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  1. I just wear racing flats. I have plenty of old ones that are kinda wrecked. I find the lower to the ground I am the better.
  2. Crappy

    Jai Hindley

    Doesn't sound like it... I know Kyrgios and beat him a few times. I let everyone know about it. I'm 8 years older and he was 14. But, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story (he wasn't that good at 14, he was just starting to make massive leaps)
  3. Crappy

    Jai Hindley

    Never heard of the guy and to be honest haven't really been watching pro cycling for a few years. It got boring with Team Sky and Froome. It's controlled by people in cars etc and I just kinda feel a bit meh about grand tours. The classics I still enjoy, a car can't do too much if a big tactical mistake is made, or mechanical etc. It's a bit more open and anything can happen. Basically cycling is becoming a bit dull very much like the ITU did before Browsers, Gomez and others changed it for the better.
  4. It's already being tested. There's been a few sightings. It's on its way soon. I didn't know they were keeping the wired versions that someone else mentioned.
  5. Nepean used to be a straight swim every year (well the years I did it).
  6. The video below explains it all... Not again. https://bit.ly/2FKVDI0
  7. Shimano will be 12spd and wireless very soon... What I don't know is wether or not ultegra will come at the same time. I'm thinking that it will be 6-12 months behind as per the norm.
  8. Crappy

    Work stands.

    Park tool 10.2.
  9. Except the problem with the model is more often then not it's the rich countries governments that pays for the R&D via grants etc. There was a big one recently that came up in US Congress. Might have been prep or something for diabetes. Knowing what I know about drug R&D is big pharma gets a win win most of the time which is why they make ssssoooooo much money. A friend of mine is a drug rep that makes about $180k/yr... Left her job as a pharmacist for it. She said a fair few nurses end up in drug sales too.
  10. Polygon are ok. If you're not looking top end it doesn't matter so much. If I was racing, I wouldn't be doing it on any of their current bikes (they used to do some good roadies). I remember they did a 105 bike with Aksium wheels for $900 once. A fair few people bought one to strip the parts.
  11. I just used the excuse I needed a commuter bike so that I could N+1 and get a gravel bike. I used to have a 29er hard tail to commute on that was quick enough with slicks, but the gravel bike is better IMO (also about 4kgs lighter). Use it as an excuse to N+1 a gravel bike
  12. The "tiered entry" is a complete load of shit and money grab. The only excuse I can think of is..... because ironman. There was nothing wrong with the old "enter by this date save money". Except Ironman worked out a way to be less transparent, create fear and basically do the american thing of trying to make more money. While everyones still drinking the cool-aid................
  13. Exactly my thoughts... Covid means half if not less than half entries.
  14. There's less entries being taken...
  15. I think a guy like Lance could really do some damage. He knew how to TT, I think some that have come across weren't great TTs. If someone like Rohan Dennis or someone came across it would be a bit more interesting on the bike. But still, I don't think you'll find the 15minutes needed to win anymore.
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