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  1. As do many others. So exactly, certainly not an employee.
  2. You sure that isn't world triathlon he works for, not USAT?
  3. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    I agree this time, some athletes chose to go overseas and race to try to get the 2nd and 3rd spot. Others were just lucky that somehow, very late in the equation, Aus managed to be allowed to hold a continental champs. The athletes that stayed home and raced this one got way easier points than those racing WTS, I hope those that did all the hard work and took all the risk don't get screwed over. This Olympic selection should be a bit different to others in my opinion.
  4. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    TA said he picked up a stomach bug. Very common occurance when racing in some countries.
  5. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    Who will they give those 6 spots to? will they go to the athletes that qualified them or to chosen others? Should be finding out soon. The 6 athletes with the rankings that qualified the spots are Birtwhistle, Royle and Willian. Women. Gentle, Vancoverden and Hedgeland.
  6. Does he really work for USAT? I didn't know that. Are you making that up? If you knew her story of 2021 you would understand why her form was off for the early races. The surprise death of her dad and the travel and time out she needed meant her first few races were off no long solid blocks. She is now back with her coach and squad and I assume training hard to peak for the 27th July. Spivey should also be there, USA selection policy didn't work the best for them thus time around. Surprises happened in the selection races. First race Katie was taken out in a bike pile up, 2nd race
  7. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    3 athletes in the top 30 is required to have 3 available Olympic spots. Vancoeverden is mid 20s and on some start lists so will manage to stay there. Jeffcoat is not entered in any so her points will go backwards. That leaves Hedgeland and Jackson, Hedgeland has entered 2 so if has really good results might get there, mist other athletes from other countries have entered 4 giving themselves more chance. Jackson has entered all 4 so has given herself more opportunities to have good races. With a WTS win worth 1000 points and her having done that in 2019 we know she is capable . That would give
  8. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    From reading the Aus selection criteria for WTS races, Tier 1 categorised athletes get priority starts in any WTS they choose. Think Birtwhistle, Royle and Hauser are the only men with that categorisation.
  9. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    What about 2nd period? Could have raced the whole season to maximise his points, but didn't.Too many put all their eggs in one basket, The Tokyo test event. Didn't work for them and now we won't have a full team. Hopefully Jackson has a great early season and can get the women into a 3rd spot.
  10. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    Would many of the cricketers been vaccinated prior to travel? I assume most athletes and support staff, media etc will be vaccinated by the time the Olympics comes around. Japan do seem very slow with their own rollout programme though.
  11. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    This is what happens when athletes cherry pick the races they will do well at and don't race enough. They don't accrue enough points and their country misses out. Possibly someone who worked hard and took a lot of risks travelling and racing misses out. Interesting to see both Hauser and Jeffcoat not entering any of the WTS or World Cups early this year but have been announced as contracted athletes for the superleague series. Will travel for $$.
  12. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    One and a half weeks have passsed since everyone was thinking there would be an announcement of more athletes. Anyone know anything? There have been no social media posts about this from Tri Aus nor athletes. Does this mean they have decided to wait and see how the athletes race in WTS and world cups early this season?
  13. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    Oh, haha. I imagine there will be bubbles of athletes in the village, in and out quickly.
  14. Trier

    Aus Olympic Team

    A big relief for your family then. Who and what sport?
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