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  1. Why inside out-to protect against nicks?
  2. What, but I thought Trump was the only one who lied...? Like I've always said, why in the heck do people carry on about Trump lying as if he is the only person who does? They all do, every single one of them.
  3. Wonder if CNN are covering this? https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/joe-biden-messages-show-meeting-with-hunter-biden-business-partners/news-story/8fb07c9e4c8267477bcf7f87d3c353c3
  4. It all seems very legit, there are pics of Hunter smoking a crack pipe circulating on line, but worst all all some pedo stuff. I think Joe knows its all true that's why he has been in lock down all week. Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any weirder...
  5. more


    Why should you be allowed to have 1,250 people at the races regardless of who they are? Are horse racing people immune to Covid?
  6. more


    And some wonder where the outrage is coming from... It's just mind boggling
  7. more


    You can't make this stuff up... "Health Department lawyers say Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told them they did not need to hand the hotel quarantine inquiry a series of emails that are now casting doubt over his claims he didn’t know about the hiring of private security guards. The emails, which weren't provided to the inquiry until the past week, contradict Professor Sutton's evidence about when he found out private security was being used in the bungled hotel quarantine program."
  8. more

    Do you do weights?

    It was clearly a joke...
  9. more


    The question I was asking though is 'why' would he be popular? It wouldn't appear rational to like someone who has destroyed your state and resulted in hundreds of deaths while the entire rest of the country is off enjoying the footy, pubs, dinner, triathlon and coffee... Maybe the old adage treat em mean keep em keen rings true lol
  10. more


    In the Trump thread I questioned what was wrong with populism (an approach that strive to appeal to ordinary people) In this thread I've suggested the reason Dan might be popular is the Stockholme syndrome. How you have managed to intertwine the two is an amazing stretch..
  11. more


    Don't know why this hadn't occurred to me earlier.. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition that occurs when a victim of abuse identifies and attaches, or bonds, positively with their abuser. This syndrome was originally observed when hostages who were kidnapped not only bonded with their kidnappers, but also fell in love with them
  12. more


    That's the crazy thing isn't it...you could have a site that is not adequately placarded, insufficient training, no witches hats around a hazard etc and an accident happens you are in big trouble. Dan mishandles a massive crisis that leads to the death of hundreds and nothing will happen, and apparently 60% of the state think he has done a good job...
  13. more


    In all of the companies I have worked senior management are expected to have either photographic memory and/or detailed notes that they have studied before any meeting. If you cant remember specific details of a meeting held just a few months ago you would be crucified...
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