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  1. Well Peter no its not boring. Its part of the fibre and fabric of society in Europe. I get genuinely excited watching the Tour of Flanders from the neutral to the finish. All 7 hours and 270 odd kms of it. The tour is a tradition at the height of summer in France. Its as much a part of the fibre of that society as the test cricket is here, on all day. Importantly the events are raced by legitimate professional athletes, the characters are well developed and champions revered. Cycling is the biggest sport bar none in Belgium. The courses themselves are brutal races of attrition. The longe
  2. Ah! there is a charity/foundationinvolved! Providing money for young and up and coming athletes! How noble. Stunning and brave. Thoughts and prayers. Are they giving away bikes or doing any auctions? :0 :0 Pardon my cynicism.
  3. Attention seeking vanity project using someone elses money.
  4. Yup. The Nike Series, which morphed into the Tooheys Blue and into the St George Series thanks to the Bray brothers was the last great short course product, current vanity projects with wealthy backers that no one watches and will never make a profit are just folly. I say that regrettably as Ive enjoyed watching a few of them when I can find them at 3am in the morning on some obscure Fox channel filling in space. Sooner or later that gravy train will run dry too whether the money comes from the middle east, Russia or Mars. Hyperbole to one side, its pretty sad and very transparent.
  5. So in my various incarnations, Ive copped a bit of shit over the years as to my 'back in the day' posts. By coincidence, this popped up on the 'old hands' FB page today, its an interesting counterpoint to the current 'pro triathlete' argument. So Im just gonna leave this here. I havent seen these results before or at least not for a long time. This was the year Dave and Mark had Ironwar a few months later, Paula had done a sub 9 in Hawaii the year before. So that places this era and those times in a degree of context. Distances were 3km/130km (hilly and hard)/30km run. 89 World cup
  6. 'Professional triathlete' is an oxymoron. Its a cash business and the other point is people are now so self absorbed in their own insta accounts aspiring to someone else is a secondary (or actually last place) consideration. You can be absolutely shit and mediocre and still give the illusion of being shit hot... So the RD and marketing mobs know that. No one cares about who wins anymore. Its all about the gram and your image. Kudos to the few who seek to win and be the best they can be, but its a lot harder to get a quid out of it now. Longer distances. Less Money, more toll on the body,
  7. I love that ST hates him, Dan wouldnt like the lost advertising revenue from a few truth bombs.
  8. If I were a crazy engineer....... Id be this guy. Instead of course Im just crazy. I even have the paperwork to prove it. He gets sued all the time, but the truth defence is useful foil aint it.... Oh of particular interest (beside the fact he bought a 17 year old bike for peanuts from a sheila with massive gazongas) is that at 23 minutes and 30 minutes you may find some interesting revelations that confirm a lot of what this uninformed buffoon thought... in empirical terms. Spoliers...... NSFW; if you dont like the C word you may be triggered and offended; you may find you have pissed a
  9. Umm yeah Ive worked with a lot of people with various degrees over the years. The only ones in my experience that got any results or respect had actual experience and results in their resumes. I had to go all egghead for a few years and learn how to speak that adakemic language so I could get promoted and move up the tree... The slow learner quip was a piece of self deprecating humour as I massively take the piss out of myself on a daily basis and try not to take myself too seriously. Its a trait serious insects dont seem to have. Its probably why Jim Jefferies gets so many death threats
  10. 4 x 8 (w a 20 rep warm up full range of motion).... but the fitness expert up there will probs disagree. I have no idea what Im talking about. Im just result focused. Im a slow learner and worked out all this stuff in my head a long time before I read about it.
  11. Will be around next few days with a former Cronulla triathlon club prez if anyone is in the hood.
  12. Ill bite. So a combination of a few things.... being big; running a lot; doing a lot of running with heavy logs on my shoulders and packs in the standard general purpose boot in the bush; doing a lot of track sessions; being a street cop and spending a lot of time on my feet; oh and pretending to be a pro triathlete while having a job. And evidently having a 'hip and pincer' type shape in my hips. So poor genetics. None of which stopped me or stops me from having reasonably good form, or being able to pedal reasonably well even on a fixed gear post hip replacements, the oldest of whi
  13. We chatted at the Bathurst classic last year mate. I am up usually once a week or so... just around the corner from Marks shop.
  14. Actually hip strength, mobility and stability along with core, lower back and your arse has a key role way before the anatomical challenges present themselves. I would wager a tidy sum 99 percent have issues they can hugely improve right there. I have always had a strong arse hips and back, unfortunately I wore mine out and had to get new ones. But even with fake hips Im still comfortable squatting just nothing too heavy anymore.
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