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  1. I had the ablation - FWIW it wasn't always just a high HR (although it was at times) it was more of an irregular HR - like a beat starts before the last one finished or a big/erratic gap between bits Very unscientific but, It can feel like a bit of a deep solid thud in your chest if your heart waits a second longer to beat and, by that time there is more blood in the chambers and it has to do a big pump to deal with the volume. Kinda like the cardiac equivalent of biting off more than you can chew.... Also, can simply make you feel sh1thouse when you are exercising, like your HR is at 15
  2. Has anyone seen "Startup" on netflix? What do you think? I have done season 1 and heading into season 2. It seems to be a little different to other series I have watched and IMO acting is great but in particular that of Martin Freeman (who played Bilbo from LOTRs)
  3. Whatever the actual cause, anecdotally I have seen HR is often higher in the aftermath of a really solid hit out - especially the longer stuff. Some short fast runs, say a park run or something, you might see an additional 10 or even 20 BPM above where it would normally sit. The only thing I can take away from that is maybe it is nature's way of telling you to take a break and rest up.
  4. Yeah, I put a liter of brake fluid and a couple of hundred grams of pool chlorine in mine and and, yeah, it like, blew up!
  5. Nahhh..... the critics LOVED it!! "Like Van Helsing with a smaller budget, this is only worth seeing if you can handle shallow characters and dull, plastic action scenes for the sake of unintentional laughs" "Awkward and clumsy as a cat in high heels, this version of the comic book character "Catwoman" does not have enough to sustain one life, much less nine" "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm as bad as I wanna be," Catwoman Halle Berry purrs. Her movie leans toward the latter." "Bereft of excitement and with action scenes similar to those we've seen a dozen
  6. Good call - I listened to Tony Martin give his comments after seeing "Top Gun" for the first time - was very funny!!
  7. Why she never got an Oscar for her stellar performance in "Catwoman" I'll never know.....
  8. I do like a space movie, but I must confess that, apart from the space setting, it really didn't have a lot going for it.
  9. What vaccine did you use to eradicate the liberal party in WA..?!
  10. Continuing on my theme of "forgotten gems" U Turn is available on Netflix. A 1997 film directed by Oliver Stone and starring - wait for it - Sean Penn, Billy Bob Thornton, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Powers Boothe, Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes, and Nick Nolte. And there is a cameo from Liv Tyler. How could you go wrong..? Well it's certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea but if you are into fatalist (albeit a tad predictable) dark comedies tarred with too much sex and violence, this is the film for you!
  11. Not entirely fiction- some of the key issues did happen - the Soyuz apollo handshake did happen in 1975 and Korean Air Lines Flight 007 did get shot down by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor in 1983. And, whilst no one actually got shot on the moon there was more than enough defcon missile alerts in real life to make up for it - luckily Stanislav Petrov had a good head on his shoulders.
  12. Things I unlearned..? For IMNZ fans who keep getting told Lake Taupo is "so big Singapore will fit inside it" (and entertaining their friends with this fun fact for years!!) don't believe everything you are told.... Singapore is BIGGER than Lake Taupo (728.3 km² vs 616 km²) - what were they smoking..?!
  13. Australia is wider than the moon (4000 vs 3400)
  14. Yes, I tend to agree, but my tip is that Richard Marles will be the next ALP/opposition leader and will ultimately be PM. He's got it all - looks pretty sharp, progressive, educated, well spoken and Victorian. Be afraid Scomo, be very afraid!
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