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  1. Spoonman

    cervelo help

    I had something similar last year on my Dura-Ace crank. I think there was a crack in one of the joints as shown in your pic. I noticed a click and it got progressively worse. Shimano replaced under warranty.
  2. I'm focusing on 70.3 at the moment. Would really like to get down below 30mins...might be a pipe dream.
  3. Thanks Daz, good to hear. I still haven't done anything but looking at some 1-on -1 with one of our club coaches over the Christmas break.
  4. I'm not quicker. My moderate efforts or above are slightly quicker without but I definitely find it 'easier' with a PB.
  5. That sounds like exactly what I'm after!
  6. 12 swimmers with effortless swimming...do you get enough contact with the coach?
  7. Thanks for the info. I currently train with Red Dog. I'm keen for some video analysis as I think I'll pick things up better with that type of visual feedback. I actually emailed Codie Grimsey a cpl of weeks ago for some 1-on-1 session info. He doesn't do video but maybe some 1-on-1 time with a fresh set of eyes is the next best option...?
  8. Hi All, LONG time lurker. Wondering if anyone has had success improving their swim technique using a specific coach in Brisbane? Bit of Background - I'm an adult onset swimmer who has been doing tri's for 7-8 years. I average 2-3 swims per week (8ish km) in a tri-squad. My times have plateaued over the past 4-5 years with next to no improvement. I currently average 1:45 - 1:50 per hundred for longer race pace efforts. I've just accepted this in he past but now want to try and get some improvement. Any ideas? Cheers,
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