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  1. Yep, I turned down the slot for St George. Can’t see flights happening overseas by next year. Hopefully yes to NZ the following year.
  2. Hope shuffla is ok. Sad news about the NZ fella.
  3. pretty sure it’s the whole HIM. back to the original question - I too have a weak run leg, and yes I agree it has to be enjoyable but running (and lots of it, both on and off season) has helped me progress. I’ve been at it for 12 years and it’s come good through consistency. I used to hate running but now it’s the one I like the most.
  4. March - Mooloolaba OD May - Port Mac 70.3 June - Cairns IM Sep - Sunshine Coast 70.3 Nov - Noosa tri All events and accom are locked in. I went with Cairns full IM because I’m a Qlder and it’s the least riskiest option for me. Hawaii 70.3, which was meant to be this year, has been punted to 2022.
  5. Sold out. I’m on the waitlist now...
  6. Qld. BTW, I got offered 70.3 worlds in St George after Sunny Coast - no point forking out for that.
  7. I didn’t mind the course, except that last little sneaky hook turn at the end did my head in a bit. ”Here, have a look at the finish line, you’re there....no wait, you have to go back there first....sucker.”
  8. Indeed - the conditions looked very warm. Mind you, lots of Kona qualifiers - that is if they can actually travel overseas next year. I have a mate who got a slot with a low 11 time, M40-44 AG. I’m registered for 2021 IM Cairns.
  9. It was ok, some swell but manageable. Long run into T1. Wishing I did some more swim training, was underdone in that department!
  10. Yes mate - this is what it looks like today.
  11. Yes, was great to be out there yesterday. I was happy with my day - finally got a run split under 1:40, which I've been trying to do for a couple of years. Overall 4:42 which is a PB. 10th in category - but only Qld'ers.... Not complaining at all (as I acknowledge how fortunate we are to have done this), but the weather has done a complete 180 and it is absolutely beautiful here this morning!
  12. Yeah, yeah I know. But these things spook the bejesus out of me.
  13. Pricks. Might reconsider my weekly Cootha’s for a while.
  14. 1288 M40-44 Andrew Heading up at lunchtime today. Feel very fortunate to be doing this.
  15. Looking at the elevation from my bike garmin file from 2018 (when I too last did it) I have a feeling you do the extension to Maroochy on the second lap, but I’m not 100% on that. The run is a bit of a mental milkshake for me - after doing the Mooloolaba tri for so many years I keep forgetting the turnaround is that little bit further!
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