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  1. Fair point.. Recognition comes in many forms, in my example the guy wanted a small increase as a form of recognition. I agree with you re If someone is on $150K and they want another $10K sure it has little real effect, but to a lower paid employee it means the world. I disagreed this aspect of what you said "Money rarely fixes anything and is not the reason people look to leave. ..I'm yet to see anyone accept a counter offer of money alone and stay longer than 6 months before ultimately leaving"
  2. more

    Dating online

    Catchy tune... You know what I'm going to be singing at work tomorrow now...
  3. I'm in senior management and have seen it all too often, the people at the top are motivated purely by money and ego. The people at lower levels are motivated in part by their work colleagues and a sense of comraderie. As a result senior management show no regards for the employees, they are simply a number, people walk as a result. But instead of the profits suffering you will often see the others step up to take up the slack, out of a sense of looking after each other. They will smash themselves, work tons of unpaid overtime and get no thanks. And then when a replacement is found
  4. I don't agree. Recent example-had a very hard working accounts guy, did far more than what he should have. But like most lower paid people never gets shown any love or appreciation-senior management get bonuses and dinners, lower paid get squat. So he wanted just a 5% increase, wasnt so much the money but more a token of acknowledgment that he was doing a great job and had deserved it. Of course this was declined, he cracked the sh!ts and left and we have copped a recruitment fee and have gone through two useless accounts people who are no even half s good as he was, and all demanding mor
  5. more

    Couch to Kona

    Sounds like something someone who has been busted drafting would say..
  6. more


    But what's stopping the roll out, fears of vacation complications or limited supplies? Genuine question I haven't been following it all that closely
  7. more


    If Dan is still on sick leave they might have a slight chance of not ****ing it up again..
  8. more


    The rest of the world is an absolute disaster, what they would give to have an entire country with no active cases. Them moving on is like a hobo upgrading from a cardboard box to a shopping trolley
  9. more


    But as mentioned with Roxii if the people travelling overseas got the jab wouldn't this achieve this result (save the travel industry)? Of the 25million odd people in Australia I'd image only a small % would travel overseas? Thus I still don't understand the urgency to get everyone vaccinated?
  10. more


    The USA and UK are proper ****ed..so they need the vaccine. Besides political point scoring what is the problem? What difference will it make if you get jabbed now or in 6 months time?
  11. more


    That's the thing though huh, instead of worrying about vaccinating every body just vaccinate people like yourself who need to go overseas. Everyone else can wait, there is no rush???
  12. more


    I don't understand the big rush for all of Australia to be vaccinated?? We are basically virsua free, let the rest of the world be the Guinea pigs. If anyone wants to go over seas let them so long as they have been jabbed. What am I missing?
  13. I agree-but does this not set a legal precedent that every drunk driver who kills someone gets effectively a murder sentence? Hope so...
  14. Interesting, 21 years minimum....agree about time a decent sentence. I like the sentence but don't understand it-he was drunk and drug affected-so how does this compare to every other drunk or drug affected driver that has killed someone? I'm betting a million bucks the sentence gets cut considerably on appeal...
  15. Management are morons. So many times I've seen highly dedicated and skilled employees ask for a extremely small wage (we are talking a few grand a year) only to be told no, then have them leave, pay $10-15K in recruitment costs, months of lost productivity during retraining the newb, and then fingers crossed the newb is half as good as the person you lost..
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