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  1. I wouldn't feel bad, the whole idea of reviews are supposed to give honest feedback so that people can make informed choices and avoid poor experiences. She didn't refund the money out of the niceness of her heart...
  2. So she bought your silence? Why remove the negative review, she put you through hell and deserves a public warning to prevent others going through a similar experience.
  3. 3 infected flights, one from Abu Dhabi, one from Doha and one from the U.S
  4. Aren't the players in lockdown those on the flights chartered from Doha and Abu Dhabi? I'd also hazard to guess many players who were automatically qualified played in the qualifiers for court time and prize money... It's not as if they play the qualifiers for free... Dunno just speculating..
  5. Because the qualifiers were held in Doha early January? Australian Open 2021 men’s qualifying will take place at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, Qatar from Sunday 10 to Wednesday 13 January. The decision to host qualifying offshore is an innovative solution for the AO with 128 men to compete for sixteen qualifying spots in the Australian Open main draw to be held in Melbourne from 8-21 February.
  6. Yep, agree totally. I used to dive for crays in pretty murky water and never worried about sharks at all. Every single ride I have on the road it crosses my mind if I'm going to get hit... I'd much rather trust a shark than a human..
  7. Im far more scared riding alone than swimming alone...
  8. more


    I don't know much about this history of the WHO and their past commentary but I'd hazard to guess many of the people in the 'developing' countries would be happy if they could get fresh clean water, typhoid/malaria/influenza jabs etc, you know, to avoid stuff that actually kills them at a far higher rate than covid...
  9. more


    Besides being a decent human why should anyone give a sh!t about following rules when they now know they won't have to pay any fines anyway.. "Thousands of Victorians slapped with penalties for coronavirus breaches will never be forced to pay up. According to The Age, police have now been instructed to dole out cautions for unpaid fines instead of pushing ahead with charges" https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/move-to-ban-those-without-covid-jab-from-offices-pubs-restaurants/live-coverage/2e6599f87da6d3dcfc7e29499f4df516
  10. I wouldn't say dodgy, I'd say he was being a good agent. It's their job to get every cent possible for the vendor. I'd say dodgy though if he said there was someone else offering another $2k more when there wasn't.
  11. His is remarkably quick for such a big bloke. I was very impressed with how well he swims.
  12. Problem is if he ever had to pee in a cup it would glow in the dark... This dude is interesting
  13. What's the current topic? The riots, which involves what the leaders did to contribute to them and how they responded. Condoning violent protest in the past is very much relevant IMHO and can help set the tone for future action. If the public see leaders condoning violent protest for months on end then when its their turn to protest my feeling is they are more inclined to act in the same way. Thus with the topic being 'where does the US go from here' they need to learn from their mistakes-condemn ALL VIOLENCE ALL THE TIME. So sorry but I feel my post was very much on topic..
  14. What was the topic-the future of the US or the riots? My point and I'll say it again-ALL VIOLENCE should be met with outrage and disgust by our leaders. This did not happen with BLM however in part due to political reasons-it was in the Democrats interests to have cities burning during Trumps campaign. This doesn't mean I don't think Trump is an absolute moron-I do and he has thrown away an easy win due to being a divisive moron. But we should be mindful to being critical of everyone, not being silent when it suits. Its great to see the GOP coming out and condemning what happene
  15. Celebrating a protest and celebrating an attack are vastly different things and its a clear example of how you are willing to make false claims to push a narrative. If IJ made such a claim I'm sure you wouldn't dismiss it as splitting hairs...be honest with yourself. Remember its not a game, there are no teams... I think its clear me and IJ are both 'outraged' at what happened, not once have either of us suggested otherwise, it was a disgrace...so...?
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