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  1. You'd think so, but it turns out that having feet like mine and hands that are 26.5cm across don't automatically mean 1:10/100m out of the box. I want a refund.
  2. I run my liquid calories in the hydration and then an aid station bottle of water behind the saddle. Never needed anything else.
  3. It's a nice looking bike. Looks a fair bit like the new Scott to me at first glance?
  4. It's this exact reason that I can't bring myself to move my Shiv on. The 750mL of fluid capacity within the frame is just too good to give up.
  5. 20x 100m on 2:30 last night in the very rainy Clem Jones. Despite my best efforts to stay calm and slow it down, I just got faster and faster, and for what didn't feel like much more effort, started to nudge the 1:40/100m barrier. As someone who races at 2:00/100m, I had mental images of me up on the plane, huge bow wave behind, chasing down all who stood before me. Decided to give it the beans in the last one and went 1:33 which was a PB 100m by 4 seconds. In the grand scheme of things, not fast by any stretch, but a huge win for this little ginger duck.
  6. Caught em napping though didn't ya?
  7. Just started watching Nick Bare's stuff. He moves pretty well for a bit dude. I must admit that it's a bit hard to follow with the imperial measurements, and there's a bit of Pause-To-Google going on, but it's not bad so far. The production quality of his stuff is pretty good!
  8. Back into the bigger volume of stuff in the build up to the Tweed Race. Saturday - 19km with 8x 600m surges thrown in. Everything was going awesome until the last 5km when the Brisbane humidity grabbed me by the balls. Ended up 'running' the last 5km in 34:48. Sunday - 80km on Zwift with 3x 13:00/6:30 intervals at 255W (sweet spot) and then the rest of the ride at Z2 HR. Chose the Pretzel Loop which made for a bit of a slow grind up the reverse KOM but ticked it off in pretty much exactly 3:00. 20min ROTB at a reasonably comfortable 5:10/km pace.
  9. The twins still aren't sleeping through so all up I get anywhere from 4-6 hours, with the majority of that occurring on their bedroom floor if at all. I'm rarely asleep past 230-3am.
  10. The Mrs bought me one for Christmas on Shane's recommendation. It's been amazing so far and I almost don't know how I managed without it. It's picked up cars that were tucked in behind each other that I didn't know where there, and also means that I don't need to keep checking my shoulder on roads where watching ahead is more beneficial. Obviously there is no substitute for visually checking, but it's a huge peace of mind thing.
  11. Thanks Peter. I'll call them tomorrow.
  12. Hey guys, Quick question which will probably draw out no answers, but that's fine. No harm in asking. I am trying to chase down running shoes in something around a size 16 2E. My sports podiatrist/running coach has recommended the Asics Nimbus, NB 1080, Brooks Levitate or Nike Pegasus. However, the only ones that I can find are the Asics which I've worn before and can get from a DFO. The kid at the Nike store at DFO said that they saw some Pegasus shoes in my size around Boxing Day but they went really quickly and that I need to call every 2 days to find out if they have some. My usu
  13. I'll probably manage this like I normally do. Sign up for it, and then fall about 350km short.
  14. Is he the guy who normally ticks off the 500 in one hit at Nundah?
  15. Little bit late to the party but had a pretty good weekend. Saturday: Kicked off at 0430 with a 11.5km run with my running buddy. 5:40/km average pace. Followed it up by taking the twins to ParkRun at Mansfield. Bit of a false start but eventually convinced Twin 1 to get into the pram rather than being carried at about the 400m mark. Ran the rest of the way after that and came in just over 31 minutes. Sunday: Competed in the Guam National Virtual Triathlon (standard distance) to support a friend who lives up there. Was supposed to do it in order but I didn't feel like doing the bike
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