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  1. QLD played a good game, won the match and the series. NSW were in the game, or thereabouts, right to the end. The difference, attitude and belief. As long as NSW media keep letting Gallen shoot his mouth off, QLD won’t need to bother with any motivational speakers in the future.
  2. Two reasons. Some swimmers are like thorough bred horses. Only race well with adequate rest between races. Having 6 swimmers alllows a coach to manage their swimmers through the heats and semi’s to get their best four swimmers into the final. secondly, there are swimmers who take on a large race program at events. Naturally there are clashes in schedules hence FINA introduced the 6 swimmer relay squad for major meets. From memory, I think we first saw this in Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968. The altitude for those games may have played a part as well. bit like having reserve players
  3. Love Magnuson’s response when interviewed on TV. “What a load of sh*t. Ricko only swam in the heat and not the final. The four guys who swam the final, got bronze and we’re keeping them.” id like to see someone try turning up on Maggo’s doorstep demanding the medal back. The big fella looks like he’s been back training with his mates at the rugby league club. He’s got some serious upper body muscle happening.
  4. FM, white coco pops matter as well. honeysmacks!! Mmmmmmm bring back scorched peanut bars.
  5. Alleged traces of a masking agent 8 years after the fact. Anyone else sniff a bit of China Sun face saving by FINA and WADA?
  6. Because “Central United States” is too many word for most yanks to say or spell!
  7. What odds are they giving on the red necks rioting? Lol.
  8. Not scared of snakes, spiders, bugs, heights, death, confined spaces or any of the normal list of things. Like everyone else though, sharks! Bit worried about those f&*kers now and then.
  9. Roxi, 98 I think. I did that race and it was a gang f&*k in the swim. No one could see where they were going, the water was so low due to the drought, that half the field waded most of the swim leg. Everyone went A over T exiting the water due to the slippery mud everywhere and then we had that 1500 m run to transition along the road sealed with metal blue chip surface. So many competitors tore their feet up running bare foot.
  10. He played with a cracked rib in the grand final. Remember that absolutely stunning try saver tackle he laid on during the semi final. Stopped the player inches from the try line. That’s when he cracked the rib.
  11. So the Storm won the Grand final even though the ref tried to manage the Panthers back into the game. Good to see Cam Smith pick up yet another record during the game. Undoubtedly the greatest player the game has seen. The team is more than just one player and you can see that at the Storm. The club culture and training attitude provides the foundation for their performance on the field. No one is bigger than the team. How many discarded players come to the Storm and end up champion players and for some winning a grand final. The coach, Craig Bellamy, is the architect of all that the team d
  12. Greyman

    Jai Hindley

    Isn’t he Corky’s new ISO boyfriend? Lol.
  13. As fitness buddy said, the bench could be used, but like you, I thought the roof a bit low but it’s hard to tell from a pic. That’s a good starting group of exercises. Think about adding a tricep exercise to balance it out.
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