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  1. I asked the same question on Bicycles Australia Forum and was basically told that it is unlikely you'll be stopped, but get a pass regardless. It takes about 2 mins to fill them out, so not a hard task.
  2. Meanwhile I woke up this morning and thought, CBF riding today... #perspective
  3. I've been tracking Chris Nikic...first person with down syndrome to attempt a full IM. He is at the 33km mark of the run, looking likely (at this point) to come in under 17 hours
  4. Is it on FB Watch?
  5. Agree with the run change comments...you underestimate how all the twists and turns of previous years tax your body and disrupt your rhythm, so I was glad there were only 2 u-turns this year. The bike changes didn't phase me much, I put them down to dead kms TBH...no one was passing in those narrow streets along the Esplanade. Not sure what else they could do as they're obviously trying to keep traffic flowing behind the central Mooloolaba beachfront. The swim run was the worst...the waves looked perfectly fine at the original location that morning...they shoulda stuck with it IMO.
  6. Was an OK race for me, I was slower than last year (being under-done is partly responsible for that), but a few unplanned loo stops and an ITB flare up at around the halfway mark had me seriously debating whether to turn it in. But pressed on and got it done - paying for it now as I am hobbling around on one leg. Swim and bike were on par from last year, which is good considering that southerly on the bike was a shocker and the rain was like needles there for a moment! Despite all that that, wouldn't change a thing. Really grateful to be able to compete, IM did a really good job and every
  7. Picture from the balcony looking down at the merch tent...the weather has done a 180, bloody beautiful today
  8. Just checked in, they’re asking if you want to ‘qualify’ for worlds at check in...I’m guessing they’ll be giving them away. The weather is pretty awful, hoping the wind at least dies down a bit. Fingers crossed.
  9. What are the chances of the QLD gubmint pulling this event you think? Is it going ahead regardless given IM's COVID "safe plan" is approved, similar to how bars, clubs etc can stay open with >30 people as they also have a safe plan?
  10. Zero cases today as well
  11. Will leave my rego to the last minute just to be sure
  12. I'm suprised IM haven't been hammering this one more since the approval to proceed came in...I haven't seen any FB ads (like I usually do) and no emails as a past competitor. Meh, I'm signing up with or without ads
  13. Anyone know when sign up rego closes?
  14. This is good news! I might sign up. At least I might not be the worst swimmer this year.
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