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  1. Just now from IM "As you are no longer able to participate in Noosa Triathlon this year, the following options are available A free deferral to 2021 Noosa Triathlon on 28 – 31 October 2021; or A free transfer to 2021 Mooloolaba Triathlon on 12 – 14 March 2021; or An Event Credit for the full value of your entry fee (and additional purchases), valid for three years, and able to be redeemed on any other IRONMAN Group events in Australia Immediately following this email, you will receive an email from Active with a link to select your preferred option.
  2. Anyone know what the policy will be if you are 2 days out and get symptoms and have to get tested? In such a case you could not go and I'm curious what the deferral policy is for simply self isolating while awaiting a test? What happens if your test is not back by the time the race comes around you can't just rock up even if you feel well. My kid has a cold last week and he was out of school for 4 days awaiting the results! I've read the "if you are feeling sick don't travel" bit but its not clear if they will let you defer so late.
  3. Paulj13

    Noosa Tri 2019

    oh, of course, they are earning a lot more from sponsorship and affiliation agreements, I'm just suggesting the 1.6 is what they get to sit on now after less than 24 hr of entries being open. it would be a bit of a cash cow. but as stated they have worked to that level. I certainly won't begrudge them their living.
  4. Paulj13

    Noosa Tri 2019

    So closer to 1.61 million! Not a bad little bank account to start an event with!
  5. Paulj13

    Noosa Tri 2019

    So let say 5000 individual entries are sold at an average of $300. That's $1.5 million in the bank for the best part of a year. That's some nice interest growth alone. Plue their marketing budget is fairly non-existing due to the short period of time needed to get these results. Based on this I can't see them changing things up anytime soon. Also, the DNS's, I can't see them being released to the general public either (except via waiting list). They want to keep this sense of urgency and exclusivity it's all they really have.
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