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  1. Weather was filthy (cold/windy) from all accounts
  2. Aidan

    Couch to Kona

    that’s quick at port Mac! If you get the year right at cairns 9.50-10.00 will get you the same result ie a KQ How many hours per year of training do you do? (Say average over the last 3 years)? You may find this interesting:
  3. Yes, it's all a bit... strange Potter has track PBs of 15.28 (5,000 m) and 32.03 (10,000 m) so she is an elite runner of course but put those times next to Ayana (14.12/29.17)...
  4. 5 km is probably a bit short. A 10-15 km race (somewhere around 40-60 minutes) works for most to approximate Functional Threshold Pace (not power). Friel uses a 30 min TT effort which I guess would be around the same pace as a 10-15 km race if the 30 min is done solo. See: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/learn/articles/joe-friel-s-quick-guide-to-setting-zones/#:~:text=Determine your Functional Threshold Pace,not the last 20 minutes).
  5. back to the old finish line - they used Wesport Park in 08 and I think a few years either side
  6. Apparently a lot of the medals/merch etc is labelled 2020 but being reused "to avoid waste"
  7. might be pretty tight at IMNZ with sunset this year given a few weeks later than normal. May have to delay the start until 7.45 or later. I did IM Netherlands once. 9.22 sunset. Was great.
  8. Coverage is great. Greg Bennett and Belinda Granger commentating. frodeno looking good near the end of the bike
  9. was always going to happen eventually (Sky get found out). Brailsford loves a good smokescreen. Now more discussions about who the unnamed rider is, (and people pretend it's only one rider).
  10. She is back and it’s like she never left 1 Daniela Ryf 3:56:55 2 Imogen Simmonds +5:08 3 Sara Svensk +8:23
  11. it's 5am (female) at 7.15 (male) Melb time
  12. Aidan

    Pro Cycling 2021

    Strade Bianche was great on the weekend. Van der Poel published his power file and some good analysis on YouTube Eg Laterne Rouge channel
  13. "Jim and Ched" in 74th is Ched Towns?
  14. Olympic year in Japan marathon mad country and the super shoes
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