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  1. Umm yeah Ive worked with a lot of people with various degrees over the years. The only ones in my experience that got any results or respect had actual experience and results in their resumes. I had to go all egghead for a few years and learn how to speak that adakemic language so I could get promoted and move up the tree... The slow learner quip was a piece of self deprecating humour as I massively take the piss out of myself on a daily basis and try not to take myself too seriously. Its a trait serious insects dont seem to have. Its probably why Jim Jefferies gets so many death threats
  2. 4 x 8 (w a 20 rep warm up full range of motion).... but the fitness expert up there will probs disagree. I have no idea what Im talking about. Im just result focused. Im a slow learner and worked out all this stuff in my head a long time before I read about it.
  3. Will be around next few days with a former Cronulla triathlon club prez if anyone is in the hood.
  4. Ill bite. So a combination of a few things.... being big; running a lot; doing a lot of running with heavy logs on my shoulders and packs in the standard general purpose boot in the bush; doing a lot of track sessions; being a street cop and spending a lot of time on my feet; oh and pretending to be a pro triathlete while having a job. And evidently having a 'hip and pincer' type shape in my hips. So poor genetics. None of which stopped me or stops me from having reasonably good form, or being able to pedal reasonably well even on a fixed gear post hip replacements, the oldest of whi
  5. We chatted at the Bathurst classic last year mate. I am up usually once a week or so... just around the corner from Marks shop.
  6. Actually hip strength, mobility and stability along with core, lower back and your arse has a key role way before the anatomical challenges present themselves. I would wager a tidy sum 99 percent have issues they can hugely improve right there. I have always had a strong arse hips and back, unfortunately I wore mine out and had to get new ones. But even with fake hips Im still comfortable squatting just nothing too heavy anymore.
  7. Unless they are smokin hot with a great set of bolt ons...
  8. I do ergo, then ride my pub bike over to the North Cronulla riots memorial surf club gym and pool, swim a few laps, do a session on the rowing machine so I get all nice and sweaty, perve at substantial array of delicious mums walking past, so some weights and then go and lie in the sun like a beached whale at South Cronulla. Im still old and fat but its a nice morning when I do that. Actually I might go and do precisely that now..... but its not sunny so I might go for a surf. Combine stuff.
  9. I started riding track in 2005 in my 40s ... and got chopped up all the time by some little turd called Caleb
  10. Ive been wondering about that one mate. Are you going Tuesday night or the new one on Thursday morning to the dam? Im so fat every bunch ride is a struggle atm.
  11. Great piece on trainer road that heavier weights lower reps (4 sets of 8 reps) and perfect form is actually the best way to go for cyclists and triathletes. The caveat is perfect form. Which means you have to go full retard to learn said form. Can you do a full deep squat? No weight just that. Ill bet you cant. Or a lunge with a swiss ball over your head? One exercise thats summarily useless for body builder types but is in my view very good for cyclists and triathletes/runners is the leg extension machine, with the primary sets done with one leg sitting off the side of the machine and d
  12. Lots of people improving their motors on indoor setups, unfortunately for them and moreso for people riding close to them this is only one part of the equation.
  13. Mate I certainly dont mean to disrespect or insult anybody even if it comes across that way (which I guess it does but its just my view and zero tolerance of those unable to sit in the room of mirrors). We all do what we do and live with our choices. Im just calling it as I see it and may disappear back into the ether at some stage sooner or later. So please accept that as a mea culpa, my personality, life choices and attitude have come with many many pitfalls and permanent health damage. The last 12 months of essentially not being able to get off the couch have given me long pause for thought
  14. When I joined the cops in the mid 80s we did seven nights in a row of night shift from 11pm to 7am. It changed in the mid 90s to 12 hour shifts. I worked with coach@ very briefly in 1987. As a young bloke and a mad keen triathlete I never really thought about it I just worked, had a few exciting and fun times chasing crooks, would just train during the day have a sleep and go back to work. In the late 80s I moved into the city and worked at the Cross on those seven night week out of your life shifts as a street cop on foot patrol in Darlinghurst Rd and surrounds(and trust me that was ver
  15. While we are having this discussion Id say the two most beneficial pieces of tech you can own are a stopwatch and a pair of functioning digital scales. The rest is just fluff.
  16. The 'new' (haha) high hands position will open up your hip angle enormously, with the added bonus of better aerodynamics, better use of your fat/skinny/flabby/non existent hip flexors and arse and the additional added bonus of getting your weight back so your bike will actually handle a bit better. Double extra added bonus. All the good triathletes I know ride road bikes most or at least a very high degree of the time. It helps them use their arse muscles.
  17. Oh and have a look over on the 'weights' thread. Have a look at Lindsey Vonn on insta. She is a tough chick. Functional movement.
  18. Learn how to ride on your bars, or dont. Get a participation medal if you want. I personally dont give a rats. Learn how to get better or dont, champ I dont care. There is more than enough info above if you want to do it, but it seems selective comprehension is also one of your attributes. Ask yourself how you can get better. Most never ever do. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be, most people are happy to fit in with the flock and be a part of the social scene. Want some inspiration? Get a watch out and have a crack. Watch good people and how they do it. Watch Cameron Brown on Insta
  19. Marriage and relationships are over rated. Comically some people live a lie to keep up appearances and for the sake of the kids or because they need a security blanket/backstop or dont want to sell the house etc. Life is too short. Besides Im the first to admit a little bit of my company goes a very long way. I wish I could get away from myself occasionally, unfortunately no such luck.
  20. .... and again this morning I conducted a bit of rolling (literally ha) research to underscore my point. Nice social ride and a bit of a chat on a nice bike not intended for that purpose. Hey as long as you are happy. I have a massive wanker 4wd truck but at least it does get used for its intended purpose occasionally, the 4wd army was on the move to Boat Harbour this morning with all the gear as well. And Foz, mate get a road bike. Or an MTB. Or both. Cant help seeing what Im seeing but good to see Im facilitating discussion. I think the other thing is that with the explosion of indoor
  21. Yeah as if I need to have a larger upper body.... haha. Only time I did chin ups was when they were a mandatory part of the TRG selection process, and I found I could do lots but I also got... bigger
  22. I find I like to get as much sleep as excessive quantities of alcohol and sleeping tablets allow me to have. Wandering the streets at 2am looking for someone to kill isnt a good look. (NB any resemblance to fact is purely coincidental and not intended)
  23. Just get divorced. Its easier although expensive. Binding financial agreements are a good idea.
  24. Foz there are enough pictures and vids of me on the interweb to well and truly satisfy yourself as to my dashingly handsome appearance.... Ive had my 15 minutes and then some. At my age and advanced deterioration with 22 pieces of metal in my body and counting Im just happy I have my hair and my teeth and my dick still works. Ive never had to run around in the shower to get wet. At the moment I look like a 57 year old version of Paul Gallen that has swallowed a pig whole. Or an oompa loompa, there isnt that much difference. As for the single most important stretchy thing you can do
  25. Q.... What do you hate when you are two but love when you are grown up??? A.... Daytime naps and spankings
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