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  1. Miscalculated a little, and the ride leader added a couple of extra bits and ended up doing 150km with 1300m vert. Ride was beautiful though. Scenery spectacular. The wind picked up halfway and it was a bit of a slog at the end. 100m short of my longest ride ever (although my longest had double the vert) (am I allowed to use term "vert" foe cycling or is it exclusive to running? 🤔)
  2. SomeTri


    Well that's selfish. And you'll probably be surprised at the number of people in an "at risk" category.
  3. SomeTri


    He may have been referring to the bird flu?
  4. IJ finally admits he is evil 😜 (tongue firmly in cheek)
  5. Not quite the same. If you were only a member of an e.g. ACT or QLD club, you wouldn't have been eligible for the NSW State Champion title / medal
  6. SomeTri


    Actually there is. I would have to apply for an exemption to allow me to leave, and these are not always granted. And then an expensive 2 week quarantine when I get back. I understand the quarantine, but why prevent people from leaving?
  7. SomeTri


    Guessing you don't have elderly parents in another country that you are worried you may never see again...
  8. No, you had to be member of Triathlon NSW, not TA
  9. SomeTri


    Not sure it has to do with level of care. One could argue that France has the beat health care system in the world, but my father "got" TB 8 years ago and suffered with it for 4 months until it was finally diagnosed. It wasn't in his lungs how people normally expext it to present, but in his urinary tract. I would rather not live in a nanny / totalitarian state...
  10. SomeTri


    Is that positive? Positively towards the negative?
  11. SomeTri


    Maybe you're right, but I reckon most of us would do the same thing. Imagine you were on holidays and suddenly you find out that if you don't cross the border before a certain time, you'll have to self quarantine - I know that I would rush straight across the border. You've been away so there is no food in the house ...
  12. SomeTri


    You have no idea how they contracted it! Yet here you are assuming that they did the wrong thing. One of the family could have been coughed on, or sneezed on.... could have touched the handle of a trolley and then accidentally scratched their nose... could have picked up a can of beans in the supermarket that some other person touched with their germy hands. Don't be so quick to judge.
  13. SomeTri


    The border was only closed yesterday - this family came back last week. We have no idea how they acquired it so a fine wouldn't be fair at this stage. They were at Fyshwick markets on Saturday and Westfield Belco on Monday, so I suspect there will be further cases in Canberra now. So glad I didn't go to the markets as normal on Saturday...
  14. SomeTri


    This begs the question... At what point do you (does one) throw in the towel? We're supposed to be doing this stuff for fun, but when it turns into a day of hell, what's the point in continuing? Do you keep thinking it will get better? Do you keep going because you've bloody well trained for this so you're going to bloody well finish? The guilt the next day if you had quit? PeterW, were you happy you had pushed to the end? Sorry, thread derail...
  15. SomeTri


    Isn't that what a border is? An imaginary line? Thankfully this is only temporary - there are areas where this imaginary line has been more permanent...
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