy my spendings. Cheers, Ernie
  2. You are correct. But you should have explained yourself. In lieu of proving you are a complete DH. I can handle a bit of sarcasm but that is not acceptable. In my opinion you are a complete fool.
  3. I am Dead serious This is good friendly advise. The Idiot called Peter Is a DH for posting a "funny" imoji.
  4. I'm a bloke BTW. Dating sites - it appears they are all BS. 1.When you have chats with the female members all goes well for a while then "you should go to this site" to continue chat. Turns out to be another site requiring 1 to join for a fee. 2.The so called free trial ones are auto converted to recurring monthly payments. 3.The same profile of same female is on various sites but lives in a different area. 4. You limit your search to X miles or kms. but get hits from overseas. I have been a sucker & fallen for most of the tricks. Also I am an amateur photographer & upon examining imag
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