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  1. LOL here’s some of the stuff straight from court hearings happening over the last few days... And this one...
  2. Yeah sorry I couldn’t find anything to quote from the Gateway Pundit for you.
  3. When you say you still don’t understand does it mean you can’t be bothered reading the article? Because it’s all in there, and it’s not super difficult to digest it. Yes I know it’s the fake New York Times but give it a shot, you may surprise yourself!
  4. @roxii a few posts back you were asking about voter suppression so I think you may be interested in reading this https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/01/opinion/us-voting-rights-republicans.html
  5. If only you could see the irony of your post. You shone a light on nothing, all you did was reinforce your own bias by posting biased, exaggerated and often blatantly fake stuff because it fits with how you view the world. You are not enlightened or more capable to seeing things other can't, you're just more often than not completely misinformed, and a victim of your own prejudices.
  6. Thanks for answering yes to that question 👍.
  7. And FWIW at least 2/3 of Americans are ok with the movement evolving so I guess the answer to your question is that they are a lot more tolerant than you'd like them to be. I know, but Portland is burning blah blah...
  8. Just to be clear, are you really comparing Marxism to white supremacy?
  9. From https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/jul/21/black-lives-matter-marxist-movement/
  10. IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Black Lives Matter was founded by community organizers. One of the three co-founders said in 2015 that she and another co-founder “are trained Marxists.” Black Lives Matter has grown into a national anti-racism movement broadly supported by Americans, few of whom would identify themselves as Marxist.
  11. He does it so the other friends can pile on, and they can keep liking each other’s posts all day long.
  12. I’m quoting the numbers you posted, there is no interpretation there. According to those numbers, 7% of the protests are violent, nowhere does it say that 7% of the protests have been deadly.
  13. When you can’t handle the truth...
  14. And FWIW if the numbers being quoted are to be trusted, I think it’s fine to write with a straight face that if 7% of 100% of protests are violent, then the protests are overwhelmingly peaceful.
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