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  1. If that worries you then a lot of things will! It's pretty obscure trivia.
  2. If you exclude 1978 (first race), then: 1979 Tom Warren (first ever Ironman) 1980 Dave Scott (first ever Ironman), 1996 Luc van Lierde (first ever Ironman)
  3. Was a great interview. Greg has done very well this year, lots of good content.
  4. https://blog.trisutto.com/cleat-positions/ https://www.slowtwitch.com/Products/Ryf_s_unique_dancing_shoes_4984.html Ryf and others using them at least for a time
  5. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=377403193369688&ref=notif&notif_id=1604808621457571&notif_t=live_video it's good to watch
  6. An area of interest of mine! "should I take ibuprofen for muscle repair recovery over and above what is required for pain relief?" no "So is the NSAID just masking pain or are the anti inflammatory properties actually helping with recovery?" This is not be 'muscle recovery' as you've spoken about - shoulder is a joint... For a joint problem NSAIDs can be beneficial in some situations. "I also found they helped a lot with Plantar fasciitis and I could easily believe they they helped with the repair and not just masked the symptoms but I can't really say for sure."
  7. Aidan

    Jai Hindley

    An Australian in pink at the Giro with one day to go, I never thought I’d see the day. Fantastic for Australian cycling
  8. Just listened to a great interview with Adam on the MaccaX podcast. Talks about his plans for next year. Some really interesting ideas. Will be good to watch next year.
  9. here we go, IM just made it obvious that Tiers 1/2/3 are only about 40% of entries. Tier 4 (most expensive) makes up the remainder (about 60%)
  10. Pay 20 deep - yes Top 10 with an autoqual for next year - no! Means you lose them from your brand for the next 12 months. Or worse they race with a competitor's brand! Monument at IMA (a nightmare to get to for anyone from o/s, town struggles with capacity as it is) - no Monument at IMNZ (same Oceania region, 4 hours drive from big airports...) - no Monument at Roth - your main competitor's biggest event?! - no No monuments in North America - your biggest market! - no Keep the big non-Hawaii races as Cairns, Frankfurt, somewhere fun in Asia (Japan may actually work well i
  11. Aidan

    Wurf watch

    Vuelta confirmed
  12. Lots of people campaigning for a new qualifying system here when no one has actually said what the current system is... 😳
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