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  1. Hi Trannies. Planning your weekend rides? Don't forget this one! Sunday 0930 AEST. Cruisy Bunch ride @ 2.0-2.5 w/kg with optional 'leg-tester' up Keith Hill KOM for the virtual 'Peanut Butter and Nutella Trophy'. The event will be live-streamed by Jesse and Jason, who will be working hard commentating while riding themselves! To watch; https://www.youtube.com/user/TriathlonAustralia/featured This time we are joined by Aussie Champ Jake Birtwhistle and paratriathlete legend Jonathon Goerlach as well as special guest, my long-time friend Mark Emmo Emerton from Elite Ene
  2. If having issues, just fix bike and log back into Zwift. Most events have 30 mins late join; which puts you near the leader with a pedal-assist feature! Im expecting the series to become a regular ride, say every fortnight. The live streaming might happen for special events as it is a big undertaking! I'm hoping to get some special guest ride leaders onboard to chat on-screen. Who would you like to see? Rather than just elites, what about some icons of the sport?
  3. Hi Trannies. Planning out your weekend? Looking for something fun to do? Look no further! Triathlon Australia’s Zwift Ride Series continues this Sunday 7th June at 0930 AEST with Ride 3. It’s a friendly and inclusive ride where everyone and anyone are welcome to join. Come join me the as we roll around 3 laps of Volcano Flat Route. I'll ride the Yellow beacon at 2-2.5 w/kg, while our relaxed Red Beacon will sit at 1.5 w/kg for a more-leisurely pace. As always, the third lap is an optional leg-tester, where you can chose to race against some of the fastest names on Zwift
  4. Hi Katz. There's an easy explanation for the difficulty getting back on. We have the double-draft enabled for our series. It gives 2 x the normal draft coefficient when in a pack. It helps keep bunches together, though as you experienced, makes it very difficult to get back on. Always shout-out if you've fallen off the back (happens often with dropouts). The rides I lead will slow if possible or at least send back a rider to 'draft' you back to the bunch. I don't like leaving people behind! See you next ride.
  5. Hi Katz. Thanks for coming. Sorry to hear you had dropouts but great detective work. Great to see so many come out to keep the community alive while we live through this crazy era. Nice to see a few big names ride in support too. Testament to their character - especially Crowie after racing last night. Heres the live feed link from the tube; Next one on 7th June at 0930. Hope to see some trannies there. Let us know and ill give you a shout-out!
  6. No, not employed by TA. Zwifter (as you can see in profile). Just thought people might like to know about it! It's 3 laps of Volcano flat at 2.0 w/kg. Optional test-your-legs lap 3 with the pros. About an hour.
  7. Hi guys. Just bumping this back up. Ride 2 is on this weekend - Sunday 0930 EST. A great, cruisy bunch-ride on Zwift (2 w/kg) with lots of banter and fun. Some free giveaways too. You can come and ride with some big names and (if you feel like testing yourself) try and sit on them for the mini-ace lap at the very end. Craig 'Crowie' Alexander Marcel Walkington Brandon Copeland Jonathon Goerlach Charlotte McShane Aaron Royle. Also coming is Michelle Cooper, president of TA. I believe she's taking questions on the ride, which is being live-streamed
  8. Hi everyone. Long time listener- first time caller.... Apologies if this was posted already. There is a Triathlon Australia Ride Series that starts tomorrow on Zwift. A bunch ride at 2-2.5w/kg, followed by an optional race lap against some of the stars; Kate Bevilaqua, Emma Jackson, Ryan Bailie, Luke Bell and Jake Birtwhistle. Hope to see a few trannies there.
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