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  1. Buggered who? That’ll get you sacked,........ even in the shire, lol.
  2. Great stuff guys. Keep up the good work.
  3. Snow in the nearby hills as well. When is too much fun, not enough? Lol.
  4. I like Perez’s attitude when his strategy was messed up and red bull used “faulty laptop” as the issue. He simply replied “have you tried turning it off then back on?” Which is driver code for “I don’t believe you, don’t try that bullshit with me, I bring lots of money to this team...... Mexican connections money.”
  5. Greyman


    Nope, racing elsewhere. Looks like fast times on the cards at Geelong. Weather conditions look good at the moment. Only thing that could screw things up is some rain forecast for tomorrow. If there’s enough of it, it could see the swim cancelled due to water quality. Hope not. We’ve had enough duathlons this summer.
  6. Mercs are still on top. They’re trying to keep the focus away from them. Red bull are also sandbagging. Mclaren definitely have something for the others for at least the first 4 rounds until the others catch up.The pink boys are the ones to watch. Vettel will have the drive to beat Ferrari and then whoever else he can catch. Renault will struggle until mid season until the changes the new guy puts in place, take effect. HAAS and Williams will be making up the numbers again.
  7. Protesting in motorsports is an art form. It makes sailing look like amateurs. The word is that Ferrari used a similar design energy recovery and “repackaging” system that Toyota used in their LMP1 cars in the WEC series in 2020. What this means is they were harvesting, storing and using twice as much recovered energy than F1 rules allows. to the layman, this means they can use great power out of corners similar to what is accessible under DRS on straight always. In the DRS zone on straights, a following car can activate their DRS flap and some additional recovered energy, to pass the car
  8. Smashed it out yesterday good watch if you’re an F1 fan.
  9. “That’s right folks, you too can join in Pete & Pete’s ‘Grab a Granny’ swim squad. Get your daily exercise, log some swim yardage and line up a date all at the same time. Don’t worry if you’re not wrinkly enough, just stay in the pool a little longer.”
  10. Great driver, great personality and a loss for the European motorsports community. After seeing her on Top Gear a few times I heard she had started in the DTM series ( about 2005/6). The was just after she started cohosting a German car show D’motor (I think that’s how it translates to English). she was a top driver, fierce competitor and Queen-of the ‘ring (Nurburgring). even when she couldn’t race because of her cancer treatment, she would be at the track in some official capacity. In 2019 she was part of the safety vehicle group at the Nurburgring 24 hour race. A person who loved w
  11. I ride to club races and home afterwards. Only 10 km each way.
  12. The postponement for 5 weeks is probably the best result in the big scheme of things. 1 week would have been susceptible to further delay if the lockdown is extended. As there are a few other events in Geelong over late Feb and March, getting the 28 March is a good result. the only main issue is TA’s for that weekend. 2XU already have races scheduled for that weekend at St Kilda. Big losers from the postponement are those folks who were planning to do Challenge Shepparton on 11 April. Short turn around to back up and race another 70.3 14 days after Geelong.
  13. Knock off jaw breakers. Cool at half the price.
  14. The fun factor depends on the individual and the training group they might belong to. There some serious insects out there who take the whole triathlon thing way too serious. The fun factor is still out there but not as much as it was back in the day.
  15. H, sect 32, vendor statements all the same. As some one who has property in 3 different states, I pray for the day when all states are the same! as far as disclosures being looser in QLD, that wasn’t our experience when we bought on Maggy island 2 years ago. The disclosures were pretty strict and tight. Maybe that was due to revisions after 2015 cyclone and 2016 floods in the Townsville area. I have found all the vendor statements we have dealt with include the purchasers due diligence list which I think you are referring to. Definitely worth reading those and doing your research.
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