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  1. there you go, it was always just BS. http://roadsidephotos.sabr.org/baseball/name.htm#:~:text=One%20baseball%20myth%20that%20just,supposedly%20sponsored%20the%20earliest%20contests.&text=This%20didn't%20happen%2C%20but,%22World's%20Championship%20Series%22%20stuck. Australia will step up to the plate... Er, baseball doesnt even rate. To be honest - cricket is more exciting then baseball.
  2. It's the world series because it was named after a newspaper back in the day. Sebastian Coe is a complete fool if he thinks the Olympics are going ahead in one of the most densely populated countries....
  3. My nuts chaffed just reading that....
  4. Helmet - aero AF though!
  5. How did no one mention a new bike already? This fixes all your issues. https://www.canyon.com/en-au/road-bikes/triathlon-bikes/speedmax/speedmax-cfr-disc-etap/2576.html?dwvar_2576_pv_rahmenfarbe=SR%2FBK
  6. You could do better for that $$$ I reckon. It's not bad, but I personally wouldn't spend $9k on it... I personally have a Specialised Allez alloy thingy for crits and another for track that is more a hipster SS bike for cruising around on.
  7. Mate don't over complicate anything. Find a club, join in and learn from them. The people you meet along the way will only add value to your journey. Tell them your new to the sport and need help. People are generally pretty good. Ask lots and lots of questions. Don't worry about the 'fudge wits' that will offer shit replies. Overlook those pricks and hang onto those commenters that are helpful and supportive. Don't worry about your gear. I did a sprint in a pair of budgies and on an old Apollo MTB. I had no clue, no expectations. I rode an Apollo road bike with down tube shif
  8. The minute people around here stopped thinking the sun shines out of his ass he disappeared. He can dish a lot of shit but struggled to take it. Minute the light wasn't shining on him and people disagreed, poof, gone.
  9. I completely agree with your sentiments about how 'safe' they are. But I don't agree with touching/holding them... Observe them, let them interact with you - but no need to grab them.
  10. If you ever get up to Manly that swim is the best/safest open water swim you could do! Manly - Shelly - Manly. That is one thing I really do miss now I live so far away. Popular swim with people around here too.
  11. I only paid $395 US for the maverick Pro II. They have some good deals on a few times a year.
  12. That's not a bad policy. I think most would be happy with that.
  13. Most is us lost a heap of weight... But at 70 he would've been pretty much the same as everyone else at the end of selection. Dudes get big when they've got the job and do need to stand out. But even then, most of the best guys I know in that world aren't huge. I don't remember getting weighed all the time etc. We had our own mess at home base and kinda just got to do whatever the **** we wanted on others when we weren't on duty. You have some massive night on the beers but their few and far between sometimes. You also save a shit ton of coin all the time too because quite often you do
  14. There's not really one... Maybe the channel is everest-ing for swimming. Running - cant really think of anything but maybe UTMB. But then it's a race and not so much a "because I can" like everest-ing and the channel.
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