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  1. I work as a programmer and deal with all of this stuff on a daily basis. I don't use or have an account on any of the 'social media' platforms that involve handing over personal data (i.e. all the usual suspects) as I know how they work and simply don't trust the bastards. The well known industry saying is: if you're not paying for the product, then you are the product.
  2. What, like sharks with COVID ?
  3. I read somewhere about mobile phones have more germs than the average toilet seat... perhaps that's why?
  4. I'm sure most are aware of how it started, but my point was actually more that his direct incitement of this group to act illegally, resulted in someone's death. The USA has laws covering this situation, and should justify his immediate removal from office.
  5. Of course, one point that seems to be missing attention is that the mob was directly incited and encouraged by Trump, winding them up with his conspiracies and alternative facts, telling them to march down and he'll be right there leading them, and then turning them loose while he disappeared into the shadows. Later he appears on twitter video asking them to *remain* peaceful and go home, and telling them how special they all are. Trump deserves nothing less than prosecution for sedition, and immediate removal from his position - the 25th amendment is too soft a solution to this treachery.
  6. Scottie says that they will aim to start vaccination in mid-late Feb, at the rate of 80,000 per week, and intend to have 4,000,000 vaccinated by end of March. That's going to need to be one hell of a ramp-up to achieve 4M in 4-6weeks. Govt and responsive logistics are not terms normally mixed in a single sentence - so will be interesting to see if they can achieve it.
  7. SMH's interpretation of Scomo's announcement.
  8. My understanding is that the mutation makes little difference, and while 'concerning' to politicians and 'alarming' to the general public (with typical stoking by the media) to epidemiologists it's more of a curiosity. All viruses constantly mutate and fluctuate in their contagious 'R' factor, but COVID has such a low base that even with a '70% increase' it still only bumps it to about 1.5, and in absolute terms remains much of a muchness. Social behavior and population density still have a far bigger influence on the spread.
  9. The 2 term limit was only introduced after FDR was elected for a 4th term, and could be repealed with the right numbers in Congress (from memory - 2/3rds) and a compliant supreme court.
  10. Yes, to use the 1984 'ministry of truth' as an analogy to checking and rejection of Trump's 'alternate facts' and conspiracy theories, is an interesting twist, but I suspect it demonstrates a basic lack of understanding about the book and Orwell's warning of the outcome of populist politics. Orwell wrote many articles on populism, nationalism and propaganda, and indeed accurately warned and predicted the outcome of Hitler's rise long before it eventuated (and obviously before writing 1984) clearly outlining his thoughts on these issues and thus how the book should be interpreted, so it's
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