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  1. Agree it's possible to be suspect HR, but the feeling of flutter and a bit not great is worth checking out. Often worth doing a quick wrist HR check as well if you're worried about the HRM - we've family history of tachycardia, AFib, etc, so I very occasionally need to check - HR gets very high for PE, things feel a bit like when you've had far too much coffee, and yep, feels a bit hummingbird like. Interestingly (mine) doesn't tend to show in ECG or cardiac scan at rest. Whereas my brother and father and uncle who've had the AV re-entrant tachycardia (and the dual nerve lasered out
  2. Bit similar to you - and same response as three of the guys I work with. Each of us injected late am with AZ, feel good all day, no issues or soreness in injection site until either very late in the day (or midnight when I got woken up feeling like an autopsy). Then - hot and cold sweats, no sleep, gobbling paracetamol, RHR up over 70 overnight. 24 hours later I started to come good after working from bed and looking up the LD50 for paracetamol. Would have to have taken 380+ tablets, I believe. Still a little weak 48 hours later but all good after that. Two are coaches, one is an
  3. Getting back into things as I've only raced twice this millennium. NO MEDALS - not unless you've won or placed in the top 3 of your category. T-shirts? Meh, I've got enough t-shirts anyway. Towels? I'm married and live in a house which seems to have a room full of towels. For me: good safety cover. You can't put it on Instagram if you're dead well resourced marshals - much as I'd love everything to be closed roads, it's not always realistic. Help the marshals know what they need to, and can, do. accurate course distances comprehensive briefings (OK, this is
  4. Fifteen and a half hour ****ing Saturday ****ing workday at the end of a long bastard week. Nothing done yesterday. knocking today back by 50% duration and 20% intensity.
  5. altayloraus


    That’s what I’ve done with the Corsa Speed that came with my (£200*) PRO disc. Folds up to nothing. Veloflexes on the wheel now. *God bless the fruitloops on the UK TT scene. Someone reads somewhere that they can get .5 of a watt through swapping to clinchers, or wider TLs, everything goes on a fire sale.
  6. An hour on the rollers after breaking ANOTHER ****ing frame at chainstay/dropout join. That makes SIX of them in varied materials. wasted time swapping cranks and pm pedals onto a cheap road bike I’d built up last year for .vatternrundan but didn’t get to use. then threw spanners around once I found that the new taps I’d ordered had a strange fitting where the tap size is not compatible for Uk normal fittings, so then spent hours driving around trying to find a 3/8 to 1/2 in fitting, which isn’t stocked anywhere and has to be ordered. Which’d be fine if some dickhead hadn’t
  7. Has he not already qualified through 70.3s? Added to the list of things I wish to see: Jan to win again. And of course it's not the prince's fault he drafted. He's such a magnetic presence people just want to be near him. And the security has to be near him as well.
  8. Shorts? How do you do that? I had two pairs of tights on as well on the nether regions, top layer fleece lined, and two tops (one fleece lined) and a gilet, and beanie and gloves. There must be something wrong with me!
  9. It's WINDstopper, not fartstopper! And wrt cold climate, I'm only a few hundred miles from FP - up in Cambridge. It was only just below freezing yesterday, but with a 'feels like' of -5 or so. I like being fairly warm when I train, so that represents bloody ridiculously cold as far as I'm concerned. When we go and stay with the inlaws I wear a ridiculous amount of kit - if I moved there I'd be buying a lot of extra kit and a treadmill for winter as well.
  10. Morning jog, 4*2 mins @ goal 5k pace, 2 mins easy recov, 4:00 for 3, 3:55 for 1. Nice way to start the day - I'd call it a taper session if it wasn't on the prog. Discovery of the day: windstopper underwear. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?
  11. Got pretty good connection on our detached garage by installing a new modem/router (NETGEAR) one which seems to push the signal better and has fewer dropouts then using a range extender. No probs since I got that done. Before was using 4G a lot of the time. insulation - tell me and we will both know! We run from -5c to +35c and it’s terrible at both ends. Cooling - 12 inch fans by 2, but at 30+ everything sucks. I resorted to the old standby of ice slurry mixed with coke as pre race and mid session. need a fridge in the garage, but until the landlord ****s off his old CBR
  12. Isn't 'pretty serious stuff' kind of the point to having a drug sanctioning process? What he did in terms of putting it on the form isn't making it public - it's what everyone who races whilst under a TUE has to do. Going public (like he advocates) would surely be putting on twitter, or his website that, 'on day x I applied for a TUE to use y and z due to illness'. I've no particular bone against Starykowicz before this. I've loved watching him race. Balls out swim and bike and then hang on for dear life is how I'd race if I was any good. And I don't think he's a cheat. But fro
  13. Agreed with Trier. What shits me is that a few days before he lodged the TUE, Starykowicz was on Breakfast with Bob saying that TUEs are cheating, that if you have to apply to use a TUE you're so sick you shouldn't be racing, and that TUEs should be publicised. (15 or so mins in, 2019 BwB on Youtube). A week or so after this, he is still sick. He applies for a TUE (which he doesn't think should exist let alone be used). He doesn't publicise it (which he thinks should happen). The TUE as lodged is incomplete. He responds and lodges correct paperwork. He is informed that racing while
  14. Even worse when they turn off and ride off the front and stay there. Few guys I know went that route - turned up, rode off the front and got upgraded, found themselves in A-Grade with a month or two, then had to learn to ride bikes. One ended up Pro-Conti, one NRS. The second is still known for not being able to ride around corners.
  15. After that Grand Final I wish you could throw Dusty and the Tigers somewhere.Bloody terrible second half, Geelong.
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