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  1. Well done to everyone who did it. I must say that crewing for my mate Cam was one of the better things I've done in triathlon. The distances are mind blowing and I saw first hand the mental strength required for it, particularly backing up each day and then of course the second marathon. Pacing the run was also a great way to get some great aerobic running training done for Cairns!
  2. My mate Cam is doing it. I’m in his support crew (“captain” actually...).
  3. That was a really good read, thanks and well done. BTW, I wouldn't be apologising for what happened in the swim. It's a triathlon - it's what happens. In actual fact, someone trying to yank your timing chip off is pretty rude.
  4. I’ve bought a pair from Kogan before.
  5. I put myself in the “work my butt off” category, but with some natural swimming ability. Unfortunately that does not bode well for ironman, needs to be the other way around. If I can pull off a sub 4 hour IM marathon at Cairns I’ll be a happy dude.
  6. Yep. Matty is my coach and I’ve met Steve a few times. Really nice bloke.
  7. Steve McKenna’s third place was with a dislocated toe coming out of the swim.
  8. wombattri

    Byron Bay tri

    You got a phone call? That’s very personalised.
  9. Yep, exactly. After getting my ass handed to me at Port Mac in 2016 I got serious with a coach, particularly running. Two failed starts in 2019 due to injury and illness, and nothing in 2020 from race cancellations, I’ve been able to maintain the rage throughout and hopefully Cairns this year we’ll just see what happens. Kona is a nice dream to have, but in my AG (male 40-44) I think you need to be at least sub 10, that’s the first step. I’d be surprised if I was able to achieve that, but we’ll see where the last 5 years of coached and dedicated training has got me.
  10. I haven’t seen an option from Ironman yet to defer entry to 2022 for Port Mac. Is that what you’re referring to?
  11. wombattri


    I lost it when I read this....
  12. I don't understand the exact science, I tend to just do whatever he tells me to do. But I think idea is to push you for an hour to see what pace you can hold, but not completely red line.
  13. Yes. Slight variation to this that my coach has me doing (sometimes weekly) is 1 hour exactly on the treadmill and the heart rate must average out to 160. So the only variable is the kilometres travelled. Faster/fitter you are, the further you go when HR and environment (treadmill) remain constant. They’re awful though, very uncomfortable for an hour straight.
  14. All I can say is my thoughts are with Andrew and his family. That is some really tough news. Best wishes for the recovery.
  15. I regularly quote Monty Python to my kids, they have no idea what I’m going on about. Kids these days don’t appreciate genuine comedy.
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