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  1. possible logic behind L'etape moving away from Snowies to Kiama = closer to 2022 World Champs site in Wollongong and associated amateur events that will surround the event... just a thought
  2. Reality is that it all comes down to outside of triathlon community viewership. By that I'm referring to broadcasting, unfortunately triathlon doesn't translate to a worldwide TV audience... Your minds would be blown to know the costs of putting on triathlons and just how tight the margins are so in comparison with darts you are comparing apples with eggs.
  3. Sebee

    Husky is 15

    It's the same course as last year.
  4. He also does some good public speaking events, Would you pay $$$ to listen to him talk and how much would you pay? asking for a mate
  5. could be HuskIM by then with all the conspiracy theories going on in triland atm lol
  6. Sebee

    Big Husky 2019

    Thanks Andrew, Always looking for feedback and race suggestions, will toss your ideas around with the crew, particularly the aquabike in the shorter sunday event.
  7. yep, knew him 2012-2015. Was always nice to me, I never suspected anything like this....
  8. Sebee

    Big Husky 2019

    Hey Trannies, Thanks for all those that attended and took interest across the weekend it was a BIG ONE. Numbers this year were actually BIG (over 4300 before taking into account the on the day entries (which is significant, particularly with the swims and runs) it indicates that if it was not the biggest event ever, it certainly was top 3 (and we are only talking the difference of maybe 200 people). The difference this year was where the Saturday numbers (namely the sprint) were down a little. These numbers were more than replaced with the Sunday numbers growing significantly. (close
  9. @BogFrog There will be a aid station on the Bike on Hawke Street
  10. Just for everyone's FYI.... Big Husky IS 100% CONFIRMED with course approval and DA in hand. Although this year has been more challenging than others in the lead up we are excited at the new course. For those neigh sayers about the bike course I challenge your comments about the road surface. Huskisson Road on the return in particular is bloody fast. if I can reach speeds of 70kph weighing in at 58kg wringing wet then there will be some others on here that should be able to get some fierce speed . So hopefully this puts all your concerns to rest, the EE team have done a great j
  11. Hey Everyone, Thanks for your concern I think there might be a little bit of Mis-information going around. I'd just like to set the record straight and let you know that BIG HUSKY 2019 is NOT IN DOUBT. We have been in constant consultation with all stakeholders (council, police, local community, etc) throughout the approval process. The submission request that went around (not at Elite Energy's request) was sent in good intention by one of the loyal tri clubs and was subsequently re-shared with best interest in mind. The request was to comment on how Big Husky positively impacts
  12. Sebee

    Big Husky 2019

    For the Pro Buffs... currently we have PJ and Crowie both confirmed for an old school battle. Kieran Roche returning to defend his tittle. Caroline Stefan in the Woman's plus a number (about 10 more pro's) that on the cusp of signing on oh and some guy called Seb in the teams :P
  13. Hey all, just to clarify the difference for bike day rules. This year the bike day is sanctioned by Triathlon Australia where we have to abide by their “race rules” ie.drafting and non drafting regulations. Last year was independently insured and as such bike day was a sportif, the same as it is at LCW Wales - hope this helps - Seb
  14. Hey all, just back from the other Port (Stephens). EE has a number of exciting new events this coming season (2018/19). The new season will be coming out via Facebook and our website in the coming weeks. Forster however will not be part of the 2018/19 season. That said Forster is not ruled out for us to come back that in following seasons. The season certainly is not cut back with upwards of 25 events scheduled for the coming year. These events will encompass runs, duathlons, cycling events as well as diversifying into new and interesting realms of health and fitness. Be sure to kee
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