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  1. Can anyone tell me what Ironman have said about interstate participants that can't cross the border to race?
  2. As a Souths supporter neither can I.
  3. Slowlane


    There was a total fire ban announced last night for today.
  4. Slowlane


    We flew into Sydney from Perth last night and saw the fires, it was frightening how big they were.
  5. Slowlane

    Busso 2019

    Pretty sure there were 3 and it didn’t roll down.
  6. Slowlane

    Busso 2019

    For what it’s worth, conditions here today are about as good as you can get. Very little wind early but it did come up later so anyone who did over about 5 hrs on the bike would have copped it. It is really hot so there are a lot suffering out here right now. From what I saw, Appleton had his head up Brownlees clacker for the entire bike. When they started the run Brownlee took off and put time into him early then backed off when he had a big buffer. Brownlee looked pretty comfortable on the run.
  7. Correct about the highest audience but pretty sure the Bunnies played Canterbury that year. Maybe I watched a different GF. Just be glad it wasn't your team playing, that's a hard way to lose.
  8. Did mine in Feb last year. First 2 weeks my foot was pretty swollen and walking was uncomfortable. After that I swam and rode a few times a week. Started running after 5 weeks, 5km easy on grass. After about 6 weeks I could do pretty much what I wanted but with any injury I just built up slowly. Doctor and Physio both said to let it heal naturally, no boot or crutches.
  9. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/sharks-pip-dragons-to-enter-nrl-top-eight/5f584041-c0f1-4dcc-80bb-edb5c31ac271
  10. I sat about 12 seat to the right of Sco Mo.
  11. Nope. The bloke in front of us came back twice before half time with a couple of trays of beer, 4 cups in each tray. I know because we almost wore them each time he tried to get back into his seat. The empty cups on the grassed area after the game was unbelievable, couldn't step on any grass unless you squashed a few cups at the same time. Are we really perceived as being that bad down here? I must lead a sheltered life 😬
  12. Yes it has a terrible reputation from what I am now finding out. Even the bloke across the road who has been a Sharks supporter all his life told me yesterday he won't go to the games there and said he definitely wouldn't take his kids. Some of the comments online even by Sharks fans, have been an eye opener. I'm sure there are sections that are great to sit in but the overall impression from people is that it is a hostile environment and not one they would either go back to or take their kids. Didn't see any kids running onto the field afterwards, just a mass exodus and luckily we took the
  13. No. I go to plenty of Sydney matches and don't see this. Seems to be a culture thing at Shark Park and the club obviously does nothing to stop it. I have been to Jubilee which is in the next suburbs lot for NRL and Soccer and have never experienced it there. The general consensus from people I have spoken to is that most of it is alcohol related. Certainly true for the 5 that sat in front of me. They were already half tanked when they got there but managed to come back from the bar with more beer 3 times before half time. Where is the RSA at this ground.?
  14. A friend of mine is the mother of the ref who was punched a couple of years ago at Engadine, can't people control themselves? A few years earlier he had been diagnosed and treated for a brain tumour.
  15. Not true. Some games have an element of unruly behaviour but they are usually dealt with quickly by the police. Most games the crowds are pretty well behaved. This was a mass mentality that I have never seen at an NRL game. On Sunday I was still so upset that I posted on a forum and asked what other people experienced at this ground thinking I might be over reacting. This responses were incredible with one man who is a Sharks fan saying he wont take his boys to that ground anymore. Another lady said she was in the alcohol free zone yet there was a woman who was a Sharks supporter with
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