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  1. Surfer


    I just dont get why people have such an issue wearing masks when the health professionals & scientists say wearing masks are effective?
  2. Surfer


    Fingers crossed for you -H-
  3. Im about to read Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy again
  4. I love reading these, my dad didnt do anything with us. Your Little One will have great memories
  5. Its official - I have pool envy !😊
  6. Surfer


    Ive heard that people are panic-buying toilet roll again FFS !
  7. I just looked it up. What a weekend! 😊
  8. Surfer

    Im Back...

    Welcome back Ronnie. So sorry to hear about your hubby, sending love 😘 What have you missed? Its been the same here as its always been, lots of agreement, disagreement, he-said & she-said. Some solid advice, some dumb shit. Laughs from joy & tears due to sadness. So really, the same place you know & love! I reckon its a comfort to have some "same old, same old" in our lives 🙄 Go back over old threads & reaquaint youself, you'll enjoy it ! And tell us about the house renovation too 😎
  9. What will you change it to? Something like - Trump - worse pres ever Thank god Trump is not the pres Trump lost 😊
  10. Surfer

    Floor tiling

    Wow that looks beautiful. Happy Days Merv
  11. Wishing your dad a solid recovery x
  12. Peter, what did you order?
  13. That doesnt look like one of your fishing pics ... the beer cans are missing 😁
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