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  1. Well I was so convincing that another guy looped back, so I came first in the new distance (and not DFL)!!
  2. For my first Triathlon, I signed up for a Sprint distance (750 m swim, 20 km ride, 5 km run). I knew my swim should take approximately 20 mins to complete. I was feeling good, and ready for a good race. Emerging from the 750 m swim into Transition 1 I did the swim and in the rough time I was expecting. Entering transition was glad the swim was now done, and ready for the bike. I knew I dropped back in my group and even had a few from the next two waves pass me in the water. I got going on the bike, and was feeling strong. I could really only taste salty water in my m
  3. Great report, I signed up for the Sprint at Huskisson. However I did an epic fail and my garmin was counting 2km segments and when I got to the 'end' my watch said 10 and I felt good so I turned around and headed back out (ended up doing 40km on the bike). From that I realised I could handle a Standard/Olympic distance race!! Hope you are happy with your results, I was once I realised my mistake!
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