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  1. Yeah the Donks! Pretty solid field in terms of quality. Should be a good race.
  2. Didn't see your name on the pro women list though?
  3. That makes me feel a little bit better about myself.
  4. I'd hope so. It's a respectable time for 1km, let alone 2.
  5. As a fellow Shiv owner, if you can trust those brakes to pull you up in an emergency, you're a braver human than I. Or you've got a killer setup that you should share.
  6. Maybe? I am all registered as such as well. Maybe they just wanted to offer priority to the podium getters and other successful heroes like yourself
  7. It was Tier 3 when it opened up for registration.
  8. Managed to get an entry for Sunshine Coast. Tier 3.
  9. I've been watching the registration for the Sunshine Coast 703. all morning. It's not open yet, but I've watched Tier 1 and now Tier 2 sell out. I thought it wasn't supposed to open for another 30 minutes? I can't get anywhere to sign up.
  10. The other factors are expendable income and time to train. Someone in that 40-50 age group is on the tail end of child dependence and can sink more time into their training, as well as a bit more cash as the kids get older and start to fund their own lives. To answer your question though, time in the sport wins out, as someone new to the sport is going to need a pretty big aerobic base to waltz in and smash out a competitive Ironman or 70.3.
  11. Just in my own circumstance, I get a pretty big kick out of being on the same race course as the pros. To see them getting around town in the days before, going for their race prep training sessions, doing their bits and pieces before the race and then being passed out on the course by the leading group and being able to cheer them on is pretty cool. It definitely breaks down the barrier of 'us and them' and makes the pros seem more human. A friend of mine also raced in the women's pro field at the Sunshine Coast so it was awesome for her to be mixing it with some of the best in the worl
  12. Well that was fun! Got there nice and early and scored a park right out the front. Got my race pack, went back and sat in the car and hung out. Rolled up to the start line at about 0545 and rolled out with the first group. Managed to stick with a bit of a bunch until the bottom of Springbrook and it was the last time I saw someone until the rest stop. I had no intention of killing myself on the climbs so I just dropped into easy gear and rode 70.3 power until I hit the top. Had some fun on the descent and solo'd it until I hit the turn around out near Natural Bridge. Found a wheel and we
  13. I can only imagine the comment section on that video...
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