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  1. Firstly thank you Trifun for correcting my memory. It was 1986 and my result was 6th not 5th. A complete results list would be great Trifun. Thanks. Does anyone have the results/articles of knows where to point me of two iconic Australian races and one very tragic race. 1981 Elouera Triathlon. I was a 21 year old local cop who played basketball. 13th overall just 4 places behind someone unknown to me then but who would not only become my housemate but was a legend of the sport, Mark Pringle. In 1985 Pringo and I we headed to Vanuatu for Port Vila Triathlon 1st & 2nd, b
  2. Hi my name is Greg Parr, and from memory, I came 5th in 1987 Noosa Triathlon. When it comes on TV nowadays and I tell my kids, they don't believe me??? Would anybody have a copy of results for that year? Or any results from 1986/1987 races in Qld? If anyone can remember the date of 1986 Airlie Beach Triathlon? Long time ago I know. Would appreciate any feedback. Greg Parr
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