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  1. SOLD Hi all, I have this for sale on FB Marketplace, but thought to put it here too in case someone 'local' wants it... Zipp Super 9 Disc wheel for sale Clincher 11 speed Rim brake Comes with an Ultegra 11-25 cassette and a Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT 700x23 tyre + manual, valve decal, Silca extender and crack pipe Used in 2 x 70.3s, the wheel is in near perfect condition. No dings, scratches, dents, marks etc Pickup preferred, but will ship at buyer's expense $2000
  2. Just another day of Ironman being Ironman
  3. Long is only like 23/24 (I think)... going to develop into a real talent I reckon.
  4. Jan's IG story suggested he was/is getting an MRI. I can't tell if this is a scheduled check up from his prior hip stress fracture, or if he thinks he has damaged something coming out of this race...hopefully the former.
  5. Last pair I bought from here and got a good price...I needed the wider fit and they had/have plenty of options. If you know your size 100% go online, if not, pay a bit extra for the instore fit. https://www.runningwarehouse.com.au/
  6. From ST... Day 41:Swim time: 1:25:45Bike time: 5:59:45Run time: 6:31:36Total time: 14:54:27Day 42:Swim time: 1:25:46Bike time: 6:16:33Run time: 6:41:45Total time: 15:21:52Day 43:Swim time: 1:25:46Bike time: 6:26:39Run time: 6:41:08Total time: 15:44:03Day 44:Swim time: 1:25:55Bike time: 6:26:46Run time: 6:32:07Total time: 15:34:01Day 45:Swim time: 1:25:46Bike time: 6:25:09Run time: 6:30:10Total time: 15:38:33Day 46:Swim time: 1:25:47Bike time: 6:45:17Run time: 6:40:49Total time: 15:54:55Day 47:Swim time: 1:25:47Bike time: 6:38:43Run time: 6:20:05Total time: 15:37:14Day 48:Swim time: 1:25:45Bi
  7. Fresh

    IM Cairns 2021

    2 months out and I got a bout of gastro this weekend on top of reduced running with plantar fasciitis. I think my body is telling me something...
  8. Fresh

    IM Cairns 2021

    Hopefully the locals can look past 1 day's fishing discomfort with the cash injection that will be pumping into the local economy.
  9. Fresh

    Worth the hype?

    I was fortunate to get access to the NTT pro kit...the Assos bibs are pretty darn good I have to say.
  10. Fresh

    IM Cairns 2021

    I'll just swim in the pack and hope I'm one of the lucky ones...
  11. Good to see Sanders get a win. Joe Skipper got DQ'd for "cutting in." Seemed like a bogus call from what I read on his IG, but who really knows. Would've come in 8th otherwise. Sarah Crowley ended early half way through the run...anyone know why?
  12. What are the chances IM moves it, and if so, what would be the most likely location? Personally I don't see them moving the location, just the date.
  13. Sad news. Was it heart related?
  14. Depending on where you live, you could sign up to OWS events such as these... http://worldseriesswims.com.au/ https://www.oceanswims.com/component/tags/tag/115-calendar.feed (when the site is not down) I've just signed up to the Noosa 3K.
  15. Does anyone take / recommend a supplement that helps them have better quality sleep?
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