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  1. Hi Rob, yeah its not much fun trying to manage my gut issues which includes lactose & fructose intolerance. After trial, error, lots of puking in races & finally getting medical help, things are improving a lot
  2. @Infinit Jase are you making a gel? My gut doesnt handle energy in a fluid form; I can only drink water
  3. Another great race report Kevin, thanks for sharing & I reckon you have the best support crew 😍 Ummm whats with almost forgetting to take off your swim layer before jumping on the bike - I thought we nailed that one last season 🤔😉😊😊
  4. Thanks Crappy, I did a search on Fast Gear, theyre selling for $5 per gel. You got a bargain at $4 !!
  5. Torq gels have been recommended, is anyone using them & if so, where are you buying them? Thanks all
  6. Nice work FP, you've been putting together some consistent training
  7. Great Pic 😍 Watch out Kieran their aim now is to be faster than Dad, youre gonna have do some training to hold them off for as long as possible lol
  8. Surfer

    Training the Mind

    Prince makes a good point about meditation. Ive read about people that practice meditation & have friends that do it, it seems like a good way to gai balance & calm. Me? Im crap at meditation! Been to various retreats & classes & those wafty sing-song voices do my head in like finger nails on a chalkboard. I was told to try active meditation which for me is swimming where I count my strokes & breathing. I cant think about other stuff 'cos I lose count. I swim peacefully & relaxed. Love it!
  9. Take care FP & all the best for you n all the family x
  10. Surfer

    New Knicks

    Ive got these in white, theyre really comfortable😌
  11. What happened to the afternoon events? Go or no go?
  12. Nice work 😊 Its great when you feel healthy/well & can see some progress rather than feeling shite. Happy Days 😎
  13. Thats a positive - you're maintaining instead of going backwards after not feeling the best OR, its still last week, not this week 😃
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