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  1. I thought it was12 month period from racing as pro before can race AG
  2. It's not all sports, only those worth loads of money. Our triathletes are still stuck here in Aus while the world champs are being raced in Hamburg. USA athletes did get an exemption though and didn't need to quarantine on arrival in Europe, but had to produce a negative test before leaving USA. No idea if they and others are retested again before the race.
  3. Not much notice given for the Southern Hemisphere athletes to try to get there. With all the restrictions and travel difficulties I would be surprised if any manage to make it, other than Vancoeverden who is already in Europe.
  4. On a podcast she mentioned this nursing was she had put her name down if needed to answer covid hotline calls because could do that from home. Doubt she would have been called on for shifts too much as NSW hasn't been too bad, so unlikely to be getting much income supplement there. Although that could all be about to change with rising cases now. Tamsyn must have left Vic to Join Jeffcoat just in time.
  5. I tend to follow the ITU racing more and feel these athletes seem to be more affected. None of them would be based in Aus at the moment and they train in squads which some haven't been able to join so any training is solo which they wouldn't be used to. The couple of Queensland squads appear to be back training as normal, be it the other side of the world to their norm this time of year. For those that finish races at the pointy end there would also be quite a big $$ hit to the year. Also I would think a lot of their sponsor contracts may be performance based and Olympic cycle based also, mean
  6. Noosa tri, any chance?
  7. Note these times were not run on a track, with proper timing devices nor on certified accurately distanced courses. Hayden 13.51 was on a track in a high quality race, that is the only time I believe. Smack talk hype is all that's going on here with all the other stuff.
  8. I am a little confused by this. Do you expect your National sporting body to be funding local council or privately owned pool renos? All of the things you mentioned make being a triathlete hard in your area but really I don't see how they come under TA responsibility to fix. Your councils sold your pools to a private enterprise not TA.
  9. What were you expecting them to do for your club when many staff were stood down and forced to take leave? This was/is an unprecedented pandemic situation, ppl were in lockdown and isolating at home, Nothing was normal. Look to the future, support businesses and sporting bodies and anything Australian you can, if you financially can, this is not the time for "Me" but for we. As they say, we are all in this together.
  10. Would you be racing over the winter period normally? Unless you are from far north Qland I doubt it. Us southern states don't race again until much later in the year normally anyway. Think of the poor Tasmanians who have always paid a yearly membership but don't usually race until late november and only until end of March due to weather constraints, do they complain of the inequality in their membership every single year? No, pay up everyone and support the sport you love.
  11. I believe there would be most of those top 15 guys who would run similar times. Murray just posted he ran a 13.37 (maybe had a fair bit of downhill ; ) ) and he hasn't even been one of the top runners last year or so.
  12. Just saw this on Oliver Hoare, the IAAF has his track PB for 3000m at 8.09.93 he would have been 18 when ran this, and 5000m at 14.47.93 ran a couple of years later so around 20. Looks a lot faster over the 1500 as his times at longer haven't progressed at all, actually gone backwards. Obviously he is now concentrating on those shorter distances now. His times are good, but not a lot different to guys we already have racing for Aus who when they were young can already add the bike to their resume. I looked up a few of our fast guys and Birtwhistle ran 8.09 at 17 and 14.19 also at 17. H
  13. Yes, thats almost exactly a mid 7's. low 8's are expected for the junior ranked male athletes.
  14. A nationally ranked 5000m runner would be running a 3000m somewhere around the mid 7 min.
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