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  1. All of the above, definitely Rotto, Margs Mt Bike. Go to Dunsborough, run the trail from Old Dunsborough to Meelup have a swim and run back. Drive Margaret River to August via caves Road, stop at Boranup and Hamlin Bay to see the stingrays, Augusta for the lighthouse. Drink a lot of wine , beer and gin. Margaret River distillery for gin which is conveniently located between the Margs trails and town. Enjoy, its a great area.
  2. As Paul said previously, in WA life is back to normal. No we don't have to sign in at restaurants and pubs, which are all open and the limits compare floor area to people allowed which hasn't made much if any difference to most venues. We also had our first duathlon of the calendar last week, Perth half marathon a couple of weeks ago, Bridges fun run is coming up in a couple of weeks, all the winter trail series ran as are a number of mt bike events and I suspect the WA owned 70.3 in October will go ahead. The only reasons IM won't run the December race is because either they can't get a team
  3. Cape to Cape Mt bike just got cancelled. Its an event that would be majority WA competitors in a state that is just about to remove all restrictions. It is also owned by IM. I would be very hesitant to enter any 70.3 race this year except Busso in October as its run by TWA.
  4. Busso in October is run by TWA not Ironman. Early next month all restrictions in WA are being lifted, except opening the borders. Midnight Friday you can hit the dance floor at a night club (If that's your thing). If TWA can get enough people enter to cover costs there is no reason not to run it. Might only be for West Australians but its a race and will make plenty over here happy.
  5. I've been to the one in Palm Cove and its beautiful. Just be careful who you book it though as some apartments are privately owned. My problem is I booked mine though a Booking.com thinking it was the hotel (not Pullman) but it was actually a property manager for a private owner. Being a small company they are struggling to refund. I have been told I'll get my deposit back but yet to receive it.
  6. Hi Skel. As I'm still negotiating with them I'd rather not say at this point. If I'm unsuccessful I'll be happy to name and shame.
  7. Hi Nealo. We want to holiday up there but from what I gather from our Premier we won't be travelling outside of WA for a while. Ive been to the Cairns/Port Douglas area twice and loved it lots to do, highly recommend it. Just unfortunate that we are being told we can't get a refund for fully refundable accomodation in Port Douglas at the moment so feeling a bit jaded about it.
  8. I recommend you be super careful with booking anything at the moment. We are in the process of cancelling accomodation etc for a holiday later this year to FNQ and are finding that although most providers are being super reasonable with refunds and credits, some are being really difficult, changing their refund policies post purchase. Actually Nealo I might have some very nice Port Douglas accomodation to sell.......
  9. Lesmack

    Busso 2019

    Sounds like you guys need a massage. Don't forget the team From Rural Fitness will be working out of the tennis club, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning and Monday. Great for a freshen up if you are flying in, driving down or just want to treat or get your support crew out of you hair for an hour. All of the therapists also volunteer their time on race day to rub your legs, ice your cramps, listen to your stories and wipe your tears, so come say hi. Online bookings or walk in available.
  10. In for the 50 for the first time at UTA and running/walking 50km. Any tips and hints welcome. Would be keen to know the approx percentage you can actually run compared to the steps, rock hopping and walking up very big hills??? Staying in Wentworth Falls so hoping getting to the start won't be too hard, we will have a car. Most importantly looking forward to seeing this part of Australia, it looks amazing!!
  11. Nice work backing up. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat, not Mt Bike for 4 days. Great report of both races.
  12. It was amazing Katz. Even though I wouldn't do it again and I cried 😂😂I would definitely recommend people do it. To me it wasn't a race it was a jog/walk/chat (lots of chatting) and take photos of a super amazing place. If you haven't been to this part of Australia it really is the best way to see it all. Super organised as well. I did find it harder than Roth so perhaps wait until you've done that.......
  13. Surfer Mr Lesmack is a bit of a runner he really enjoyed it and came 3rd in his age group which was great. I found someone’s picture of the last climb day 2 and now feel better about having a meltdown as it was bl$&dy steep. If u look closely there is a person at the top and bottom.
  14. My husband received a Rapid Ascent email last year and thought Run Larapinta sounded fun, he is a runner. We had never been to the red centre and as we like to combine a bit of a holiday with racing we entered. They send you a sample training program which we tried to follow and it ended up being pretty good. Arrived Thursday and spent the arvo and next day getting organised. Run 1 was 11km on Friday evening along tracks around town. It was a bit windy and dusty as expected but quite beautiful and an easy introduction to the race. It was cool turning on the head torch to complete the
  15. Well done. Although we didn’t meet formally , that’s my backside in the first photo scrambling up the gully day two. I imagine we may have chatted or cursed together. It was beautiful and brutal. Would I recommend it to others. Hell yes. Would I do it again. No way. Ps Lawman. I had breakfast with your wife this morning.
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