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  1. What's OLT doing these days?
  2. The put a halt on firearm sales in Victoria in March - but given it takes around 6 months* for a first-time firearm owner (years for handguns) to actually get a gun it was probably a bit over the top. Although, the applications apparently doubled so there must have been a similar sentiment to the US. Victoria lifted the ban not too long after. Imagine "banning firearm sales" in the US!! Now that would start some kind of revolution!! *And even that is only with the necessary checks, sit an exam and you need a valid reason that is commensurate with the type of firearm purchased. Not that
  3. Hey Mike, it was released on Australia Netflix recently - you should find it there. I had do check - definitely Netflix this one.
  4. Isn't a bit like the argument between the swimmer, the runner and the cyclist and ironman? Just a broader scale of people and a different competition but in the end, who really has what it takes? I think if you went in this just "for a challenge" you would be a little surprised!
  5. Just Mercy (2019) starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx Netflix - yes, yet another, based on a true story, civil rights flick from America's South. This one is worth a watch - I found it quite moving.
  6. As of Saturday evening I would say the Richmond Football Club Song...
  7. PeterW


    It's not all that bad... with the 25k we can now (just) get to Mordy. Beach road here I come!!
  8. PeterW

    Work stands.

    Yes I have a few of them - they are also a great as a (very cheap) general purpose 35kg tripod - with a bit of modification I have used them for camera boom stands, Big portable TV stands, display stands and, of course, i use them as bike stands too.
  9. PeterW


    No, it's not. It may be appear to be a substantial sum of money but the two biggest incomes for the State of Victoria are GST and stamp duty. Everything else (even speed camera revenue) is almost inconsequential. edit - payroll tax is getting up there too. Gambling revenue is a contribution but looks like single digit percentage.
  10. Richard Jewell - Directed by Clint Eastwood with Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates - can't go wrong with this one!
  11. PeterW


    Well, why should you be allowed to have 1.25 people at 1,000 coffee shops regardless of who they are? Are Baristas and sandwich makers immune to Covid? And if each coffeeshop serves 100 people a day that is an interaction of 125,000 people. I don't particularly like the horse racing industry and wouldn't lose too much sleep if it went away, but it is an industry and it does support a lot of people. Not to mention it's cultural significance and the intangible social benefit, along the lines of an AFL season and Grand Final. I believe the metonymic phrase, referring to superficial appeasement
  12. PeterW


    On the other hand, The Australia is a Murdoch owned newspaper that is full of anti-labour sentiment and dresses everything up to be a scandal. The (up to) 1250 people were not members of the public - it would have still been a closed event. Rather, the people allowed were owners, officials, jockeys, marshals etc and even then not all at the same time. "It’s okay to have a crowd at the Cox Plate, but you can’t have friends over to watch the AFL grand final?" probably should read "It’s okay to have officials at the Cox Plate and Dustin Martin is allowed to play at the grand final" or
  13. PeterW


    I don't know either - 27/08/2020 Sky News host Chris Kenny says recent polls have confirmed Victorians are “suffering from Stockholm syndrome. What self respecting person doesn't keep up to date with Sky News..?! I dredging through the conservative news outlets I also found this - gotta say, Andrew Bolt delivers!! Andrew Bolt has doubled down on his argument that Covid-19 restrictions should be lifted because they are destroying the economy “to save aged-care residents from dying a few months earlier”.
  14. PeterW


    It'll take a lot of abuse before I could get "all Stockholm" with Michael O'Brien let me tell ya! It's a shame John Pesutto lost his seat - he struck me as one potential lib leader I could have voted for! Anyway, with the radius lifted to 25k, unlimited exercise time and a public holiday on Friday I'm predicting insane levels of activity on Beach Road by all the COVID frustrated 'legends in their own lunchtime/weekend warriors" (including my good self) - see you all at Mordy!! - I'll be there in Rapha red hammer-and-sickle kit, singing "Wide Is My Motherland"....
  15. PeterW


    I've always thought of marginal seats as being a little like Poland in world war 2. There's always promise at invasion time, but it doesn't end well - no matter who overruns you.
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