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  1. Seconded. And yep, it is ok to be different, but it sure can be lonely and hurt though.
  2. CharlieB

    Training the Mind

    I like the various takes on this that come up on the rich roll podcast at different times. Over the years he has had many fascinating discussions where some of this comes up. I hope this topic generates numerous responses....thanks for putting it out there Jim
  3. How you doing H? Hope all is ok. And same for the others round here having a rough time at the moment.
  4. Seconding that your A, B and C plan(s) are good.
  5. Maybe. But I have never purchased anything from Amazon. So I can give myself a hall pass on this lol. All those zeros haven't come without cost to millions of others. And its only going to accelerate from here. Just my take on it.
  6. Nine zeros = billions Jim. I cant see it is good for humanity that so few have so much.
  7. Police checks everywhere if you try and drive out of Melbourne, but nothing for incoming flights.....you couldnt make this stuff up. Hey though, there has only been a few months to plug that whole, what should we expect....
  8. No politics intended. Melbourne numbers are low. We are allowed out to 25k radius with no time limits. There are some opportunities to catch up more readily with family and friends. I really feel for those not just inconvenienced, but seriously affected by the circumstances here. Atleast this is (for now) heading in the right direction. And that seems like good news to me.
  9. Wow.....where do you work?
  10. I am a bit of a pessimist sometimes, so I am asking this in the hope of....being given reason to hope I guess. Im not asking the following with reference to politics, systemic issues etc.... But, if 1 individual action, from a pool of 4.8m Melbournians, has resulted in an entire regional town (or more) needing to go into a state of high alert / everyone get tested, what hope do we have of staying out of lockdown for more than a few weeks?
  11. Yep, GOOD workout. Same power on a less efficient bike means slower speed but still a good workout. Thats obviously not ideal if you are racing, but it probably doesnt matter if its a commute.
  12. 14.5hrs. Thats a big day at work.
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