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  1. more


    The question I was asking though is 'why' would he be popular? It wouldn't appear rational to like someone who has destroyed your state and resulted in hundreds of deaths while the entire rest of the country is off enjoying the footy, pubs, dinner, triathlon and coffee... Maybe the old adage treat em mean keep em keen rings true lol
  2. more


    In the Trump thread I questioned what was wrong with populism (an approach that strive to appeal to ordinary people) In this thread I've suggested the reason Dan might be popular is the Stockholme syndrome. How you have managed to intertwine the two is an amazing stretch..
  3. more


    Don't know why this hadn't occurred to me earlier.. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition that occurs when a victim of abuse identifies and attaches, or bonds, positively with their abuser. This syndrome was originally observed when hostages who were kidnapped not only bonded with their kidnappers, but also fell in love with them
  4. more


    That's the crazy thing isn't it...you could have a site that is not adequately placarded, insufficient training, no witches hats around a hazard etc and an accident happens you are in big trouble. Dan mishandles a massive crisis that leads to the death of hundreds and nothing will happen, and apparently 60% of the state think he has done a good job...
  5. more


    In all of the companies I have worked senior management are expected to have either photographic memory and/or detailed notes that they have studied before any meeting. If you cant remember specific details of a meeting held just a few months ago you would be crucified...
  6. more

    Sas australia.

    Yeah made me feel a bit uncomfortable, heck he wasnt even jabbing but was throwing hooks and upper cuts...sheesh...
  7. Interesting how Facebook and Twitter have both banned any talk of Biden's son and his laptop...but of course I'm sure the same would occur if Trump Jnr had a laptop with questionable info on it...
  8. more


    Even Labor Bill Shorten thinks Dan has done a terrible job.. "Former Labor leader Bill Shorten has weighed in on Victoria's latest hotel quarantine stuff-up and the lockdown difficulties facing Melbourne residents. Speaking on the Today show on Tuesday, Mr Shorten said the mistakes occurring in Victoria "are not good enough". His criticism comes as it was revealed more than 240 hotel quarantine guests were put at risk of HIV and hepatitis after the same blood glucose level test was wrongly used on multiple guests."
  9. Yeah ive often said this-once you have your mansion in every capital, sports cars, boats, a private island or 3 and private jets you run out of things to spend money on. Imagine a $15k bike seeming cheap.. I reckon it would be sad in a way, you would lose the excitement, it would just be...meh... Another bike..
  10. more

    Work stands.

    How much is the anaconda one? There are a few on ebay for around $90 that look ok
  11. more


    Imagine how much more you would get if you were in a marginal seat... Edit..Bring Back Bracksy!!
  12. more


    @PeterW its because of daily rubbish like this-Dan is so incompetent he cant even lie competently.. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/the-audio-that-undermines-daniel-andrews-fury-over-travel-bubble-with-new-zealand/news-story/a30dd9eea816f588589ab5343022617a "Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ fury over the New Zealand travel bubble has been undermined by revelations that he said nothing at a press conference just weeks ago when his chief health officer said Kiwis were “free” to travel on to Victoria. A war of words has erupted after it emerged dozens of New Zealander
  13. Amazing the silence in the MSM isn't it! I seem to be saying this a lot...but imagine if it was reversed and it was Trump, there would be non stop blanket coverage. https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-corruption-and-abc-news-11602794575 "The Biden influence-peddling racket appears to be much more lucrative than previously reported. The Joe Biden presidential campaign may be changing its story on a Wednesday New York Post report about the family’s Ukrainian enrichment project. And now the Post reports on a new trove of documents suggesting that the Biden family was able to collect big
  14. more


    Yep, his government has handled it far far worse than any other state in the country, led to hundreds of deaths and people still like him, amazing.. People are remarkably gullible and in the west at least will defend Labor no matter what.... As for the depth of hatred...well fortunately I haven't been directly impacted, I still have a job and haven't known anyone who has lost their lives as a result. BUT, and its a big but..I can sympathize with all the poor people who have lost the lives of loved ones, the people who have lost their business, who are now bankrupt, the poor kids who have
  15. So there is a Huge amount of of chatter at the moment about Biden’s son, corruption and how Joe is compromised. I went to put some money on Harris and she isn't an option anymore? Anyone know what would happen if Biden had to step down, does Harris automatically take his place and get all of Biden’s votes? I'm a little unsure as you vote for a president not a party like we do here yeah?
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