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  1. amelket

    Work stands.

    Thanks all. I would prefer the seat post clamp option for the quick changing of wheels and brake pads. A park tool one would be nice but I'd rather buy more bike parts. I think i'll just get one like the Anaconda one and clamp gently with plenty of cushioning. cheers
  2. amelket

    Work stands.

    What work stands do people use for their tribikes? Specifically ones with aero seat posts. I have a Cervelo P3 and was wondering how people go about clamping carbon bikes. Thanks
  3. amelket


    I can't seem to post in trichat? Disregard, seems to work now.
  4. They are quite close for me. Do they get many swimmers? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am a member of Macarthur Tri Club. Still quite new to the sport. Never new about Lake Parramatta, sounds worth checking out. Being a shift worker and doing most of my swims mid week during school hours I am nearly always on my own. Which is why I would prefer places that have a good few people around just in case. Joining a group swim would be good, but I am slow, and I mean slow.
  6. Want to get out and do some more open water training while not racing. Is Manly Dam still a popular place? Can you still swim at the Nepean Regatta centre? Its a lot more convenient. cheers
  7. amelket

    Bike Fit

    Anyone used Mark from Vanilla cycles in Marrickville? Bike fit choices seem somewhat limited this side of the river.
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