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  1. You are a deadset flog with issues. Go see someone who can help. Better time investment for you than here.
  2. So you were not all on same flight? Or was your last leg a connection from all over the place? Which state did you quarantine in? I have never seen flights mixed.
  3. When they go from airport to hotels they go by bus as BB has said. Their covid status is unknown at that point anyway. You are on the right track in some specific cases only but I will leave it there
  4. Imagine how many would expire beside their bikes trying to find Howards Springs
  5. They currently do go by bus, at least in my state. They currently stay in minimum 3.5, but mostly 4-5 star hotels and a large portion bitch and moan about everything under the sun. Moving them to cabins or tents in Bumf&ck Idaho will not be popular. Hard to get Uber eats I would imagine and they smash that too. Do not forget that this is a massive industry in itself and keeps caterers, hotel occupancy and employment up in a variety of industries. It also uses redeployed airlines staff. People who suggest a FIFO arrangement have no practical knowledge of the scale of this oper
  6. You aren’t on your Pat Malone so let’s call it a shared thing, but it is funny you cannot even see it. No biggie, but do not put me on “your” side again, even in banter.
  7. That is fair enough too. You gotta do what you gotta do. The thing is, a hint of a crack in the system by way of exemptions and every man and his dog is trying to exploit it. The whole thing is crap, definitely more for you than me, but I can’t see any other way. Hope it works out for you
  8. I do not have one. I cannot imagine how much that hurts. I hope they let you go. You just need to face the reality that you might struggle to get back in. Then it is your choice. * I get that it is not currently a choice, but I see that practicalities as I outlined in above post. There is a principle in disaster management which says, “Do the greatest good for the greatest number”. It is hard to argue that this is not the current governing principle. It sucks people cannot travel. It sucks even more people cannot see loved ones in person, but it sucks more to be Brazil or India.
  9. Actually I need to amend my own maths so it is about to get an edit. 😂
  10. You are the cause of that shit. I am not anti or pro Scomo. I hate both sides equally. You are the one who thinks there needs to be a side in every discussion. It makes this joint so painful. I was discussing the topic and showing why Teddy Triathlons trip to Kona was no chance given the maths of quarantine.
  11. I still do not get what everyone wants. There is not a simple solution. At the moment there is a quarantine system which identifies positive cases as they enter Australia and isolates them so there is almost zero community cases. As a result, since the original Vic spike and resulting deaths, we have lived covid free. There have been the odd shutdown to contain the inevitable leaks, but we soon return to our covid free existence. The nationwide weekly International return cap is 6362* (best I could find - ABC article dated Feb 5). That is a lot of hotel room
  12. I had both Pfizer by 8 April as had my wife. I had a few hot flush kind of things but resolved quickly. Wife had lots and a cracking headache. Both of us had sore arms just like post flu shot. Anecdotally, I reckon I have quizzed circa 80-100 work colleagues and fellow Em Serv types about how they have faired (all Pfizer). I know one male around 40 who got admitted to ED after feinting in post jab recovery, but generally men have bugger all issues. Women don’t seem to fare as well but nothing that doesnt resolve in a few days. Worked with a girl in late 4Os who had bad full len
  13. I dont need to watch TV or research stats. I have personally spoken to hundreds and hundreds of returned travellers from all over the world and the one thing they are, is grateful to be here and not there. International flight crews are more than happy to be effectively locked up here between flights also as they cannot believe how well we are faring. You keep armchair critiquing something you obviously have no idea about practically.
  14. Yeah, regardless of the inconvenience and in some cases tragedy (not seeing or saying good-bye to loved ones), I’ll take our situation over anyone bar NZ. All I see is high infection and death rates, and worse, rolling 3rd or 4th stages of rolling lockdowns. At least we are in the rhythm of our circumstances and not stop starting at all times. If your business was unviable you have likely moved on, not having to get chopped off 4 separate times (generalisation I know). Worrying about your holidays like Peter just means you are a selfish cock I reckon. Go to tassie or NZ and don’t kill every
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