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  1. Nailed the 28x100 swim Paced the first 8 more sensibly and completed the whole thing as it should be. Avg pace 1:48/100 paddles and bouy Then an hour on Zwift. Rode with a Dinosaur and then in France. It was great. All easy.
  2. Didn't know you were running for office??... LOL #maketranniesgreatagain #B@W24
  3. Well for God's sake man buy another round 😂😂🍻
  4. Taper troubles from your body? From the unloading??
  5. It was an easy way to pass the hour. Mentally and physically speaking. It would be great if he ventured onto different routes as well. Like a lap of Volcano flat then out into the desert etc etc
  6. That's intense Skel. Keep talking, we'll listen ✌️ *hugs
  7. Wise words. Thanks for sharing Katz 👍 More often than not I just let the uncomfortableness go and those with I have hurt etc. Actually that's my only play in my play book. 43 Yrs later, two friends from primary school, a mate in Melbourne and J are all I have. It's not OK. It hurts so bad at times. But until I get to a place where I can do what you describe above, it's how I'll be. And Trannies is a complex environment for me. I'll eternally feel like a charity case.* Which is impossible to fully explain. So for the time being, I'll just tick a
  8. Long run progression continues... 6.6k walk to work. Easy after only a few hours sleep. 7.4k walk home. Quicker than this morning but still only revving above idle 😎👌 ATL is at 53 Form is -16 I can feel last weeks swim at Scarbs in my sinuses but other than that I am feeling OK.
  9. So you'll need to actually ride the bike to keep it charged... 🙄🙄🙄* * sarcasm
  10. Long ride for the week. It was a hoot heading home with the tailwind. Neck deep in toast and marmalade now. ROTB will be done via mowing the lawn and the vacuuming.
  11. It's a cracking spot. But I don't swim there as much as I used to. My sinuses get aggravated by the water 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ the other pool(Craigie) has no negative effects on them. Neither does Claremont poll. So whatever they do to the water doesn't agree with my sinuses. Unfortunate, but 🤷🏻‍♂️meh... LOL
  12. 1hr Easy Zwift on the flat NP 127 Avg HR 98 Tip toeing with the ATL and Form.... 😬🤞🤞🤞 No symptoms present. Kinesiologist(fancy chiro) said my systems were a lot happier than two weeks ago despite the fatigue in my body.
  13. Didn't England try it initially? Early on?
  14. OK Skel asked 8 days ago... So here goes I'm ****ing terrible. Not knowing exactly what was going on with my MH for so many years now has kind of been a relief. "Oh they haven't labelled me so I might just be going through a rough patch".. Etc etc But having worked with a psychologist for a while now and being diagnosed with acute PTSD is scary. The more I learn about the "condition" the more I see what I have done and who I've done it to are text book things. Even on the way to start the last lap of the run in Busso, MJK said "your legs aren't
  15. @skel hope it goes well. ✌️
  16. 45min of Run Walk 2min/45sec cycles Steady overall RPE Dinner as per usual...
  17. Probably the same freehub as the xtr 12spd
  18. ATL was at 35 this morning after a rest day yesterday. Felt too rested and miserable to be honest. Lunch swim outside in the 50m pool. 25x100 P&B solid 20sec ri Avg pace 1:47/100 Arms were jelly at 22. Was aiming for 28 reps. Lungs were fine, no puffing etc
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